San Gabriel, N.Fk. - to Reservoir

San Gabriel, N.Fk., California, US


to Reservoir

Usual Difficulty III-IV+(V) (for normal flows)
Length 3.1 Miles
Avg. Gradient 230 fpm
Max Gradient 280 fpm

River Description

Parts of this run are visible from the road, but it often ducks away and runs through areas of trees. Wood will be a problem here. The steep gradient and small size will put a premium on scouting (perhaps walking much of the run in advance of attempting any amount of a run. At lower flows, a series of stair-step pools in the lower part of this reach are popular spots for picnics and cooling off.

Note: I have only 'car scouted' this run, at a time when it carried what would have been marginally boatable flow. Thus, all information here should be viewed accordingly. Anyone who has boated this stream or who otherwise has more familiarity with it (indeed, as to whether is is possible or legal to even attempt to boat!) is welcomed to provide more detail.

(description courtesy of Kevin Mokracek, 2006)

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Rapid Descriptions

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March 26 2006 (4685 days ago)
Kevin MokracekDetails
The North Fork is very small and full of strainers but the West Fork is lots of fun. Park at the
bridge that crosses the west Fork. Carry your boat up the access road to Cogswell Res. as far as
you want. You can scout everything as you walk. The run is generaly class III at flows of 100-200
cfs and gets a bit harder at higher flows. Bear Creek is a major tributary and is also a fun run if
it's flowing.
Either take out at your car or continue down to the Off Highway Vehicle Area and take out there.