Moore Run - Moore Run Trail to Otter Creek

Moore Run, West Virginia, US


Moore Run Trail to Otter Creek

Usual Difficulty V+ (for normal flows)
Length 1.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 350 fpm
Max Gradient 400 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03065000 5000 - 20000 cfs V+ 00h35m 404 cfs (too low)

River Description

For a video of my March 6, 2011 trip down Moore Run, go to youtube.
To read about an abortive effort, go here; for the successful 2011 run, click here.

     This creek is one of the steepest and most hardcore runs in West Virginia. All the drops are runable but some are extremely steep. If you love running streams like Real Manns and Elsey, you should check this one out. It is one steep boulder drop after another. It is non-stop action and some drops are extremely steep.

     As unbelievable as this stream sounds, it is not a dream but an actual run that I have done several times now. It is born in a high mountain marsh and eventually forms itself into a paddleable stream. From the trail head, you hike along a small stream eventually walk around the marsh. Once around the marsh, the trail swings back to the creek. The creek is very small at first but another trib comes in and doubles the flow. The trail leaves the creek at this point and things get down to business.   

     After the trib, the stream builds into some rocky Class 2-4 rapids at  a fast pace. Soon, you will reach a horizon line. This is the first good rapid and is an easy left to right boof off a 4 footer followed immediately by another 4 footer. A short fast section brings you to the real action. 

     The first major rapid is a series of three 5-6 foot drops in close succession. The creek pinches into an ugly slot in the middle drop and the final drop has a horseshoe shape with an undercut sticking out on the left. From experience, the pinch slot after the first drop is very difficult to avoid.

      The next section comes at you quickly and you need to be prepared to stop between drops. The first drop is a 2 foot boof into a cascading slot that slams into the wall on the left and carries you off a 6 foot ledge. Immediately after, the creek splits on a log choked island. The middle and left are ugly, and the right is a runable low volume 6 foot clapper. When the channels come together, there is a series of boulder drops and moves that will delight the heart of the seasoned creeker. When you see, a major horizon line, hop out because this is Duracel.

     Recognized by the picturesque cliff on the right, Duracel is a huge rapid and is probably one of my favorite rapids that I have run. It is named after Energizer on Real Mann's and falls 40-50 total feet in a very short distance. To paraphrase the battery Duracell's slogan, "No other rapid in West Virginia lasts longer!" When not choked with wood, it starts out with an 8-10 foot clapper into a short pool. From here the creek tilts downhill steeply and ends with "The Dream", a beautiful launch pad off a 10-12 foot drop. The approach can be run in a zigzag right to left then back right at low flows or potentially straight ahead down the right with good water. Be aware that there is a very nasty looking crack/notch in the middle/left that you would not want to wind up in.

     More boulder drops carry you to The Rooftop, a large rapid with a house sized boulder that the creek goes over. Low flows require one to go to the left of the boulder and cascade down into a 90 degree righthand turn but at higher flows, you can cut right and go right off the Rooftop, a 15-20 foot near vertical slope down the boulder.

     At this point, the worst is over but there are still plenty of steep boulder drops left to the confluence. Be careful in this section because one of the drops swings to the right and falls into an unrunable sieve. This will need to be portaged on the right. Once to the confluence, you will be treated to several more miles of Class 5 action down a swollen Otter Creek making for a truly ultimate day. From experience, I know that getting an early start is pretty important if you want to have a chance to complete the run.  

- Bobby

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Rapid Descriptions

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December 12 2007 (4017 days ago)
Paul MartzenDetails
Here are links to some trip reports - epics on this creek.

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