Hazel Creek - Appalachian Trail to Fontana Lake.

Hazel Creek, North Carolina, US


Appalachian Trail to Fontana Lake.

Usual Difficulty III-IV(V) (for normal flows)
Avg. Gradient 100 fpm

River Description

This creek is known as the "Crown Jewel" of trout fishing in GSMNP. It is a large creek, unusual for the park in that it has a gravel road for at least 5 to maybe 7 miles upstream. Carts are allowed.

I'd say that with a lot of water, it'd be a great class 3-4 run, with some 4+ drops. In the lower 5 miles there are some nice Sluice-type drops. Have not been up past 5.6 miles, where Bone Valley Creek comes in.

A couple miles up, on the main stream, is a falls of some extent. Put on your heavy hiking boots (that gravel is tough on the feet.) Get a good cart. Don Kirk's popular book "Smoky mountains Trout Fishing Guide" can give you more trail info. I'd like to fish way on up the trail-but without a helicopter, or someone to carry a big open boat for me, ddoubt that I'll be fortunate enough to paddle it! Check it out. Catch a fish. I imagine that the water is fishable no matter how high the water.

Hopefully someone will have the gumption to boat across Fontana, get their boat 5-7++? miles up the stream, and write a paddlin' report. I'll buy you a beer! A horse and a Kayak or C-1 might actually get you way up there.(Documentary material!) Gradient shows 100ft./mi. for the lower 5 mi.

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Rapid Descriptions

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