Weber - 07. I-89 to Riverdale

Weber, Utah, US


07. I-89 to Riverdale

Usual Difficulty III (varies with level)
Length 6 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-10136600 280 - 2500 cfs III 00h47m 59.9 cfs (too low)

River Description

This is a rather long stretch, about 8 miles, and can take quite a while at lower flows when its not moving fast. Putin below the Eggs takeout dam, for the full stretch. This dam is much safer than it used to be after it was reworked, which reduced the dangeous hydraulic, but you will still want to stay away from the dam hydraulic.

There is a heavy wood load on this stretch. The high water of 2011 caused some large log jams, especially in Uinta, and a wood portage may be necessary. 

There are some fun wave trains below the I-84 on ramp bridge, which are almost-good surf waves, and can be caught at some flows. 1500-1700 has some fun wave trains. At the higher flows seen in 2011 (3000-4000+cfs), the river becomes so wide its hard to find the main channel, and gravel bars and log jams can move and change quickly. 

The Unita bridge signals the main drop of this run, which is an unfortunate jumble of concrete rubble (the story goes that this was dumped in the river on purpose to keep kids from jumping off the bridge). This is a possible putin as well. Be careful where you park, and respect the abundance of no trespassing signs.  In April 2014 there was a passable channel on the right, with some avoidable rebar in play on the right. There is a steeper left channel which is occasionally done. 350cfs was a little bumpy, but doable. 

After the Uinta drop there are many class 2 meanders and some impressively large, half river wide trees, and at least one riverwide log in 2018. A new footbridge over the river signals the approach of Slide One, which is usually good to go on the right. A little bumpy at 350cfs. At higher flows look for a surf wave across the top of this slide. 

Slide Two follows shortly thereafter. This is a much steeper slide, and is probably the crux of the run. Wood has accumulated on this drop before, and a road scout or bank scout might we worthwhile.  This drop is really fun once it pads out more. If you wanted to try out your kayak backpack, you could hike up the bike trail to these slides from the Riverdale disc golf course parking. 

The disc golf course parking is another possible putin for a short run, and there is a little front surf wave just upstream from this parking area. Below the next bridge is a 3/4 riverwide tree that has fallen in on the right in 2014, with room on the left. That fallen tree marks the high point of an attainment section at lower flows. 

The Riverdale Wave, or the Riverdale drops (since the wave broke in 2011), is still a highlight of the run, with pushy ferries and swirlies below the first drop, in a pool that is nice and deep in most areas, very good for swirlly roll practice. The former wave can still be surfable at some flows in a fast boat, and a second wave sometimes forms. 

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.7alternate putinN/A
1.0I-84 waveII+
3.5Uintas dropIII
5.7Slide OneII+
5.9Slide TwoIII
8.1Riverdale WaveII+

Rapid Descriptions

I-84 wave (Class II+, Mile 1.0)

A fun drop; one of the biggest waves around in the 2011 flows (above 3000).

Uintas drop (Class III, Mile 3.5)

The drop is immediately north of the bridge.

Riverdale Wave (Class II+, Mile 8.1)

The Riverdale wave, two drops and takeout.

User Comments

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August 6 2017 (469 days ago)
dmclelland (159427)
There is a gauge right at the put in for this run that should give a more accurate flow.,00060,62614,00010,00095,00400,00300,00045.
We ran this section on Aug 5,2017 and the flow here showed 377cfs, but I missed the disclaimer
about the ~300cfs difference. We effectively ran this (in recreational kayaks) at 136cfs thinking
it was 377cfs. We scraped along pretty much most of the way until we got past the Uinta bridge.
Below that was better. There were 3 places we had to take out to get around log jams. We continued
all the way to 24th Street in Ogden. All in all it was an 11 mile run. It was still fun, just be
sure to check the proper gauge before deciding to do this run.

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