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Difficulty I-II+(III)
Length 17 Miles
Flow Range 2.50 - 7.14 FT
Flow Rate as of: 45 minutes ago 4.59 [FT]
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River Description

Wayne Rudolph testified on 2000-10-09:
I run a section of this from Pearisburg to Narrows every Labor Day weekend with a group of folks from the Tidewater Appalachian Trail Club. This is the river that first got me hooked on whitewater and eventually into kayaking. It is for the most part very tame, with a few bigger rapids, nothing larger than a III. However, this year, the river rose about 2.5 feet from Saturday to Sunday. It was, as you would expect, a totally different river. One of our favorite rapids was washed out and we were able to take a new route through another. Some of the usual small ripple were now pretty decent standing waves. What a trip. For the finale, we took out at the bridge by Wards store and went down past the ?plant. There is a broken dam that I have been dying to run for years. Well we put two boats in, a whitewater OC and me in my class III rec boat. We took the dam in the center cut hard right after the first drop and then a quick left. It was like running a small staircase with two distinct steps. The OC dumped first time over, so of course we had to do it again. Second time through was beautiful. Straight through, sweet as can be. Definitely got me in the mood for some bigger water. I think at the level the river was running that day it would have been a high III or maybe even a IV. Anyway you slice it, this section of river is great for anyone just getting into the sport. We camped a place called Gentry's Landing, in Narrows, VA, for 8.00 a night. Real nice people who have done a lot of work improving their place over the last year.

Ed Evangelidi testifies:
Note that there are normal release fluctuations within a day. This means that if you camp by the river, pull your boats well up the bank or your boats may be on the river before you get up.

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Gage Descriptions

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Attention Virginia Boaters!

Jason Robertson

During the high waters of Spring 2003, there has been a noticeable increase in reported confrontations between boaters and property owners in Virginia. Please remember to be respectful and courteous to property owners; do not trespass; and avoid confrontation in order to preserve access in the future.

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