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Difficulty II-IV(V)
Length 1 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

It was fun to do once, but I don't know about again.

The last half mile down to the lake is non stop class 3-3+ action with a good 6 foot boof. However, there were a few 4+ drops that were quality. One had a nasty sieve at the bottom, though the drop itself was clean. Kinda like a slightly smaller version of bowdown on Jones. Then there was a 4 foot boof onto a ridge shelf that wanted to throw you right into a wall. Above those though, was a sweet 20 foot drop. There was a big boof leading in, and then I had to hit a strong ferry to the right to avoid landing in a crack in the rocks on the left. Then I straightened out, bounced down the cascade and then boofed the last 10 feet landing sideways so as to not hit the other side. If you didn't land sideways you could definitely end up broken. That one was class 5 for sure.

There is a 30 footer another 2 miles upstream of where we started that kinda looks runnable, but much work to get there. Maybe for another day. It's the perfect 'got skunked around Santeetlah lake area' salvage run. Look for waterfalls coming in all around you on the drive home. Parson's branch should have good water, and we did Twenty Mile Creek that day for your reference. If you are coming home 129 to Knoxville, you literally pull off and park, then paddle 0.75 miles up to the mouth, and then hike up. We probably hiked 0.75 miles. It flattens out above there for a while, then the 30 footer, then more flats, and then at the top of the watershed it gets steep again, but is probably choked full of wood and super micro. There is an option of putting on at Parson's Branch road.

Rapid Descriptions

Back Seat Driver

Class - 5.0 Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
Stay far right to avoid bad consequences. Boof it.


Class - IV+ Mile - 0.1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
Alot like Bowdown on Jones, but smaller, with an easier approach and a nastier washout.

Into the Wall

Class - IV Mile - 0.2
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
Boof it on the right and keep your bow up. You will land on a ridge of rock and maybe get friendly with the river right wall.


Class - III+ Mile - 0.3
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
Just run it far right if its clear.


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

Look for everything else to be too high. A good quick fix after the classic Joyce Kilmer skunking.

Directions Description

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