Blue Hill Falls - Rt 175 to Rt 175 (Tidal Reversing Falls)

Blue Hill Falls, Maine, US


Rt 175 to Rt 175 (Tidal Reversing Falls)

Usual Difficulty III (for normal flows)
Length 1 Miles

River Description

AMC River Guide: Maine by Appalachian Mtn Club
This is a tidal reversing falls, like Cohasset in MA and Sheepscot in Lincoln County, ME. Check out the directions and description in the Northeast Paddlers' Massage Board.

Phil Urban shared:
The wave starts to form 2 1/2 hours before high tide. It requires at least a mid-range tide with larger tides being better, but the huge tides wash it out. The wave is visible from the bridge. Be careful on the bridge--pedestrians and cars don't mix well there. I have been paddling at the Falls since '96 and IMO the wave has not changed. Boats have. There are times when a modern, short playboat can catch the wave and even go off in the short window on the perfect tide. But it is mostly an old school, soul surfing spot. Fast boats can have a great time. The spot is gorgeous and the vacationing family can explore the intertidal zone while you surf. The spot is shown in the Gazeteer.

Take 172 South from Ellsworth. About 3 miles past the village of Blue Hill, turn left off 172 onto 175. Proceed for about a mile to a bridge with a rounded concrete arch. Park on  either side directly before the bridge.

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Rapid Descriptions

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January 9 2007 (4331 days ago)
asa wagnerDetails
Although I don't frequent Blue Hill Falls, I have paddled it, and from a white water paddeling
perspective, been disappointed by this spot. Rumor has it that the rapid is not what it used to be.
Although there is still a strong current, the famed wave on the incoming tide no longer fully
forms. I suppose that the best chance for a formed wave is during a "moon" tide cycle. A possible
explanation for this (again rumor only) is that a few years ago, construction debris from the stone
bridge over head may have fallen into the water near the wave changing the morphology of the
August 28 2005 (4830 days ago)
Peter CreedonDetails
This is a good example of a reversing fall. I was boiled, and almost died here, on a windy day.

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