Sandy Stream - Freedom Pond to Unity Pond

Sandy Stream, Maine, US


Freedom Pond to Unity Pond

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 4 Miles

Wave Train

Wave Train
Photo of Jake Harr by Chris Colin taken 10/15/05 @ heavy rain

River Description

Sandy Stream is a nice stretch of class II and III water when there is lots of rain or a lot of snowmelt. There are 3 main rapids which give the intermedate kayaker or whitewater canoeist a challenge.
Note: though the reach description says "Freedom Pond to Unity Pond," there doesn't seem to be much gradient below the town of Unity, so the listed takeout coordinates are a road in town. Those who can't find a good takeout there, or who wish another mile of paddling, should head downstream to the pond.

Lat/longitude coords are approximate, from online maps.

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Surfing Mussy

Detail Trip Report  Surfing Mussy  sandy stream, ME(900.05KB .bmp)


Detail Trip Report  Surfing  Sandy Stream, ME(900.05KB .bmp)


Detail Trip Report    sandy stream, ME(900.05KB .bmp)

Wave Train

Detail Trip Report  Wave Train  sandy stream, ME(900.05KB .bmp)

Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

There are two gauges for this stretch. One on the river right side of the mussy road bridge and a second one on the river right side of the rt. 139. Gauge starts at 0-8ft. a minimum level would be around 3-4ft current level is below 0ft and is not runnable

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When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Sandy Stream [ME] Surfing n/a Chris Colin
> 10 years sandy stream [ME] Wave Train heavy rain Chris Colin
> 10 years sandy stream [ME] Surfing Mussy heavy rain Matt Muir



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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.8Head on CollisionII
1.5Mussy FallsIII+Access Photo
6.0Back to SchoolIITakeout Playspot Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Head on Collision (Class II, Mile 0.8)
This is the first major rapid on this section. River right offers a nice ledge drop with a huge hole at higher levels. River left drops at a slower rate but still is a fun ride.

Mussy Falls (Class III+, Mile 1.5)

Surfing Mussy

Surfing Mussy
Photo of Jake Harr by Chris Colin taken 10/15/05 @ heavy rain

Mussy Falls is a good class III at high water. Under the river right side of the bridge is a good standing wave for surfing. Beware of table rock which is undercut on the river left side where most of the current goes. The stream turns right and at good water levels you can catch an awesome wave train I've paddled them at 4 to 5 feet.

Back to School (Class II, Mile 6.0)


Photo of Chris Colin taken October

This is a nice wave to surf at higher levels. The hole is right under the bridge of 137. Downstream there is a small drop river right and some rips before taking out on the river left side.

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 Freedom Pond to Unity Pond, Sandy Stream Maine, US (mobile)