Difficulty II
Length 0.1 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
Reach Info Last Updated 07/24/2019 10:54 am

River Description

Quick Facts:

Location: Approximately 6 miles upsteam (SW) from mouth and downtown Green Bay.
Character: Outflow from wide low-head dams in a large river may create waves and potentially playable spots.

General Overview

Outflow at a dam could (at times) provide some whitewater entertainment. However, most (all?) dams on the Fox are posted "Keep back 500 feet" (presumably upstream and down?), and virtually all potentially interesting water lies within that distance. (For what it's worth, the towers supporting powerlines which span the river, those are ~575' downstream of the dam, so you are illegal almost anywhere upstream of those to the dam.) As a result, we cannot recommend attempting to boat here. (We are cataloguing this location only to dissuade anyone from thinking they have found some new unknown opportunity.)

Conditions are likely to vary greatly depending upon flow of river, how many gates are open (and how far), and various other factors. We do not know what levels could otherwise provide reasonable play, versus levels which are either dangerous or just unplayable. Furthermore, access here is very inconvenient, as there is not only the dam, but the locks on river-right, for motor boat passage up and down the river.

HUC has been 'fudged' (to 04040003 rather than 04030204) to allow this reach to sort into the "Southwestern Lake Michigan" drainage rather than the already overlarge "Northwestern Lake Michigan" drainage. If this causes anyone trouble or concern, post a note in the "Comments" tab.


Rapid Descriptions


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

The USGS gauge downstream of here suffers weird wild swings, so does not work at all well to judge flows at this location. The entire river is highly subject to regulated flows from the whole series of locks and dams, thus it may be tough to get any real gauge of the river at this location. It is a large enough watershed that there will always be 'boatable' flows, the question is just whether the flow is 'whitewater playable' here, and that will be best answered by on-site visual inspection.

Directions Description

Ignore the 'shuttle' directions below, as you would carry in and carry back to your car for this (likely illegal) park-and-play. However, use the text-entry box to input your home or other starting location to get drive time, distance, and directions to this location.

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