Laurel Creek - slides section near 321

Laurel Creek, North Carolina, US


slides section near 321

Usual Difficulty IV-V (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles

River Description

According to Cooper Lambla

"Upstream of the Watauga Gorge put-in lies a tributary by the name of Laurel Creek. From 321 you can look up and see the last drop on the creek, Trashcan Falls. What you don't see is a section of the creek further up the road about a mile or two long that has some of the best slides in the High Country. The week after the Green Race we got a bunch of rain that spiked the Watauga up to around 2000 cfs. With only a three hour break from class I rallied with Alex Hyman and Kyle Irby to go get on something quick.

The Laurel Creek slides were the answer to our quick fix. I had run them once before with Chris Gragtmans at low water, and was itching to get back at a better flow. We got there to find that we were on the tail end of the bubble, but still put-on to run some fast slides that were incredibly fun."

for pics:
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Rapid Descriptions

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November 29 2006 (4192 days ago)
From Cooper on boatertalk: More about Laurel Creek_ New Forum: BoaterTalk Re: Downstream Movement
Update_ coopster New Date: Nov 29 2006, 17:49 GMT From: coopster I just got out of class, and
noticed that an AW page has been created for the Laurel Creek Slides. Please feel free to use what
ever pictures you want from Downstream Movement on the AW page. The very first post on my site is a
photo of me running Trashcan, it is on the same creek and is far game for the AW page as well. I
prefer a bit more water to run Trashcan than the slides above, so use your own judgement. I hope
evryone who wants to run the Laurel Creek Slides gets a chance to. Directions are easy...Go down
321 till Laurel Creek Road. Go up that road until you see some gradient and fun drops. Unload your
boat, and run the shit! Simple as that. I'm going to go study for my WFR class. See you on the
Slides!!! Peace, Cooper Lambla - the real one

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