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Here's the deal man,
During the Spring Splash, I ran this creek I found pouring into the Nantahala across from the Farabee Park put-in.

After Talking with Leland Davis and checking the DeLorme Topo USA 4.0 software, we found out it's called Mudcut Branch.
From 19 along the Nantahala at Farabee Park, you just turn down SSR 1101, a gravel road on the river left side, and park where it's wide enough not to block it. The creek pours under the railroad tracks and under the gravel road in a cool little cascade into the Nanti.

I hiked up and ran it by myself with some bank support. I have pictures and's pretty cool.
This Creek drops a good 762 ft in just the last half mile...which is also its LOWEST GRADIENT.... the last mile has a gradient of about 1400 fpm....with only one short portage around a falls/boulder sieve and then a portage at the very bottom around a log jam, not really missing much action.... the primary danger on this run is fast moving slides and falls with deep undercuts and boulder's REAL easy to lose control and go too fast, causing you to overshoot some of the drops if you're not careful.

It's a great little micro-creek for knockin' off some serious gradient!!! I think the actual run is only about 1.5 miles, the gradient at the top being around 1300 fpm and bottom about 1400 fpm.

It's at Latitude N 35* 18.575' and Longitude W 83* 39.580'

Here's some low water pics on one run:

Has anyone else run this creek that you know of? No one I've talked to knows anyone who's even thought about this one.
I also have video.

How do I post this Creek up on AW????
Stay Wet,
Boyd Ruppelt

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Boyd Ruppelt
13 years ago

Most would say it's not worth it, it's a hoax, or maybe for foamies ...crazy enough it went and will go after SUPER heavy rains when MUCH better stuff is running. I was stuck there on my way heading west during the Spring Splash and so I figured I'd check it out. Turned out to be a good time...

Seems like the theme is simply "don't knock it till you try it"...IF you're in shape. So this is just some beta for those hyperactive, fun loving boaters who don't think sliding on occasional rocks is the end of the world.

It's a lot of work, but fun for some. The water dropped FAST and the pictures SUCK! Also, best stuff is upstream from the pics... just super tight gorge and hard to get pics in there. It really does fill in a bit... I never would have believed it.

The last mile averages only about 1400 fpm according to DeLorme Topo USA 4.0. I don't know what the ACTUAL EFFECTIVE gradient is...but there's no Major waterfalls in there so think, "slides." Don't let the gradient fool you, it's not THAT sick and not very high quality by any stretch. The main run is at least 0.5 mile... might be able to run the whole mile? Pics posted...all at minimum runnable? flow...Look for WAY more water! Again, the theme is simply "don't nock it till you try it" and if there's that much rain and you have time, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! It was fun though.

PS- I was hyper from a fun trip when I wrote the above email.. didn't want that to actually be the description... consider this the description.

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Boyd Ruppelt
14 years ago

I was wrong about the 1600...bad's probably more like 1450 in the steepest section...and that last mile averages only about 1400 fpm...still not bad. That was calculated by DeLorme Topo USA 4.0. It's pretty fun if you like steep micro creeks.

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