Gatineau - 2) Maniwaki – Bouchette

Gatineau, Quebec, CA


2) Maniwaki – Bouchette

Usual Difficulty III-IV(V) (for normal flows)
Length 7.6 Miles

Gauge Information

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River Description


This big-water tributary of the Ottawa is a favorite. It's about 80 miles (130 km) North of Ottawa, or 200 mi (330 km) NW of Montreal.
Jim Quigley at bottom of Lucifer. [Larger] [Full-Sized].


Put on from a river-left campground off Chemin Godin a little ways south of Maniwiki. Take out at the Bonnet Rouge campground. There is a small river access fee at both locations. (Note: Lat/longitude coords are for rapids and put-in/take-out are approximate. Locations have not been verified by a GPS.)

An downriver takeout is rumored to be at: 46.2399, -75.9408.


Check out the 11th Annual Gatineau Festival, August 22-23-24, 2008!  Go here for a festival river map of this river section.

Regional Map – Rivers of the Outaouais (Ottawa) Area

Des rivières de la région de outaouais (Région administrative 7)
Map by Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs


Technical info

Put in elevation........ '
Take out elevation...... '
Total drop.............. '
Average drop/mile....... '
Maximum drop/mile....... '
River profile type......
Distance................ miles
Duration................ hours
Shuttle length..........
River width average..... '
River geology...........
River water quality.....
Drainage area........... sq miles
Distance from Quebec.... miles
Distance from Montreal.. miles


Rafting, Paddling Shops, Etc.

Le Bonnet Rouge Proprietor: Ms. Isabelle Gagnon, 215 chemin Rivière Gatineau,
Ste Thérèse de la Gatineau; 819-449-3360/888-449-3360. Rafting on the lower



Camping at the lower section put-in Proprietor: Ms. Marguerite Lafrance,
193 chemin Godin, Déléage; 819.449.3788. Primitive camping along the put-in.
No facilities except for outhouse. Restaurants, stores, etc, all nearby in
Maniwaki. River access: 3$ per person, Camping: 15$ per tent per night.
Reservations not necessary except during festival.
Le Bonnet Rouge Proprietor: Ms. Isabelle Gagnon, 215 chemin Rivière
Gatineau, Ste Thérèse de la Gatineau; Post: 18 chemin Rivière Gatineau;
R.R. #1, Bouchette, Quebec J0X 1E0; 819-449-3360/888-449-3360, 819-449-0784.
Primitive camping (deluxe outhouse, picnic tables, spring water) at the
lower section takeout. Meals available by prior arrangement. Access to
river: 3$ per person, Camping: 10$ per person per night. Reservations not
necessary except for festival weekend.


Lodging, Motels, etc.




Gas/Convenience Stores.. Route 107 near put-in.
Nearest Restrooms....... Outhouses at put-in/take-out.
Supermarket/food........ Several in Maniwaki.
Restaurants/Pizza/etc... Plenty in Maniwaki.
Internet Access......... Bars, hotels, etc, in Maniwaki.


Other Resources

MYOSIS.CA Web Site (Débit des rivières for gage levels.)
La Fédération québécoise du canot et du kayak (FQCK) (Info débit for gage levels.)
Le club de canot-camping des Pays-d´en-Haut (CCCPH)

Regional Weather Canada, MétéoMédia Canada or Environment Canada forecast.


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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Put-InPutin Photo
0.2Tête des Six (Heads of the Six)N/APhoto
1.2LuciferIIIHazard Photo
2.1La Créte de Cog (Crest of the Cog Wheel)N/A
2.2Barrage du corbeau (Rave'n Dam)N/APortage Hazard
2.2Du Corbeau (Of the Raven /or/ The Crow)IIIPhoto
2.4La Danse du Draveur (Log Drivers' Waltz /or/ Dance of the Drivers)III+
2.6Haute Tension (High Voltage)Photo
2.7Le Mur (The Wall)IIIPhoto
2.9Le Tombereau (Dumptruck)Photo
3.0Des Cèdres (Cedar Rapids)III+
5.0Le Bonnet Rouge (Red Bonnet)N/APlayspot

Rapid Descriptions



Photo by Skip Morris taken 08/17/06

Put on from a campground along Chemin Godin a couple miles south of Route 107 from Maniwaki.

Tête des Six (Heads of the Six) (Class N/A, Mile 0.2)

Playing in TГЄte des Six

Playing in TГЄte des Six
Photo of Jack Mitchell by Skip Morris taken 08/16/06 @ 10

Lat/longitude coords for all these rapids are approximate, determined from and Google Maps.

The first rapid has several play spots.  (Ed note: Not exactly sure where the rapid name came from, although there are a about six islands in the river close to this spot.)

Lucifer (Class III, Mile 1.2)

Jim Quigley at bottom of Lucifer

Jim Quigley at bottom of Lucifer
Photo of Jim Quigley by Skip MorrisJ taken 08/17/06

From Jason Robertson's Report, 2002:

Lucifer had a series of named holes; the first center hole is "L'Ange Gardien" (Guardian Angel), which is followed closely downstream by "L'Agneau de Dieu" (God's Lamb) on the left and the aptly named "L'Anus de Lucifer" (Lucifer's Anus) on the right.

Karl Gesslein said
, in 2001:

My favorite was Lucifer, which we ran 6 times.  There were 4 big holes and the trick was to run it and catch all four of them. There was another hole aptly named Lucifer's Anus which was a boat eating monster. We didn't play in that one.

Lat/longitude coords are approximate, determined from and Google Maps.

La Créte de Cog (Crest of the Cog Wheel) (Class N/A, Mile 2.1)

The rapid is on the *RIGHT* channel which should be avoided since it leads to a dangerous dam.

Barrage du corbeau (Rave'n Dam) (Class N/A, Mile 2.2)

A dangerous dam blocking the right channel. Avoid by staying on the left channel.

Du Corbeau (Of the Raven /or/ The Crow) (Class III, Mile 2.2)


Photo of Jim Quigley by Skip Morris taken 08/16/06 @ 10

Take the left channel along Raven Island. Beware the "Crow's Beak", a sharp protuding rock along the bottom left.

La Danse du Draveur (Log Drivers' Waltz /or/ Dance of the Drivers) (Class III+, Mile 2.4)

Translation Note: The name 'La Danse du Draveur' pays homage to the river and region's rich history in logging dating back to the early part of the 19th century. There's a famous song by that name, as well as a YouTube video 'Log Driver's Waltz', where the singer extolls the dancing of her log driver boyfriend who learned his graceful moves prancing from log-to-log on a whitewater river. This is also shown on the back of the old Canadian one dollar bill which features a log jam on the Ottawa River in front of Parlement. There is even a hotel by that name in Maniwaki.

Haute Tension (High Voltage)


Photo of Jack Mitchell by Skip Morris taken 08/16/06 @ 10

Le Mur (The Wall) (Class III, Mile 2.7)

Le Mur

Le Mur
Photo of Jack Mitchell by Skip Morris taken 08/16/06 @ 10

There is a large wave-hole extending half way across the river from the left edge, followed by a large standing/breaking river-wide wave that can be punched in the right spot. Sneak the rapid along the right edge.

Le Tombereau (Dumptruck)

Le Tombereau

Le Tombereau
Photo by Skip Morris taken 08/16/06 @ 10

Le Bonnet Rouge (Red Bonnet) (Class N/A, Mile 5.0)

Just above the take-out the river narrows to a small chute where a wonderful set of standing waves form that make great surfing.  There is a gage here on the river-left rock wall.

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