Dan - 0.2 Pinnacles of Dan: Townes Dam to Powerplant

Dan, Virginia, US


0.2 Pinnacles of Dan: Townes Dam to Powerplant

Usual Difficulty IV-V(V+) (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 400 fpm

River Description

This section of teh Dan is steep and hard core whitewater.

StreamTeam Status: Not Verified
Last Updated: 2018-09-12 11:04:36

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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October 7 2012 (2232 days ago)
mrpossumtail (154945)
I hiked this section this past spring after a period of impressive rainfall hoping to observe water
topping the dam but no such luck. The damkeeper informed me that this rarely ever happens...maybe
once a year. Scour lines in the gorge indicate flows may have reached the 500-700 cfs on a previous
overflow. This would make for a very dangerous situation on a very small stream topping out at 250
fpm. I have waded/fished the gorge about 1.5 miles upstream of the powerhouse and noted a couple
what I would guess would be IIIs or IVs and runnable levels. The gradient in the lower part of the
gorge is only about 80 fpm. As Jon mentioned earlier, the real meat is within 1.5 miles of the dam
where it tops out at around 250 fpm.
February 19 2008 (3925 days ago)
Chris GormanDetails
Anyone have any information on the Sawtooth Gorge Section? Wood?
June 1 2007 (4187 days ago)
jon jollyDetails
the section below the dam was spilling today.......due to the danville power and light having
joined a new electric cooperative......some guy in Ohio calls the shots on production
scheduling.....I was told today that we should look for the damm to spill possibly more this
month....this would be an excellent chance to get a better look at whats lays below the dam in the
dewatered stretch......Keith Vestal from Stokes County NC ran it 2 summers ago ....the dam was
spilling for the Kibler valley run....due to penstock repairs.....he hiked at least 2 miles up from
the powerhouse and ran some great slides and manky boulder drops.....the real stuff starts just
below the base of the dam and includes the big falls of the dan....20+footer?

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