Lochsa - 2 - Indian Grave Creek to Wilderness Gateway Bridge

Lochsa, Idaho, US


2 - Indian Grave Creek to Wilderness Gateway Bridge

Usual Difficulty IV (for normal flows)
Length 13 Miles

upper lochsa...

upper lochsa...
Photo by Brian Mattingly taken 06/15/04 @ 7ft

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-13337000 400 - 25000 cfs IV 00h17m 856 cfs (running)
Flow range for best boatability uncertain. Please help your fellow boaters with a comment or report.

River Description

The classic "Upper Lochsa" with great continuous class IV whitewater.

Logistics: The put-in is at White Pine at Highway 12 mile 138.5 and the take-out is at Wilderness Gateway Bridge at Highway 12 mile 122.7. For those looking to shorten the run, alternative river access points include Dead Mile at Highway 12 mile 127.5, Department of Transportation Bald Mountain Maintenance Facility at Highway 12 mile 128.4. Nine Mile at Highway 12 mile 129.5, or wherever you find a convenient pull-out along this stretch of river. 

While there are several camping options along the entire Lochsa River, including some nice undeveloped sites, Wilderness Gateway Campground, the take-out for this run, at Highway 12 mile 122.7 (cross the bridge to the campground on river left) offers the most sites and is a popular gathering place for whitewater paddlers in the spring.

Other Information Sources:
Montana Eddy Hop Blog - Lochsa  Photos and comments.
Montana Eddy Hop Blog - High Water Lochsa,  Photos.
Nez Pierce / Clearwater Nat Forest, White Pine Access

Permit Information

No permit is needed for this roadside accessible river.

StreamTeam Status: Not Verified
Last Updated: 2015-06-22 14:43:08


Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0White Pine River AccessN/APutin Photo
4.1Eagle Mountain Pack BridgeN/A
15.4Tenpin AlleyIVPhoto

Rapid Descriptions

White Pine River Access (Class N/A)

White Pine Access Sign

White Pine Access Sign
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe taken 06/19/13 @ 0 cfs

A short gravel road leads to the loading area next to the river.  There is only room for one group at a time.  Parking is up on the side of the highway and there is limited space.

Tenpin Alley (Class IV, Mile 15.4)

Tenpin, 10ft

Tenpin, 10ft
Photo of The crew by Megan taken Lochsa peak '06 @ 10ft

User Comments

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October 25 2014 (1487 days ago)
rhoyerboat (155593)
On the low end of best-flow comments, observations of flows around 1200. Doesn't look like enough
for certain super-boney rapids to not be a mandatory pin-fest / preferred walk. It is enough for
certain other rapids / the trip in general to appear at least worthwhile given other regional
options when flows here are at these levels. It is the author's limited opinion that one is not
likely to find any local or experienced partners for boating this section at these flows without at
least minimal grovelling / arm twisting / bribery. ;)
May 7 2014 (1658 days ago)
lindsaymarie (156469)
Ran this at 11 ft. on the gauge long ago and it's definitely pushy and big but a blast! Watch out
for logs/trees. Coupling the upper with wilderness gateway to split creek at high water is an
amazing, big water endurance/adrenaline experience!
April 11 2012 (2414 days ago)
x (1)
new online whitewater guide for idaho and montana area paddling - check it out!
http://www.fs.fed.us/rl/clearwater/VisitorInfo/Assets/pdfs/Lochsa_River_Guide.pdf Upper Lochsa
whitewater rapids: MP 139.5 White Pine River Access MP 139.3 Class II-III MP 138.5 Class II-III MP
137.4 Eye Opener Class II+-III+ MP 136.3 Lost Creek Class III+-IV+ MP 135.5 Eagle Mountain Class
III+-IV+ MP 135.4 Eagle Mountain Pack Bridge MP 135.3 Lower Eagle Mountain Class III-IV MP 135.1
Class II-IV MP 134.5 Fake Onno's Class III-IV MP 134.0 Keep Moving Class III+-IV MP 133.5 Stanley
Creek Class III-IV+ MP 132.9 Mile 133 Class III-IV MP 132.6 Mile Long Class III+-IV MP 132.0 No
Sweat Class III-IV MP 131.6 Lone Pine Class III+-IV MP 131.3 Holly Creek Class III-IV MP 131.2
Castle CreekClass III+-IV MP 130.3 Triple Hole Class III+-IV MP 129.4 Class II-III MP 129.0 Mile
129 Class III-IV MP 129 Ninemile River Access MP 128.5 County Corner (Highway Station) Class
III+-IV MP 127.9 Class V - Class III+-IV+ MP 126.7 Log Jam Class III+-IV+ MP 125.5 Pass Creek Class
II-III+ MP 125.0 Mile 125 Class II+-IV MP 124.7 No See Um Class II-IV MP 124.1 Tenpin Alley Class
III+-IV+ MP 123.5 Class II-III MP 123 Turnoff to Wilderness Gateway Campground MP 122.6 Wilderness
Gateway Bridge MP 122.0 Boulder Creek Rapid - Class III-III+ MP 120.3 Fish Creek - Class III+ MP
120.1 Fish Creek River Access
May 8 2007 (4215 days ago)
Brian FrenchDetails
Just an FYI on the recommended levels posted - 4 ft. is definitely not maximum recommended flow for
this stretch, but would be closer to minimum recommended flow. 2 ft. would be a very shallow, rocky
level on this stretch. I recommend 6 ft. and above for a true upper Lochsa experience (we've run it
as high as 10 ft. on the Lowell Gauge and it was a blast).

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