Little Patuxent - US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1

Little Patuxent, Maryland, US


US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1

Usual Difficulty I-IV (for normal flows)
Length 7 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01594000 250 - 600 cfs I-IV 00h49m 167 cfs (too low)

River Description

Park at Savage Mill and walk upstream about 1/4 mi. The Falls is 3 riverwide ledges, class III+ to IV (dependent on level) with a total drop of 10-12', followed by a class III rapid that doglegs to the left. There are a few potential playspots, but it's level-dependent.

TopoZone Map

Ed Evangelidi testifies:
Savage Falls has been run successfully on river left or towards the middle with a series of basically Class 3 moves. However, each drop in this rapid has numerous pinning or boat crunching rocks. Scout carefully and be wary of rooster tails indicating hidden rocks at the bottom of any drop.

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Last Updated: 2002-06-29 11:11:59


Dog leg

Detail Trip Report  Dog leg  Little Patuxent, MD(123.39KB .jpeg)

Ledges on left

Detail Trip Report  Ledges on left  Little Patuxent, MD(145.36KB .jpeg)

Little gun powder

Detail Trip Report  Little gun powder  Little Gunpowder Falls, MD(534.41KB .jpeg)

Savage Falls

Detail Trip Report  Savage Falls  Little Patuxent, MD(745.55KB .jpeg)

River right wall at high flow

Detail Trip Report  River right wall at high flow  @Little Patuxent US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1, MD(1.76MB .jpeg)

Fall line at 1100 CFS

Detail Trip Report  Fall line at 1100 CFS  @Little Patuxent US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1, MD(3.36MB .jpeg)

Gauge Information

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Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01594000 250 - 600 cfs I-IV 00h49m 167 cfs (too low)

RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
250 - 300 cfs barely runnable-med runnable I-IV
300 - 500 cfs med runnable-a bit pushy runnable I-IV
500 - 600 cfs a bit pushy runnable-high runnable I-IV

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When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Little Gunpowder Falls [MD] Little gun powder low Stephen Forian
3y242d09h28m /Little Patuxent-US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1 [MD] Fall line at 1100 CFS 1100 cfs Andrew Froom
3y242d09h34m /Little Patuxent-US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1 [MD] River right wall at high flow 7.20 ft Andrew Froom
> 10 years Little Patuxent [MD] Savage Falls 500 cfs Mark Cooper
> 10 years Little Patuxent [MD] Dog leg 400 cfs NATHAN WINSLOW



User Comments

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February 4 2008 (3998 days ago)
x (1)
Robert Farmer---New and improved directions: Take I-95 south of Baltimore or north from Washington
to Route 32 east. Turn south on Route 1. Follow directions below from this point. There is a put-in
just off Guilford Rd, which is the first traffic light north of Route 32 on Route 1, for a longer
run of a few miles, rather than just doing the big drop section. I ran this Feb 2, 2008. The day
was so nice that I was surprised that no one else was there, at least until late in the day when a
group arrived from upstream. Although the center route over the main (#3 of 5) ledge looked
adequately covered at around 400 cfs, I pitoned against an unseen rock and stopped dead before
floating over or around it. The bottom right slot seemed decidedly Class 5-ish: The first time, I
made it through nicely, but flipped. The second time, I stayed upright, but got pushed left to a
spot under the falls sort of on the edge of the hole, where I stopped near, but not touching, the
rocks; if I had flipped, it would have been ugly, so I definitely would not call this Class 2.
Also, this entire section was quite bony at 400-or-so cfs; I think it could go a bit higher for the
maximum, although it looked extra-exciting the night before at 3,000. There are some excellent
surfing waves just upstream of the ledges section.
March 18 2007 (4321 days ago)
Robert FarmerDetails
Directions: Savage Mill is approximately 18 miles south of the Baltimore Beltway and about 5 miles
south of Route 100. Take Route 1 south (Washington Blvd). Turn right 0.5 mile south of Route 32 on
Gorman St. Go about 0.4 mile and turn right/park on Foundry st. Looking at the drop at low water,
the two right-side routes over the first ledge end at piton rocks and have sticky-looking holes;
the far-right is a quintessential keeper. The right side of the third ledge also looks sticky. This
series of drops isn't so much 3 ledges as much as 3 erratic piles of jumbled, haphazardly scattered
pinning rocks. Every line has little uglies just under the surface. It's probably safer with more
water, but be careful about what's underneath you.
March 23 2005 (5046 days ago)
Jason SullivanDetails
High Water run,Jan 14,05.I made a run from Brokenland Parkway to Savage at 4000cfs??, is what the
gauge said, The first section to 95 bridge was easy fast water,after passing under the first low
bridge it was "very" pushy,and there was on bad tree in a very fast rapid,as I approached
the ledges. I eddied out on the left to scout.My sneak that I normally take at high water on the
extreme left was now a monster hole,and the hole on the bottom right had a pillow coming off the
rockwall behind it 6-8' high!!,I'd call it class 5, It could of been run in the center but I
shouldered my boat. The section right below(dogleg)was very fast and fun.I wouldnt reccomend
running it at this level, its was very pushy. I dont think the rock on bottom right is undercut, I
have seen it at extremely low water. Jason
March 24 2003 (5776 days ago)
We had multiple runs and ran every line in there at 500 cfs on 3/20/03. The move for the last ledge
on the right looks weird, but is a forgiving II+. As long as you don't try to bow stall into the
center of the pour-over with a play boat, you will be fine. Other than swimming, the piton rock on
the second ledge is the worse hazard in there.
March 9 2003 (5790 days ago)
The center right ledge with the piton rock can be run straight on with a little right to left
momentum. Just don't broadside that rock. It looks sharp. Center line on the next ledge is juicey.
We threw a couple of sticks in the far right pour over-undercut thingy. One popped right up and
flushed out. The other was down for quite a while. What's down there anyway?

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