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Difficulty I-III+
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River Description

Waubonsee Creek in Oswego is a fairly narrow creek. Just past Hwy.34, the creek bends left (in the Fox Bend golf course) and encounters a three foot dam (which can be seen from Rt.34/Rt.25). From the road at high water it looked bigger than Wildcat on the Vermilion. At low water it is about a 4 foot drop.

Shortly downstream lie three or four smaller drops (about 2 foot) that look like good surf potential, then the next biggest (similar to Wildcat). A big rock pile or man made boulder dam may need a bit of work to be safe to run. At high water, a boulder at the bottom was just under the surface. (This needs to be moved or you WILL hit it hard.) After that is a short stretch of class I-II, then the lower section.

From Rt. 25 bridge to the Fox River (behind Oswego Public Library) is class II+. Parking is available at a park at the take out on the Fox, anywhere around the library, or just off Rt. 25 where it goes over the creek. Right next to to bridge is Stone Gate Park (I think That's the name) you can also park there. The rock pile and 3 other small drops are right in that little park. Just off Rt. 34 (where 34 and 71 come together) there is a Walgreens. The creek runs behind there, and just up-stream a bit is the big drop.

Caution: there is a low bridge shortly before the take out on the lower.

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No Gage

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Runnable in early spring or after heavy rains.

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