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Difficulty V
Length 0.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

According to North Carolina Rivers & Creeks, this run is completely off limits. It was run in the 1990's, when a friendly landowner allowed access and opened up the dam for releases. The land was sold, and the new landowner isn't interested in accommodating paddlers' desires. Too bad; according to Leland's description, it's a pretty schweet run, with some big-assed slides.


Leland used to run it fairly frequently with no portages, including the big slide from the base of the dam on down. I suspect he did a lot of grooming to keep it open. I ran Joe Creek with Leland once at WAAAY too high a level. I eddied out above a big drop just in time to see him swim...he recovered his boat a day later, I believe from Lake Summit! I think he swam, anyway. All I really remember is Leland's boat taking off without him and John Parmenter and me concluding that we had had enough.
If you want to know what has been run and what hasn't, you really need to contact Leland.

-- RS

Lat/longitude coords are approximate, from online maps. (It doesn't matter much, since you won't be running this badboy--not for a while, anyway.)

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