Salmon, Middle Fork - 2 - Boundary Creek (Dagger Falls) to Cache Bar (near Salmon R.)

Salmon, Middle Fork, Idaho, US


2 - Boundary Creek (Dagger Falls) to Cache Bar (near Salmon R.)

Usual Difficulty III-IV (for normal flows)
Length 96 Miles
Avg. Gradient 28 fpm
Max Gradient 40 fpm

Middle Fork Salmon

Middle Fork Salmon
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-13309220 700 - 10000 cfs III-IV 25d06h22m 630 cfs (too low)

River Description

SEASON: As one of the few multi-day trips in the lower 48 with unregulated flows, it's always a challenge to plan your trip and decide what launch dates to request six months in advance. The road to the put-in is generally clear by early June. If it's not, kayakers can paddle in on Marsh Creek and rafts can fly in to a point further downstream. Weather for pre-season trips can be cold but you'll likely have your pick of hot springs as fewer people boat the river. During high snow pack years flows can be dangerously high in the early part of June--many trips have met with disaster in high water years. The greatest demand for permits is always towards the end of June. In low snow years you should still have plenty of water and in high snow years you'll be past the peak. Decent boating opportunities normally persist into July and by August the river is typically pretty low.

LOGISTICS: Trips start out at the Boundary Creek put-in (at the base of Dagger Falls). From Highway 21, take FR 579 about 10 miles, and then bear right on FR 568 which goes another 13 miles to the launch ramp. It's best to arrive the evening before your launch if you want to strategize for the best campsites. For kayak self support trips early in the season you may have to put in on Marsh Creek. In high snow pack years the road to Boundary Creek may not be accessible until early June. Rafts use the Indian Creek airstrip as an alternate access point particularly later in the season when flows are too low for the upper section. The shuttle is 210 miles and takes a full day. Groups often hire someone locally to run the shuttle for them. The take-out is the Cache Bar boat ramp on the mainstem of the Salmon River.

DESCRIPTION: Idaho's Middle Fork of the Salmon is considered by many to be one of the country's premier multi-day whitewater trips. With unregulated flows, remarkable wilderness scenery, numerous hot springs, a native fishery, and great whitewater it's no wonder that anyone who secures a permit in the annual lottery has no trouble finding people who want to go. Most plan for a week-long trip on this federally designated Wild and Scenic River with full raft support, but kayakers have paddled it as a long--and intense--day trip during peak snow melt in the highest water years.

From Dagger Falls the river starts right off with some great continuous whitewater action (at 40' per mile). At moderate flows this section provides some of the best rapids of the trip, but at higher flows it can be a little too much action for inexperienced paddlers. Several groups, especially those with less experienced raft crews, have gotten into serious trouble right away when attempting this section at high water. At low flows this section can be a real pain with rafts. While kayaks can make their way through the shallow boulder gardens, those with rafts should consider flying in to the Indian Creek access downstream when flows begin to drop down to 1200 cfs. Even kayaks may want to use this alternate access at flows below 700 cfs. Velvet Falls, Powerhouse, and Pistol Creek are good rapids that come early in the trip. Once you pass Indian Creek the river eases up (23' per mile from here to the take-out), but you still have good whitewater. The Tappan Rapids and Haystack are highlights of this section. Most of the best whitewater, and some incredible surfing at higher flows, comes near the end in the Impassable Canyon--so named for the fact that there is no land route. The rapids Redside, Weber, and Rubber are all found in this stretch.

The run ends with a four-mile paddle on the main Salmon.

Permit Information

All boaters must have a permit with heavy use season between May 28 and Sept 3rd assigned through the 4 Rivers Lottery System. Applications due January 31.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Boundary CreekN/APutin Photo
0.1First Bend II
0.7Teepee Hole (RL)
0.8Unnamed RapidII+
1.6Cable Hole (RL)
2.4Gardell's Hole (RR)
2.5Sulphur SlideIII
2.7Spring (RL)
3.3Ramshorn III
5.1Velvet Falls IV
5.5Boy Scout Camp (RR)
6.5Big Bend (RR)
6.9Trail Flat (RL)
8.0The Chutes III+
8.1Elkhorn III
8.2Elkhorn Bar (RR)
9.3Saddle (RL)
9.5Boot Camp (RR)
11.2Powerhouse IV
11.8Joe Bump
12.7Scout (RL)
13.0Sheepeater (RL)
13.8Fire Island (RL)
14.9Lake Creek (RR)
15.2John's Camp (RR)
15.6Oakie Point 156
15.9Greyhound Creek (RR)
16.0Dome Hole (RL)
17.7Artillery III
18.2Rapid River (RR)
19.0Big Snag (RL)
19.2Dolly Lake (RR)
19.3Cannon Creek III
20.9Quick Stop (RR)
21.4Pistol Creek IV
21.5Pistol Creek (RL)
22.4Pistol Creek Ranch (RL)
23.9Airplane Camp (RL)
24.7Guard Station (RL)
25.1Pack Bridge Camp (RL)
26.2Indian Creek (RL)
27.4Pungo Creek (RL)
30.8Little Soldier (RR)
31.6Marble Creek (RL)
31.7Marble Creek IIIPhoto
31.8Marble Creek Camp 2 (RR)
32.6Sunflower Flat (RR)
32.7Lost Oak (RL)
33.3Middle Fork LodgeN/APhoto
34.6State Land (RR)
35.8Little Creek (RR)
35.9Hood Ranch (RL)
37.2Jackass III
37.3Upper Jackass Flat (RR)
37.6Lower Jackass Flat (RR)
39.2Cameron Creek (RL)
40.4Cougar Creek Ranch (RR)
43.2Pine Creek Flat (RR)
45.6Culver Creek (RR)
46.2Whitey Cox (RR)
46.3Rock Island (RL)
46.6Pebble Beach (RL)
47.3White Creek (RR)
48.1Shelf (RR)
49.3Big Loon (RR)
49.9Cow Creek (RR)
51.8Cave Camp (RR)
52.1Hospital Bar (RL)
52.7Horsetail (RR)
53.5Cub Creek (RL)
56.4Upper Grouse Creek (RR)
56.5Lower Grouse Creek (RR)
56.6Tappan Creek Cabin (RR)
57.0Tappan Island Center
57.5Tappan I IIIPhoto
57.9Tappan Falls IVPhoto
58.2Tappan IIIII
58.4Tappan IIIIII
59.9Camas Creek Camp (RR)N/APhoto
60.6Johnny Walker (RL)
61.1Pool (RR)
61.6Funston (RL)
61.9Broken Oar (RR)
62.2Shark Fin Pictographs (RL)N/APhoto
62.8Aparejo Point III
64.3Normandy Beach (RL)
64.5Trail Camp (RR)
65.3Sheep Creek (RL)
66.7Flying B (RL)
66.8Flying B Camp (RR)
67.7Flying B Airport Camp (RR)
68.1Haystack Rapids III
68.7Bernard Camp (RL)
68.9Short Creek (RR)
70.2Cold Spring (RR)
70.7Jack Creek Rapids IIIPhoto
71.4Little Pine (RL)
72.1Driftwood (RR)
72.9Wilson Creek (RR)
73.0Grassy Flat (RL)
73.2Grassy Flat Ii (RL)
74.4Rattlesnake Cave (RR)N/APhoto
74.8Survey Creek (RL)
74.9Woolard Creek (RR)
75.7Fly Camp (RR)N/APhoto
77.4Fish Camp (RL)
77.6Waterfall Crk Rapid III
77.8Waterfall Creek
77.9Big Creek (RR)
78.0Last Chance Camp (RR)
78.7Pine Bluff (RL)
78.9Cutthroat Cove (RL)
79.2Big Pine (RR)
79.6Elk Bar (RL)
79.7Love Bar (RL)
80.7Veil Falls (RL)
81.0Porcupine IIIPhoto
82.5Redside (RL)
82.7Redside IVPhoto
83.0Weber IVPhoto
84.4Papoose (RL)
84.5Ship Island (RL)
85.0Lightning Strike (RL)
86.2Parrot Placer (RR)
87.9Parrot Cabin (RL)
88.5Upper Cliffside IIIPhoto
88.6Cradle Creek (RR)
88.7Lower Cliffside III
88.8Tumble Creek (RR)
89.6Ouzel (RL)
91.1Rubber IVPhoto
92.2Hancock IVPhoto
92.7Solitude (RL)
93.4Devil's Tooth IIIPhoto
94.0House Rock RapidN/APhoto
94.9Goat Creek (RR)
99.0Cramer Creek IV
99.7Cache Bar (RR)Takeout

Rapid Descriptions

Boundary Creek (Class N/A)

Boundary Creek Putin

Boundary Creek Putin
Photo of Boundary Creek Putin - May 2004 by Rachelle Wiebe taken 05/15/04 @ 6 feet and rising

Boundary Creek Boat Launch. Mile 0. Permits and schedules are issued here. Credit for the lat/long coordinates and descriptions for this and the other rapids and features goes to Fred Williams and Contents used by permission. Thanks!

First Bend (Class II, Mile 0.1)
Bends right and divides in the middle. Center channel is usually best.

Teepee Hole (RL)
Teepee Hole Camp. Mile 0.7. A small but heavily used site good for 10 people or less.

Unnamed Rapid (Class II+, Mile 0.8)
Unnamed Rapid (Class II). Mile 0.8. Always take the right channel.

Cable Hole (RL)
Cable Hole Camp. Mile 1.6. A small camp located on a rocky bench with some clear areas. Suitable for 10 people of less.

Gardell's Hole (RR)
Gardell's Hole Camp. Mile 2.4. A large camp on a sand and gravel bar just above a large pool.

Sulphur Slide (Class III, Mile 2.5)
Sulphur Slide Rapid (Class III). Mile 2.45. This is a steep, fairly long rock garden. At moderate to high water start left and work center. Advisable to scout at low water.

Spring (RL)
Spring Camp. Mile 2.7. Swift current makes landing difficult at this small grassy area. Suitable for 10 people or less.

Ramshorn (Class III, Mile 3.3)
Ramshorn Rapid (Class III).

Ramshorn Camp. Mile 4.8. This small camp is about a third of a mile above Velvet Falls.

Velvet Falls (Class IV, Mile 5.1)
Velvet Falls Rapid (Class IV). Mile 5.1. Look for a large 10 x 10 x 20 foot boulder on the river left bank with a small creek on river right. Hug the left bank just past the boulder for a chute that avoids the recirculating ledge.

Boy Scout Camp (RR)
Boy Scout Camp. Mile 5.5. A small rocky camp on river right.

Big Bend (RR)
Big Bend Camp. Mile 6.5. A large camp on a low sandy bench with both timber and open areas.

Trail Flat (RL)
Trail Flat Camp. Mile 6.9. A large camp on a bench just above the river. Hot springs at water's edge washes out at high water.

The Chutes (Class III+, Mile 8.0)
The Chutes Rapids (Class III). Mile 8.0. Stay left, avoiding the rock at the channel entrance.

Elkhorn Bar (RR)
Elkhorn Bar Camp. Mile 8.2. Camping is possible both on the higher bank and just around the bend at this large camp. Look for a large rock in the center of the river, just above the camp.

Saddle (RL)
Saddle Camp. Mile 9.3. This site is named for the large grassy saddle on the ridge above the timbered flat, where the camp is located.

Boot Camp (RR)
Boot Camp. Mile 9.5. A very small site located on a high, timbered bench.

Powerhouse (Class IV, Mile 11.2)
Powerhouse Rapids (Class III-IV). Mile 11.2. You can land on the right just above to scout from a bench above the river. A cabin and other ruins are found here.

Joe Bump
Joe Bump Cabin and Camp. Mile 11.8. This large camp is on a timbered bench just across from Soldier Creek. Joe Bump's cabin can be found upstream by following the well worn trail a couple hundred yards.

Scout (RL)
Scout Camp. Mile 12.7. This camp occupies the upstream end of the bar and bench above Sheepeater hot springs.

Sheepeater (RL)
Sheepeater Camp. Mile 13.0. Landing can be a problem at low water because the river is wide and shallow here. A hot spring can be found on the terrace above the camp.

Fire Island (RL)
Fire Island Camp. Mile 13.8. Space for a large party on this low timber and grassy bench.

Lake Creek (RR)
Lake Creek Camp. Mile 14.9. This large camp is just across the river from Lake Creek.

John's Camp (RR)
John's Camp. Mile 15.2. This large camp occupies the bench where the river bends sharply to the right.

Oakie Point 156
Oakie Point Camp. Mile 15.6. This small camp is marked by a large stump on the inside of a bend. Landing is swift.

Greyhound Creek (RR)
Greyhound Creek Camp. Mile 15.9. This small camp is by a large pool about 10 feet above the river back into the trees.

Dome Hole (RL)
Dome Hole Camp. This small camp lies just past the pool on river left.

Artillery (Class III, Mile 17.7)
Artillery Rapids (Class II). Mile 17.7. A long but relatively easy rapid.

Rapid River (RR)
Rapid River Camp. Mile 18.2. Room for a large party on this timbered bench.

Big Snag (RL)
Big Snag Camp. Mile 19.0. A large campsite above a calm pool.

Dolly Lake (RR)
Dolly Lake Camp. Mile 19.1. This large camp is located just below the calm pool on a right-hand bend.

Cannon Creek (Class III, Mile 19.3)
Cannon Creek Rapids (Class III). Mile 19.3. Work left to avoid the ledge.

Quick Stop (RR)
Quick Stop Camp. Mile 20.9. A very small camp where the river bends sharply above Pistol Creek Rapid. Site provides a landing for scouting the rapid ahead.

Pistol Creek (Class IV, Mile 21.4)
Pistol Creek Rapids (Class IV). Mile 21.4. A tight S turn that is generally run left to avoid the rocks and hold jutting from the right bank.

Pistol Creek (RL)
Pistol Creek Camp. Mile 21.4. A large camp located on a low sandy bench.

Pistol Creek Ranch (RL)
Pistol Creek Ranch. A small airstrip services a number of privately owned cabins.

Airplane Camp (RL)
Airplane Camp. Mile 23.9. A large open timbered site just across from Short Creek.

Guard Station (RL)
Guard Station Camp. Mile 24.7. Camping is possible at a variety of spots. However, this areas serves mostly as a launching area for low-water trips that have been flown in to the airstrip above.

Pack Bridge Camp (RL)
Pack Bridge Camp. Mile 25.1. This camp is found just upstream of the pack bridge.

Indian Creek (RL)
Indian Creek Camp. Mile 26.2. This large camp is found just upstream of Indian Creek.

Pungo Creek (RL)
Pungo Creek Camp. Mile 27.4. Landing is easy at this large, heavily used camp.

Little Soldier (RR)
Little Soldier Camp. Mile 30.8. Landing is just below the creek. Plenty of camping is found among the timber on the higher benches.

Marble Creek (RL)
Marble Creek Camp. Mile 31.6. This camp is on a very large low bench along a quiet pool.

Marble Creek (Class III, Mile 31.7)

Marble Creek Rapid

Marble Creek Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Marble Creek Rapids (Class III). Follow the center channel.

Marble Creek Camp 2 (RR)
Marble Creek Camp #2. Mile 31.7. This camp occupies a grassy timber bench just below the rapids. Landing is easy.

Sunflower Flat (RR)
Sunflower Flat. Mile 32.6. A small campsite located at a terraced and cascading hot springs.

Lost Oak (RL)
Lost Oak Camp. Mile 32.6. Large camp on a timbered bench.

Middle Fork Lodge (Class N/A, Mile 33.3)

Middle Fork Lodge Bridge

Middle Fork Lodge Bridge
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Middle Fork Lodge. Mile 33.3. Privately owned fishing lodge and retreat.

State Land (RR)
State Land Camp. Mile 34.6. A large camp on a low bench among scattered ponderosa pines.

Little Creek (RR)
Little Creek Camp. Mile 35.8. A large camp located on a large bench just downstream of Little Creek Guard Station.

Hood Ranch (RL)
Hood Ranch Camp. Mile 35.9. Large campsite signalled by the old cabin. Land in the shallow channel on the right or just below the bar. A hot springs is found on the downstream of the camp.

Jackass (Class III, Mile 37.2)
Jackass Rapids (Class III). Mile 37.2. Run is hard right.

Upper Jackass Flat (RR)
Upper Jackass Flat Camp. Mile 37.3. A large camp.

Lower Jackass Flat (RR)
Lower Jackass Flat Camp. Mile 37.6. A large camp on a mostly timbered low bench.

Cameron Creek (RL)
Cameron Creek Camp. Mile 39.2. This small camp is on a large sagebrush flat across from Little Loon Creek.

Cougar Creek Ranch (RR)
Cougar Creek Ranch (private). Mile 40.4.

Mahoney Camp. Mile 41.6. Small beach camp adjacent to a large pool.

Pine Creek Flat (RR)
Pine Creek Flat Camp. Mile 43.2. Large camp on a sagebrush flat above the river.

Culver Creek (RR)
Culver Creek Camp. Mile 45.6. The small camp is signalled by a rocky outcrop just upstream.

Whitey Cox (RR)
Whitey Cox Camp. Mile 46.2. This camp is located on a large sandy, gravel bar dominated by a single large ponderosa. A hot springs in located on the bench above. Named for a miner who perished while prospecting in 1954 and is buried here.

Rock Island (RL)
Rock Island Camp. Mile 46.3. Large campsite located on a low bench with timber and flat ground.

Pebble Beach (RL)
Pebble Beach Camp. Mile 46.6. Low bench with timber and room for a large party.

White Creek (RR)
White Creek Camp. Mile 47.3. This camp is located just across from White Creek.

Shelf (RR)
Shelf Camp. Mile 48.1. Access is easy to this camp.

Big Loon (RR)
Big Loon Camp. Mile 49.3. This camp is large and relatively shadeless. An excellent hot springs is found by hiking the trail approximately 1 mile up Loon Creek.

Cow Creek (RR)
Cow Creek Camp. Mile 49.9. Small camp on a brush-covered bar.

Cave Camp (RR)
Cave Camp. Mile 51.8. Small camp located on river right just as the cove on the left bank comes into view.

Hospital Bar (RL)
Hospital Bar Camp. Large camp on a low bench with plenty of shade. A hot springs is found on river's edge just upstream of the camp, but can be under water at high flows.

Horsetail (RR)
Horsetail Camp. Mile 52.7. Small camp on a high timbered bench.

Cub Creek (RL)
Cub Creek Camp. Mile 53.5. Small camp located just above the mouth of the creek.

Upper Grouse Creek (RR)
Upper Grouse Creek Camp. A large camp with an easy landing.

Lower Grouse Creek (RR)
Lower Grouse Creek Camp. Mile 56.5. Land in the middle of Grouse Creek rapid just before the river swings left.

Tappan Creek Cabin (RR)
Tappan Creek Cabin. Mile 56.6.

Tappan Island Center
Tappan Island Camp. Low open island. Land from the swift water in the right channel.

Tappan I (Class III, Mile 57.5)

Tappan I Rapid

Tappan I Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Tappan I Rapid (Class II). Stay in the center.

Tappan Falls (Class IV, Mile 57.9)

Tappan Falls

Tappan Falls
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Tappan Falls Rapid (Class III). Mile 57.9. Best run is right near the bank. Scouting is recommended at lower flows.

Tappan II (Class III, Mile 58.2)
Tappan II Rapid (Class III). After passing the boulder in river center, move right.

Tappan III (Class III, Mile 58.4)
Tappan III (Class III). Mile 58.4. Stay to the left.

Camas Creek Camp (RR) (Class N/A, Mile 59.9)

Camas Creek Camp

Camas Creek Camp
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Camas Creek Camp. Mile 59.9. This large camp is found just above the mouth of Camas Creek.

Johnny Walker (RL)
Johnny Walker Camp. Mile 60.6. Large camp on a low timbered bench backed by a steep rock wall.

Pool (RR)
Pool Camp. Mile 61.1. Small camp on a bench next to a large quiet pool.

Funston (RL)
Funston Camp. Mile 61.6. Small site is a sandy beach on the river just downstream of Big Bear Creek.

Broken Oar (RR)
Broken Oar Camp. Mile 61.9. Small camp on a sandy sagebrush flat with some trees.

Shark Fin Pictographs (RL) (Class N/A, Mile 62.2)

Shark Fin Rock

Shark Fin Rock
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Petroglyphs in a cave above the river. Large boulders mark the river bank.

Aparejo Point (Class III, Mile 62.8)
Aparejo Point Rapids (Class II). Mile 62.8. Enter center and work left.

Normandy Beach (RL)
Normandy Beach Camp. Mile 64.3. Small camp on a scattered pine and sagebrush beach.

Trail Camp (RR)
Trail Camp. Mile 64.5. Large popular camp on a low timbered bench.

Sheep Creek (RL)
Sheep Creek Camp. Mile 65.3. A very large camp on the upstream side of Sheep Creek.

Flying B (RL)
Flying B Ranch. Paddlers ofter visit the small store located here for beer and other items.

Flying B Camp (RR)
Flying B Camp. Mile 66.8. Small camp at water's edge.

Flying B Airport Camp (RR)
Flying B Airport Camp. Mile 67.7. This large camp is found on the bank just across from the airport.

Haystack Rapids (Class III, Mile 68.1)
Haystack Rapids (Class III). A long rock garden that present different routes a different flows.

Bernard Camp (RL)
Bernard Camp. Mile 68.7. Large camp located just downstream of the Bernard Creek airstrip.

Short Creek (RR)
Short Creek Camp. Mile 68.9. Mid-sized camp on a sage flat bordered by a rocky shore.

Cold Spring (RR)
Cold Spring Camp. Mile 70.2. This small camp is located 20 feet above the river and back in the trees.

Jack Creek Rapids (Class III, Mile 70.7)

Jack Creek Rapid

Jack Creek Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Jack Creek Rapids (Class III). Mile 70.7.This stretch extends nearly a half mile and at high water contains many fun big waves.

Little Pine (RL)
Little Pine Creek Camp. Mile 71.4. Medium sized camp located just below Jack Creek Rapids.

Driftwood (RR)
Driftwood Camp. Mile 72.1. This large camp has tree cover in back of the beach.

Wilson Creek (RR)
Wilson Creek Camp. Mile 72.9. Large, easily seen campsite. Sandy with scattered brush.

Grassy Flat (RL)
Grassy Flat I Camp. Mile 73.0. Large campsite located on the large open bench opposite Wilson Creek.

Grassy Flat Ii (RL)
Grassy Flat II Camp. Mile 73.2. Another large camp on an open bench.

Rattlesnake Cave (RR) (Class N/A, Mile 74.4)

Rattlesnake Cave Pictographs

Rattlesnake Cave Pictographs
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Rattlesnake Cave. Mile 74.4. Camping prohibited. Cave contains Indian petroglyphs.

Survey Creek (RL)
Survey Creek Camp. Mile 74.8. Good timber cover at this large camp with a small sandy beach at the lower end.

Woolard Creek (RR)
Woolard Creek Camp. Mile 74.9. A large camp on a grassy bench. Land on the upstream end.

Fly Camp (RR) (Class N/A, Mile 75.7)

Fly Camp

Fly Camp
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Fly Camp. Mile 75.7. A small camp on a sandy beach identified by Kimmel Creek waterfall on the opposite bank.

Fish Camp (RL)
Fish Camp. Mile 77.4. A small camp located at the upstream end of a rock bar bordered by thick brush and timber.

Waterfall Crk Rapid (Class III, Mile 77.6)
Waterfall Creek Rapids (Class III). Mile 77.6. Run right or left at low flows.

Waterfall Creek
Waterfall Creek and Falls. Mile 77.8.

Big Creek (RR)
Big Creek Camp. Mile 77.9. A small brushy camp just upstream of Big Creek.

Last Chance Camp (RR)
Last Chance Camp. Mile 78.0. Land on the downstream end of the bench. Camp is on a high narrow bench with sand, grass and boulders.

Pine Bluff (RL)
Pine Bluff Camp. Mile 78.7. Small sandy camp on a timbered site.

Cutthroat Cove (RL)
Cutthroat Cove Camp. Mile 78.9. Camp on a small sandbar backed by rock and brush.

Big Pine (RR)
Big Pine Camp. A small site at the end of a long pool. Site is a sandbar grading into timber.

Elk Bar (RL)
Elk Bar Camp. Mile 79.6. A large site with a sandbar just below a small rapid. Upstream end is rocky grading into a high bench.

Love Bar (RL)
Love Bar Camp. A small site just downstream of Elk Bar Camp.

Veil Falls (RL)
Veil Falls. Mile 80.7. A misty falls high above the river. This steep short hike is worth making high into the cave behind the falls.

Porcupine (Class III, Mile 81.0)

Porcupine Rapid

Porcupine Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Porcupine Rapids (Class III). Mile 81.0. A short straightforward rapid on a sharp right bend. Enter center and then work left.

Redside (RL)
Redside Camp. Mile 82.5. Small camp just upstream of Redside rapids at the mouth of a small creek. Site is on a high bench with scattered timber.

Redside (Class IV, Mile 82.7)

Redside Rapid

Redside Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Redside Rapids (Class III). Runs vary depending on flows.

Weber (Class IV, Mile 83.0)

Weber Rapid

Weber Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Weber Rapids (Class III-IV). Run center or center left at most flows.

Papoose (RL)
Papoose Camp. Mile 84.4. A very small camp located at the mouth of Papoose Creek.

Ship Island (RL)
Ship Island Camp. Mile 84.5. This large camp is located on the bench above the rocky shore. Landing can be fast.

Lightning Strike (RL)
Lightning Strike Camp. Mile 85.0. Small beach camp.

Parrot Placer (RR)
Parrot Placer Camp. Mile 86.2. A large camp on a sandy beach surrounded by trees and brush.

Parrot Cabin (RL)
Parrot Cabin Camp. Mile 87.9. Cabin is just below the mouth of Nugget Creek. Camp area is small.

Upper Cliffside (Class III, Mile 88.5)

Upper Cliffside

Upper Cliffside
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Upper Cliffside Rapids (Class III). Run inside on this right hand corner.

Cradle Creek (RR)
Cradle Creek Camp. Mile 88.6. Mid-sized camp on a bench by a large boulder. Land in the eddy just beyond the rapids.

Lower Cliffside (Class III, Mile 88.7)
Lower Cliffside Rapids (Class III). A rock garden that develops holes on the right at high flows.

Tumble Creek (RR)
Tumble Creek Camp. Mile 88.8. Large camp on a high grassy bench above the mouth of Tumble Creek.

Ouzel (RL)
Ouzel Camp. Mile 89.6. A small sandy beach camp with rocks.

Rubber (Class IV, Mile 91.1)

Rubber Rapid

Rubber Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Rubber Rapids (Class III-IV). Mile 91.1. Stay in the center and follow the main current.

Hancock (Class IV, Mile 92.2)

Hancock Rapid

Hancock Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Hancock Rapids (Class III-IV). Mile 92.2. Large standing waves as the river rounds the corner below the creek entering on river right.

Solitude (RL)
Solitude Camp. Mile 92.7. A small camp located on a low sandbar.

Devil's Tooth (Class III, Mile 93.4)

Devil's Tooth Rapid

Devil's Tooth Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Devil's Tooth Rapid (Class III). Run to the right of center in this drop punctuated by large boulders.

House Rock Rapid (Class N/A, Mile 94.0)

House Rock Rapid

House Rock Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

House Rock Rapids (Class III). Harder at high flows when a hard left is required.

Goat Creek (RR)
Goat Creek Camp. Mile 94.9. A very small camp among the rocks just below Goat Creek Rapids.

Confluence (Class N/A, Mile 96.3)


Photo by Thomas O'Keefe © taken 07/10/18 @ 1400 cfs

Confluence with the Main Salmon. Mile 96.3.

Cramer Creek (Class IV, Mile 99.0)
Cramer Creek Rapids Class IV. Run right of center. Huge hole left of center

Cache Bar (RR)
Cache Bar Landing. Mile 99.7. This is the standard takeout for the Middle Fork.

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August 5 2007 (4145 days ago)
Chris NoyesDetails
As of 4/24/07 there were new strainers at lake creek rapid and pistol creek rapid
July 20 2006 (4525 days ago)
Michael SawyerDetails
New Gudebook out June 20, 2006 by

-Matt Leidecker-

Matt Leidecker Photography
P.O. Box 3834
Ketchum, ID 83340

Easily the new standard for guidebooks.
June 17 2004 (5289 days ago)
Bruce BradshawDetails

44.531800, -115.294367, 0.0M, Boundary Creek, RL
44.624550, -115.198500, 10.7M, Scout Camp, RL
44.783900, -114.856233, 46.2M, Whitey Cox Grave, RR
45.032400, -114.724000, 72.9M, Wilson Creek, RR
44.891583, -114.722533, 59.9M, Camas Creek, RR
44.956683, -114.734633, 66.8M, Flying "B" Ranch, RL
45.211017, -114.684117, 87.9M, Parrot Cabin, RL
45.318583, -114.636583, 99.7M, Cache Bar, RR

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