Staunton - Long Island To Brookneal

Staunton, Virginia, US


Long Island To Brookneal (Roanoke)

Usual Difficulty I-II (for normal flows)
Length 11 Miles
Avg. Gradient 8 fpm

Rapid below Melrose

Rapid below Melrose
Photo of Pat by MES taken 02/09/08

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02062500 1000 - 10000 cfs I-II 00h55m 4460 cfs (running)
Best boatable flows uncertain. Help out by adding a comment or report.

River Description

"The Staunton River is really the Roanoke River on most official maps, but to the good people of southside Virginia, this river, from Leesville Dam to the backwaters of Kerr Reservoir, will always be the Staunton River. The local people kept removing the state-installed signs saying "Roanoke River" until the state gave up and installed "Staunton River" signs-----which were not removed. Isn't it great when people stand up for their beliefs against governments ?"

Page 553, Virginia Whitewater by H. Roger Corbett


Comment from 2009:
"Staunton from Long Island to Brookneal= 3 sections
1. Long Island to Melrose Ferry - 2.2 miles, class 1-2 @ 8 ft.
2. Melrose to River Campgrounds= 4.4 miles, class 1-2 @8 ft. w/ much beginner
3. Campground to Brookneal- 4.4 miles. 2 class 2+ w/best surfing @ 8-10 ft."

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
2.2Melrose FerryN/AAccess

Rapid Descriptions

Melrose Ferry (Class N/A, Mile 2.2)

This is the approximate location of an alternate putin/takeout.

User Comments

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August 20 2013 (1975 days ago)
lescott (151302)
You can no longer use the Melrose Ferry alternate put-in. The buffalo rancher is protecting his
herd by blocking off the state highway with a gate. You must now park your car above the gate,then
haul your boat up and down an embankment, tote it along the rail tracks about a hundred yards
before meeting the old crossing at the woods....By the way, the USGS has readjusted the footage
gauge: 8 feet now equal 6 feet.
March 25 2011 (2854 days ago)
rivannahipsnap (152897)
Ran it on 2/26/11 and it was at a good level. Lots of small rapids at the beginning of this run
with a few bigger rapids along the way to keep it fun and interesting. Video can be found at the
following link showing the small stuff at the beginning and a couple of the more fun spots like Cat
August 26 2010 (3065 days ago)
bookhjl (152340)
for those who live around here, great place to paddle in the spring as noted below, we ran it in
March at 11ft. and it was a lot of fun. fast paced a lot of play spots and some really good waves.
August 1 2009 (3455 days ago)
canoomee (150828)
The Renegade River Runners float the Staunton River many times throughout the year. Great run for
families and white water enthusiasts alike. Watch out for a tree in the water on your left just
below Fish trap. Been catching quite a few floaters this year.
May 15 2009 (3533 days ago)
x (1)
This is a good section in the winter and spring i ran it at 11.5ft this March and it was actually
really fun. the river takes on a whole new meaning from what people are normally used to so be
carefull but it only took about 2 hours with plenty of play spots and new features.