Flint - Sprewell Bluff State Park to Po Biddy Road

Flint, Georgia, US


Sprewell Bluff State Park to Po Biddy Road

Usual Difficulty I-III (for normal flows)

Natural Dam

Natural Dam
Photo taken 07/26/09

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02347500 300 - 50000 cfs I-III 00h26m 9060 cfs (running)
Flow range for best boatability uncertain. Please help your fellow boaters with a comment or report. Gauge (Drainage = 1,850 sq.mi.) is 15-20 miles downstream of this reach, thus may not accurately reflect actual flow in this reach.

River Description

Data from local expert, J. McGrady

Put in Location:
Located 10 miles west of Thomaston. From Ga. Hwy. 74, turn on Old Alabama Road and go south 6 miles to the park. 740 Sprewell Bluff Road Thomaston, GA 30286

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Last Updated: 2009-08-16 17:19:56

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

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June 14 2016 (911 days ago)
kzackhall (158320)
Ran the Sprewell Bluff-Hwy 36 section on 6/11/16. CFS at Carsonville was 622 and the Hwy 36 gauge
was at 7 ft. A little low at these levels. There was quite a bit of flat water, and I had to get
out 4 or 5 times to pull my kayak over rocks. 2-3 hours, depending how hard you want to go. Nice
quick trip, but recommend making sure the Hwy 36 level is @ 8 ft. or higher.
May 6 2013 (2046 days ago)
CanoeGuru (155381)
The Flint is a nice river. I spent 4 days and nights on it one time and went all the way from where
it looks like a ditch above Halonville near Zebulon. It took a while and there was a lot of dead
water in areas where I wished I had a motor. camped out above the sea ( C ) , below David Knott
bridge near Gay Ga. , Goat Mt. and above Goat Mt in somebody's waterfront yard. It was dark and a
man hailed me , as it was just getting pretty dark. He offerd to let me camp there. He was a nice
fellow, I'll never forget it. His name was Mr Fowler, an air traffic controller in Atlanta. Thats
about the longest river camping trip on one river I've done. I miss camping on the Flint. It has
changed over the years. A lot more Houses have been built. It's still one of my favorite floats in
between notes. R. W. www.rickywhitley.com like my fan facebook page please. Thank you paddling
friends for sharing stories of floats on the flint.
May 6 2013 (2046 days ago)
CanoeGuru (155381)
I don't know how many cfs it was, but circa 1994 , I went solo from the hwy 36 bridge to a take out
near big lazar. The gauge on the 36 bridge was covered up and you could barely see up under the 36
bridge. I guess it was 15 foot or more because the gauge was covered up. I was solo in a 15 foot
Mad River Explorer. I still have five canoes. I had only a bow and a stern bags installed, on my
knees, no saddle. I took in some water as I passed over hightower shoals, pulled up in some willow
trees and emptied out. When I looked at the yellow jacket shoals, ( I recognized the shore line ) I
choosed straight middle and I passed over THe horseshoe at yellow jacket I could see a faint line
of the horseshoe. No rocks were exposed and I consider myself very lucky. I didn't have my camera
that day, you could see why.,but I have pictures on my website about the same year(s) of me going
through the horshoe at Yellowjacket.go to www.rickywhitley.com. Click the pictures and video and
you'll see me with the ABB. band . The picture of the guy with the boonie hat in the middle of the
bottom of the horeshoe. The others with blue Kayak is on Hatchett creek Al. And green open canoe
dropping powell falls ( classIV) Locust Fk Warrior Al. I went to the Flint today May 5 2013. It was
over 11 ft and stained. I had my boat but backed out, alittle cool could't get in the mood. Headed
to Hatchett. I don't reccomend going down the Flint at that high level. I've never seen it that
high since and probably would't do it again. I"ve never been stung by the yellow jacket, The one on
river right I allways avoid. I've been whitewater canoeing for over 30 years and still feel like a
teenager. You can to become one with your canoe, good luck to you. Ricky Whitley
June 7 2010 (3110 days ago)
Matt TodhunterDetails
Dad and I paddled from Sprewell Bluff to the outfitter @ GA 36 yesterday - the flow was about 2100
CFS on the online gauge. A lot of flat water, but not bony at all - no dragging. There were 2
decent rapids, a few shoals, and a few waves/holes that were surfable. I would rate this river II-
at this level. Also - be wary of the "map" and "directions" tabs for this page - they show the
put-in at the GA 74 bridge. If you put in there, it is about a 20 mile paddle - about 14.5 miles
longer than the paddle down to GA 36 from Sprewell Bluff (which is about 5.5 miles). The outfitter
offers shuttle, but we shuttled ourselves. It was still $5 per vehicle, plus $1 per boat to park at
the outfitter (take-out), and $5 to park at the put-in at Sprewell Bluff. Be careful out there - my
dad got a Staph infection from getting the water in a scrape on his elbow - nasty water.
March 27 2009 (3547 days ago)
Ann PhillipsDetails
Paddled Sprewell Bluff to the outfitter on 3/22, gauge was at about 2100. All this rain certainly
helped, not scrapey at all as some folks who'd been there for Paddle Georgia last year reported.
Several nice spots to play a little but generally suitable for all levels of paddlers.
August 17 2008 (3769 days ago)
x (1)
I paddled from Sprewell bluff to Highway 36 yesterday. The height at Carsonville was <1.5 ft. I
was in a tandem fiberglass lake canoe...it was more of a fishing trip. It was painfully low.
Basically alternating between flatwater to pulling a canoe over rocks back to flatwater. Maybe two
rapids that were runnable in a canoe. 3 or 4 in a whitewater boat. Not worth it as a paddle for
fun...great fishing trip though. If you're willing to pull your canoe over some rocks you can
definitely pull in quite a few shoal bass. I wouldn't go back unless I was fishing or the water was
June 13 2008 (3834 days ago)
x (1)
any comments,from hiway 74 to the bluff?
February 3 2004 (5426 days ago)

Ran the Flint River, GA 36 Bridge to Lazar Creek take-out, twice on
Saturday, 1/31, with Sean McKinnon and Adam Gordon. First run we put on at
about 11:20 AM, second run at about 1:40 PM EST. First run was 8'2" and the
second run was 8'1.5" on the GA Hwy 36 Bridge. The river was dropping.
Impression, we could have used a little more water. There was a little bit
of play out there, but another half a foot more and there would have been
much more play and I am sure our river trips would have taken longer with
the extra play. All rapids at this level, except Yellow Jacket Shoals, were
class II. Yellow Jacket at this level was class III-. At higher water
levels the Yellow Jacket Shoals section transforms into class IV and even
before flood stage it becomes class V. If my memory serves me right, it is
class IV at 10' on the GA 36 Bridge and class V at 11', but I want to get
more runs to confirm this and get a better idea where the transition points
are. 7.5' at the GA 36 Bridge is getting pretty close to a minimum run, but
all rapids are still passable. This run gets fairly wide in places where
you can not see all the possible routes from upstream without doing some
paddling back and forth across the river.

Depending on road conditions and how much water is in the mud holes when you
get down closer to the Flint River, taking out at the Lazar Creek take-out
may require 4 wheel drive, but it does save 2.5 miles of flatwater paddling
that you get if you take-out at Pobiddy Rd instead. This wildlife
management road comes down along the Flint River south of Lazar Creek on the
river right side. The road was completely washed out and impassable about a
1/4 mile south of Lazar Creek, but this road is following the Flint River
there and you can just make your own take-out along through there with a
little extra effort. Susan Gordon was very gracious to provide shuttle for
us on both runs. Thanks a bunch Susan!

Knowing from Susan Gordon that the level was 8.5'+ on Friday and correlating
to the downstream Flint River gauge at US80/US19 at
http://ga.waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?site_no=02347500 , the US80/US19 Bridge
gauge was at 4'2" and 4'1.5" feet when we were putting on at the 8'2" and
8'1.5" GA 36 Bridge levels, and the US80/US19 Bridge gauge was approximately
5' when the GA 36 Bridge gauge was 8.5'+. The US80/US19 Bridge gauge is
about 20 river miles south of the GA 36 Bridge and major tributaries of
Potato, Lazar and Swift Creek along with a number of other smaller
tributaries dump into the Flint river between the GA 36 and US80/US19
bridges that can make a correlation between the GA 36 Bridge gauge and
US80/US19 Bridge gauge to fluctuate.

Enjoyed paddling again as always with you Sean and Adam and thanks again
Susan for the shuttle,

Mark Hicks <><
November 18 2002 (5867 days ago)
from Adam87 on Boatertalk:
Sprewell Bluff State park..in Thomaston...... I just paddled it this weekend. when the Flint gets
flooded, it makes some pretty nice waves and holes.The hole i was referring to is at the state
park, i just hiked up a path about an eighth of a mile and saw it and put in......it has a nice
eddy up above it that you can paddle back up to easily and up further past the hole there is some
bigger water features that i didn't attempt. When ever the flint gets up to 10 feet or so it makes
a fun ride.
November 17 2002 (5869 days ago)
From Adam87 on Boatertalk:
<br>I live south of atlanta (about 70 miles) and i paddle the flint river often. Whenever it
is flooded(like this week it was at 10 1/2 feet) it creates this hole that has about a 3 to 4 foot
wave behind it and is about 20 feet wide it was plenty deep enough to throw all the moves( i hit a
rock once the whole day). I found this little hole more enjoyable than callahan's ledge on the
upper ocoee. also, there is yellow jacket shoals. This is a pretty fun section to paddle that can
quickly turn into a class 4 or higher when the water rises(i haven't paddled it yet when it was up
that high , but it is supposed to be a pretty technical part).

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