Payette, N. Fork - 1. Upper Payette Lake to Payette Lake

Payette, N. Fork, Idaho, US


1. Upper Payette Lake to Payette Lake

Usual Difficulty I-IV (for normal flows)
Length 10.4 Miles

River Description

This reach is really two separate runs. The upper section is class IV during spring snowmelt. The lower section is a class I float that is often paddled upstream from the access at the northern end of Payette Lake.

Upper (class IV, approximately 4 miles)

The upper run is known for great class IV roadside whitewater that can be run in about an hour during spring runoff. If you run Pearl Creek Rapid at the start, scout carefully as this rapid can push class V with approximately a mile of pushy whitewater with holes and few eddies. A take-out is available at Fisher Creek.

Lower (class I, approximately 5 miles)

The North Fork Meanders can be run from Fisher Creek down to Payette Lake. Some paddle upstream from the lake to Eastside Road Bridge. This is a very scenic paddle that can be run through the summer.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Fisher Creek BridgeN/AAccess
0.0Pearl Creek RapidIV+

Rapid Descriptions

Fisher Creek Bridge (Class N/A)

Alternate Access Point at the visiion point for class IV (upstream) and class I (downstream).

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March 28 2008 (3952 days ago)
x (1)
during spring runoff, the first large rapid (@confluence of Pearl creek) verges on classV with big
sticky holes, no eddies, and very continuous whitewater for 1 mile or so. In may 2007 there was
quite a bit of carnage on this run when attempted by several different local paddler groups.Scout
very carefully from the road and if run...STAY IN YOUR BOAT!!!