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Difficulty II-III+
Length 0 Miles
Flow Range 1500 - 7500 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 38 minutes ago 6140 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 07/11/2019 1:16 am

River Description

If the Palisades reservoir is low enough (below 60% full was suggested), this beautiful section makes a great addition to the regular West Table to Sheep Gulch run; or it can be done from Sheep Gulch to Palisades reservoir if you are short on time. At 6850 cfs, the one major rapid has waves at least as big as Lunch Counter, with stronger swirlies in the runout. At high spring flows, (like above 16K) this section is serious, harder than the Alpine canyon run. 

In July of 2013, the reservoir level was down to 5542, which is low enough that the rapids are great, and the river is moving well right to the takeout. 
In August 2016, with the reservoir at 5553 Aug 19, this section was in, and the river still moves to the takeout. Flow was only 3600, and this section was a definite step up from the West Table to Sheep Gulch section. 

In 2018,  5581.97 ft was 56% full.
Reservoir level in feet, and link to elevation graph:
Elevation graph

Water year graph

Trying to correlate reservoir level with acre-feet. These levels were not "in": 
Elevation on Aug 12 2018 was 5603.87 ft, 953337 acre-feet. 
Average reservoir storage on Aug 12 is 747303 acre-feet, that would probably not be in either. 

Rapid Descriptions

Sheep Gulch

Class - N/A Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

surf wave

Class - III Mile - 0.2
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A surf wave visible from the Sheep Gulch trail, just right of a trashy hole, may be worth checking out. The hole might be a good boof. 
River left you have half the river, or you can boat scout the river right side, since its hard to see where the drop is.

Palisades Narrows rapid

Class - III+ Mile - 1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

This long rapid has some of the biggest waves on the river; then some swirlies on steroids, then a surprisingly tight "narrows" for such a big river, with more swirlies. Highly recommended. You may find a good surf wave in here, in the center; let the rafts go first. 

BFG wave

Class - III+ Mile - 1.3
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A great on-the-fly wave. August 2013 this is a huge fast glassy wave! 6100-6800 is good. 
August 2016, 3600 is good. At this level its one of the biggest waves on the Snake, along with Kahuna and the left hole in Double D.
After a short pool below, there is a stout section with more big waves.

narrows choke

Class - III Mile - 2
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The cliffs close in for the narrowest feature; after which is a rocky gorge with a number of small caves and an arch on the right.  

Palisades reservoir takeout

Class - N/A Mile - 3.7
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

After the bridge, don't miss the takeout on river right. Rafts may need a hand as there is not much of an eddy. There are pit toilets here. The ramp is very long, and could become congested quickly.  


Gage Descriptions

Deleting the ranges so that this does not show as runnable right now, because the reservoir level is high and this section is completely underwater. These are the ranges: 
3500 7500 Medium runnable. 
1500 20000 range of boatable flows.

Directions Description

Kayakers can take out at the 4th turnout below Sheep Gulch, although there is a substantial hill to walk up.
Rafts will need to use the boat ramp in the reservoir. To shuttle down there, drive downstream out of the canyon, turn left at the stop light, then take the first right (before the bridge over the reservoir). Follow the gravel road down a hill about a half mile till you see the boat ramp, parking, and a toilet.

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Save The Date: Wild West River Fest (WY)

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Cody, Wyoming - This August 19 & 20 the Wild West Paddle Club is hosting the 2017 Wild West River Fest in Cody, Wyoming. In celebration of the beautiful Shoshone River, the Fest has events for everyone - Slalom Race, Class II Sprint, Shoshone Canyon Boater Cross, and many other fun activities for the whole family! Weekend festivities are free to the public, with the exception of race registration fees for competitors. You can find a full schedule here and all competitors need to register online in advance.  


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