Great Chazy, North Branch - Rte. 11 near Cannon Corners Rd. to Woods Falls Rd.

Great Chazy, North Branch, New York, US


Rte. 11 near Cannon Corners Rd. to Woods Falls Rd.

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 7 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04271500 1500 - 5000 cfs II-III 83h16m 327 cfs (too low)

River Description

The guage used for this section is located well down-stream and is a rough estimate of flow. In the event the gauge is up and the section isn't running check the other branches.


Put in off Route 11, just east of Cannon Corners Rd., where the river comes close to the road.

The first mile or so is very easy. Then you'll hit a number of ledge-slides that are a lot of fun. They are straightforward and generally class II or II/III. These features are centered around the Gero Rd. bridge, and the longest one is right under the bridge. Just below the Gero Rd. bridge are the remains of an old dam that can be run - but a quick scout is probably a good idea, particularly at higher water levels.

Soon the slides stop and you are back to easier water to Lamberton Rd. There is a good take out here. This is about 2-3/4 miles from the put-in.

It is 4-1/2 more miles to the junction with the main stem in Mooers Forks. The river in here is mostly very easy (class I-II) riffles with 2 exceptions. About 2 miles past Lamberton rd. there is a small drop right next to a closed bridge on Big Hill Road. Finally, right at the end between the Route 11 bridge and the Woods Falls Rd. bridge there is another fun section. Take out at the Woods Falls Rd. bridge.


This last section is a scenic paddle if that is what you are looking for, but is a lot of work for 2 very short drops if you are looking to maximize your excitement factor. Also, this lower section is a little scratchier than the top part, and needs more water. At 4.0 feet, you can paddle the lower section, but you will be scraping a lot.  


Plattsburgh Area Reaches

Ausable (Ausable Chasm)                                       Ausable, E. Branch

Ausable, W. Branch (4. High Falls Gorge)               Ausable, W. Branch (5. The Flume)

Ausable, W. Branch (Section 6)                               Black Brook

Boquet, S. Branch                                                Boquet, N. Branch

Chateaugay                                                             Great Chazy (Chazy Lake to Miner Lake)

Great Chazy (Miner Lake to Mooers)                      Great Chazy, North Branch

Little Black Brook                                                     Little Trout

Marble                                                                    Salmon

Salmon (Lake Champlain)                                        Saranac (Permanent Rapids)

Saranac (1. Union Falls to Silver Lake Road)          Saranac (2. Silver Lake Road to Redford)

Saranac (3. High Falls Gorge)                                 Saranac (Sec. 4)

Styles Brook 

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Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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August 10 2010 (3050 days ago)
Wayne GmanDetails
The section between Alder Bend Rd and Lamberton Rd has a farm that the farmer has placed BARBED
WIRE INTO THE CREEK. The highwater of the 5.5 inch rain on 8/4/2010 broke down this wire. It was
not an issue at all with our run on 8/5. Look for the two strand Barbed wire fence to be strung up
again from the farm on river right. See the gallery for pictures of the fence. The high water level
the previous day was above the fence. We sensed the spot coming as the river got tighter and a bit
bendy....with a noted increase of small but blind curves as we got upon the barbed wire location.
Good luck it must be missed.

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