Poultney - 1. Upper Poultney

Poultney, Vermont, US


1. Upper Poultney (Morse Hollow Rd to Deep Rock)

Usual Difficulty III+ (for normal flows)
Length 3.5 Miles

Put-In (2)

Put-In (2)
Photo by Robert W. Brody taken 4/2006 @ 800cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04280000 800 - 6000 cfs III+ 00h53m 258 cfs (too low)

River Description


This is a fun Vermont creek. Good Intro to Creek boating run with lots of boofs.  The put-it is at Morse Hollow Road. If you're in the town of Poultney, head east. When you see a big white church you are in East Poultney. Stay on Route 140 until the first pull-off. That should be Deep Rock (take out). If you keep heading up the road you will see different pull offs; feel free to take a look at the rapids (esp. Flat rock).   Put in before the bridge at Morse Hollow Road. This run can take atleast 30 min. Lat/longitude coords are approximate, from online maps.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Put-InIIPutin Photo
0.5Flat RockIIAccess
1.5Moose WedgeIIIWaterfall Photo
1.5Moose WedgeIIIWaterfall Video
1.7Snowmoblie BridgeII+
1.8Taste of VermontIIIPhoto
3.0Deep RockIII+Takeout Portage Waterfall Photo
3.0Deep RockIII+Waterfall Video

Rapid Descriptions

Put-In (Class II)

Put-In (2)

Put-In (2)
Photo by Robert W. Brody taken 4/2006 @ 800cfs


The Put-in is on Morse Hollow road, on the right hand side.  It is an old parking lot that at local construction company owns.  There is a little Play hole that forms here at different levels. 

Flat Rock (Class II, Mile 0.5)

Full little rapid.  There is a Boof line.  There is a little hole that forms at the bottom.

Moose Wedge (Class III, Mile 1.5)

Moose Wedge (2)

Moose Wedge (2)
Photo by Robert W. Brody taken 4/2006 @ 800cfs

Many lines depending on level.  You can boof on river right and land into a eddy at most levels

Moose Wedge (Class III, Mile 1.5)
Click Here For Video

Snowmoblie Bridge (Class II+, Mile 1.7)


When you come around a bend and see a bridge you are at Snowmobile Bridge Rapid. Run it where ever. There is a nice boof on the river right side. Sticky hole under boof at most levels. There is a rope swing on river left. 

Taste of Vermont (Class III, Mile 1.8)

Taste of VT (2)

Taste of VT (2)
Photo by Robert W. Brody taken 4/2006 @ 800cfs

Nice little Slide.  It gets kinda tight. 

Deep Rock (Class III+, Mile 3.0)

Deep Rock (2)

Deep Rock (2)
Photo of Sam Weiss by Alex Scholtz taken 4/2006 @ 800cfs

The best rapid.  Can be walked via the river right side.  Small rapid before the drop.  Most people run this rapid on river left via a huge boof.  Land it and paddle out.  take out

Deep Rock (Class III+, Mile 3.0)
Click Here For Video

User Comments

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August 3 2009 (3364 days ago)
vtkayaker23 (150844)
ran it around 1200 cfs and it was a lot of fun however keep a constant eye out for strainers
because its a narrow section and there were plenty to be found. A river wide (big tree) strainer
between flat rock and moose wedge with an easy portage on river left. Just after snowmobile bridge
there is a small novice playwave that forms with easy eddy access. Great run!!!

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