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Difficulty V
Length 0.5 Miles
Flow Range 100 - 20000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 2 hours ago 11.6 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 07/15/2017 3:20 am

River Description

You will most likely be able to catch this bad boy during the monsoon months (aug-sep).  Unless there is an epic winter, then it would be reliable. 

A short hike to a park and huck fall and slide downstream. 

-This saw it's first descent on Aug 7th, 2007.  There where some very localized rains, and it rose big.  Cody Howard was able to solo this section early that morning.  The run is really just two large drops.  The first drop (your put in drop) is Ellison Creek Falls.  It is anywhere from 30-40 feet tall is is tricky.  Cody was able to put in 3/4 of the way up and run it clean 5 out of 5 times.  There is a MASSIVE log at the bottom.  So this is the first problem.  The next is the entrance, it is tight and looks like it will take your head off.

The second part of the run is a long tricky slide into the East Verde.  If you are there and it is running.....check it out.  It is pretty cool.  This will drop you into the East Verde, from there you will either run it down to the CG or hike out. 

Put In / Take Out: Drive up Houston Mesa Rd.  Cross over the East Verde (the first bridge you will come to) and then continue up the road.  Here you will come to a road crossing.  The East Verde flows over the road here.  This is where you will park (on either side, depending on the flow).  Just up the road from here there is a dirt rd on the right.  Hike this for 1 mile until you see the falls on your right.  This is the put in.  Above the falls is private property.  So don't go up there.  If you reach the 2nd gate on that rd, well you've gone to far too.  The falls is right below there.  You'll hear it.  Don't worry.   An alternative is to put in on the East Verde (rd xing), run it down like .5 miles and then you will see Ellison Creek entering from RL.  Hike up to the falls and run it down from there.

Here is the Video:
Huckin Huge Ellison Creek Video

Drop: From the top of the gorge to the confluence with the East Verde, this creek drops about 160 feet in half a mile.

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just a reference.  If the East Verde is running at all, Ellison Creek will be runnable (monsoons).

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In the ongoing saga of hydro dam developments proposed within striking distance of Grand Canyon National Park, American Whitewater is asking for help from the paddling community to stop a development that would impact the greater Grand Canyon area and its tributaries. Back in October 2019, we wrote an article outlining the proposal submitted by Phoenix-based hydroelectric company Pumped Hydro LLC to place two dams on the Little Colorado River, a tributary of the Colorado River’s mighty Grand Canyon. This proposal was met with a large amount of pushback for the cultural impact on indigenous tribes, ecological impacts, and water use. To address these concerns, Pumped Hydro decided to file an alternative (yet equally problematic) proposal for a hydro development on Big Canyon, a tributary of the Little Colorado River. The Big Canyon project permit application has been accepted into the Federal Energy Regulation Commission’s (FERC) registrar, initiating a public comment period on the project ending August 1 and we need members of the paddling community to step up and make their voices heard!


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