Castleton - Downtown

Castleton, Vermont, US



Usual Difficulty III (for normal flows)

River Description

When you cross over a small bridge going into Fair Haven on 22A you can see a old dam to your left. This old dam is broken and there is a slot on river left.   The slot is about five feet wide. Let me clear this up right now: You are not going over the dam—there is no hole behind the dam at normal levels. This was a dam built on top of a drop back in the day which has become broken. This is a short little rapid which is on the way to the Poultney River. We like to call this rapid "Pumpkin Falls."

There is another dam above this one but it does not look safe to run. This is a low-head dam with a break on river right. Then it drops onto a rock/concrete ledge about 5 feet down and then down another 5 foot-ish drop.

I want to explore this river more and see if it has any hidden treasures that I can bring to life on AW. I will keep you posted.


There appear to be a handfull of dam drops and rapids in this downtown section. Downstream the river mellows and  feeds into the Route 4 to Carvers Falls Dam Section of the Poultney above the Route 11 Bridge. This could be an alternate takeout or combination run.

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Rapid Descriptions

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