Hazel Creek - US 441 Bus. to Duncan Bridge

Hazel Creek, Georgia, US


US 441 Bus. to Duncan Bridge

Usual Difficulty III+ (for normal flows)
Length 9.2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 40 fpm
Max Gradient 160 fpm

Another shot of the Soque River

Another shot of the Soque River

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02331600 2.00 - 8.00 ft III+ 01h06m 1.66 ft (too low)

River Description

A nice steep creek feeding into Soque River above the Upper Hooch.
The steep part of Hazel Creek drops almost 80 feet in a quarter mile. This is immediately below Demorest.
Possible takeout on GA 105 if the bridge is open.

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Last Updated: 2005-05-12 06:24:42

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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March 21 2006 (4625 days ago)
Eric ParkerDetails
After a good rain on the 20th of March, 2006, Lucas, Jeff and I (all students at Piedmont College)
decided to make a run on this section of Hazel Creek. Here is what we found:
Making the run with the Chattahoochee~Cornelia guage at 2.5 ft, it was pretty bony. Wait for the
Hooch to be at 3ft before making this run. The first two ledges are small and straight forward,
easily boat scouted. The third ledge has a manmade wall at the top of the ledge, onlt two feet
tall, with a cut in the middle creating a channel, and a fun way down. DO NOT run to the left of
this wall as the water is funnelled into a short pipe in the wall just big enough to let the front
of your boat through, but not big enough to let YOU through. Immediately after this ledge is the
fourth and largest ledge. The fourth ledge drops a little over 20 vertical feet as a fifty foot
slide, point and shoot, very straight forward. The best line seemed to be just river left of a
boulder sitting at the top of the ledge, river right of center. This is followed by a little bit of
class II, and then flat water and lots of strainers. We never had to portage, but it wasn't always
easy getting past the fallen trees in the creek, and an increase in the flow would make it
necessary to get out in a few spots. The flat water lasts all the way to the confluence with the
Soque. At this point a 20' low head dam is encountered and must be portaged on river left on land
which I'm sure is private property (just be quick). Putting in below the dam, a class III rapid
with some interesting lines and a few sticky holes must be negotiated, then a couple of easy ledges
with some more sticky holes (easily avoided). Two or three miles of flat water brings you to the
take out directly below the GA 105 bridge. There is a water treatment facility about half way down
the run that contributes some pretty nasty water to the creek, but you'll know when you reach that
point. If the first quarter mile was not private land, I would say that the first bit would be fun
to run a few times in a row, skip the rest, and hike back to the put-in on the road located next to
the creek.

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