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Difficulty III
Length 0 Miles
Flow Range 150 - 3500 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 48 minutes ago 115 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 07/09/2017 10:28 pm

River Description

From Salt Lake or Davis County, take I-15 to the Riverdale exit. Head East until you get to 700 West (the last light before the bridge over the Weber and Railroad tracks, also right across from the former Canyon Sports location). Take a left at 700 West. Take your first right at the 4 way intersection (4400 South). The road will curve around and dead-end. There is a put in at the end of the road, or you can take the path about 100 yards or so to the North and you will find the 2 Riverdale PnP features there.

There is a new parking lot right by the Riverdale Wave. From 700 West, if you go straight at the 4400 S intersection and take the next right at 4300 South, then take the next right at 600 West, and go left at the fork into the parking lot by the bike path. There is a new picnic bench, and bathrooms in the summer. 

However, the Riverdale Wave was damaged by the spring floods of 2011, and the wave no longer forms.  After further investigation it appears that the downstream side of the wave structure got scoured out into a deep pool, and that is the main reason the wave no longer forms. While the upstream edge of the wave was undercut about 8 feet, there was no undercut extending all the way under the wave structure. That 8 foot undercut was filled with boulders by the city, so its no longer a hazard. Some pieces of the upstream edge of the wave structure have broken off, but most of it is still intact.  

Fun class III ferries and eddy turns can still be done in the pool between the two drops. 

Riverdale to 24th street kayak park: 
Paddling from the Riverdale wave to the 24th street kayak park is a mellow class 1-2 paddle for 3 miles, at lower flows. This looks like a good SUP run.
April 2017 there is riverwide wood below Parker Ave, as well as 4 large trees fallen in the river below Riverdale wave on the right.  Russian Olive thorn trees are still an issue near the banks. I have not heard of this run being done in 2017, so the full wood situation is unknown. 
Above 1300 the swirlies are significant at Riverdale wave, probably class 3, and the 24th stree kayak park top hole gets quite large. Its not a good beginner run above 700. 

Rapid Descriptions


Gage Descriptions

Hansel Halverson shared:
Best gage for this section is Weber river at Gateway, approx 8 miles upstream. Don't know a minimum
flow but I've seen it from 1000 cfs to 3000 cfs and it just gets better and better. Can be
intimidating to new boaters at higher flows.

Above 3000, the wave gets intimidating for many boaters. It also gets more surge-y. In the floods of 2011, the Weber reached 4700 cfs. Be aware of logs moving downstream at any new "recent high level".  After spring 2011, there are many new trees in the river upstream, on the "89 to Riverdale" section. 

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Green River Boat Passage Officially Open! - UT

Kestrel Kunz

American Whitewater staff traveled to Green River, UT in late March to meet with private water users and state agencies, and to participate in the official opening of the new boat passage through the Green River Diversion (Tusher Dam). Completion of the boat passage has freed the Green River from its last in-stream obstruction between the Flaming Gorge Dam and the confluence with the Colorado River – over 400 floatable river miles through iconic canyons and historic landmarks. It has a been a long process, and our work isn’t over yet! As your boating representative, American Whitewater will continue to work closely with the dam operators and Utah’s Division of State Lands (FFSL) to ensure that the boat passage meets the needs of the public during its inaugural year.


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