Poultney - Rte. 140 Bridge

Poultney , Vermont, US


Rte. 140 Bridge (Triple Drop)

Usual Difficulty II-III (varies with level)

Triple Drop

Triple Drop
Photo of Alex Scholtz by Lynz Gang taken 10/15/05 @ 187cfs ish

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04280000 173 - 25000 cfs II-III 00h38m 92.8 cfs (too low)

River Description

Around 1700 cfs, this is getting close to class IV difficulty. The playhole is big and a little sticky on river right but much more friendly on river left at the 3rd drop.
Between 700-690 cfs the hole at the bottom allows for cartwheels (multi-ends).
Above 2000k cfs this rapid turns into a class IV, with two big holes. The first hole is after the first drop right before the bridge. The 2nd drop turns into a flume feeding the 3rd drop. The 3rd drop turns into a massive hole.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0(Top) Triple DropIIPhoto
0.3(Middle) Triple DropII+Photo
0.4(Last drop) Triple DropII+Playspot Photo
0.6Cheese GraterIITakeout Hazard

Rapid Descriptions

(Top) Triple Drop (Class II)

(Top) Triple Drop

(Top) Triple Drop
Photo by Alex Scholtz taken 2005

The Difficulty of this rapid depends on what line you take. Center is always running and is easy. River left is the second hardest and you need about medium water to get down the slide/drop thingy. River right is my favorite line you will need medium to high water to run it with out messing your boat up.

(Middle) Triple Drop (Class II+, Mile 0.3)

(Middle) Triple Drop

(Middle) Triple Drop
Photo of Alex Scholtz by Robert Brody taken 2005

This is a three foot ledge. Best line is run center. Look out for rocks in low water.

(Last drop) Triple Drop (Class II+, Mile 0.4)

(Last Drop) Triple Drop

(Last Drop) Triple Drop
Photo of Robert Brody by Alex Scholtz taken 1/2006

After the ledge you have some boogie water until the third drop. The drop usually has a hole good enough to surf. It is not the best by any means but for us locals it is all we got. There is a rock on river left that has fallen in and made a little cave about the size of your bow. You can see this cave when surfing. It?s not facing up or down stream so it?s not a major threat. At low water you could meet our friend Sally. Sally is a rock right after the hole that likes helmets. She usually shows up at low to medium water. At high water a strainer forms on river left and should be avoided. The hole has a good eddy line at any water level.

Cheese Grater (Class II, Mile 0.6)
After the play hole you can head down stream a few yards and there you will meet up with some boogie water. Avoid rocks and catch the small holes and waves that form at different levels. If you do flip over make sure to tuck. Other wise be ready to slide your face down some rocks. At the Tire Swing there is a nice eddy/flat water to play in. There is a take out on river left. Follow the high water mark (Looks like a dry river bed) back up to the Last Drop. (be carefull the tire swing tree has just fell down and is half in the water)

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