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Difficulty II-III(V)
Length 2 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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Reach Info Last Updated 08/25/2014 1:26 pm

River Description

The upper portion of this run is a technical class V with vertical drops up to 18'. Some rebar, concrete, and old log cribbing can still be found here complicating some of the obvious clean lines. The easier (and more popular) class III section of this river can be accessed from a parking lot by a power plant about 1/2 mile south of the route 16 bridge over the river. Look for a dirt road between high banked dirt burns leading down to the access parking lot. At the parking lot hike down a trail that leads below the last of the class IV-V drops and put in here. From here the river is a technical class III through a boulder strewn rapid. Look out for pinning boulders. About a 1/2 mile down river there is a nice surfing wave formed at a ledge outcropping. More class II-III water continues with a few more difficult sections at rock ledges with large hydraulics to avoid. Take out downstream river right at the route 16 bridge overpass.

Technical info

Put in elevation........1356' (1445Â Class V section)
Take out elevation......1256'
Total drop..............100' class III section, 89Â class V section
Average drop/mile.......67 ' class III section,  178Â class V section
Distance................1.5  miles (class III section);
                        2.0 including class IV-V section 
River width average.....70'
River geology...........medium granite boulders and ledge 
River water quality.....Good, clarity good.
Scenery.................Good to excellent, 
Wildlife................Deer, moose, hawks, eagles. 

Rapid Descriptions

Upper Magalloway

Class - 5.0 Mile - 0.1
This upper portion of the Magalloway is for experts only. The following informattion was posted by Allen Bergren.
Shortly after the put in there is a 10-ft falls I call Bash-full, because except for a narrow window of opportunity 2/3 left, it presents the prospect of a high-speed collision with a car-size obstacle just 5 ft. from the base. And there are roosters on the left. Uppermost part rates a 5+ in my book. Hope to join a strong team to tackle it sometime. Z to A because, even starting at the end of the hydro pipe, one starts with a 4+ 6-ft drop with a wide recycle or a steep foam descent on either side. Then there seems to be a gradual decrease in difficulty level until the take-out not much more than a mile downstream.

Class III put in

Class - III Mile - 0.5
The picture at right shows the final drop of the Upper Magalloway. This drop is complicated by two very wide recirculating holes that must be scouted to find the proper line. Most people running the Magalloway chose to put in just below this falls which is a 100 yard downhill hike from the parking lot at the power station. From this put in the river is continous class III with few eddies in the first third mile. There is nothing overwhelmingly difficult in this section. About a third of a mile down there is a fair surfing wave with good wide eddies on both sides.

Aziscohos Play Wave

Class - III Mile - 1.2
The best play spot on the river. This wave is approximately .6 miles below the class III put in. Good eddies and access on both river banks.

Double Wide

Class - III Mile - 1.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
About 1 mile below the class III put in. Look for a red house, (the first one you come up to), river right up a hill. The river takes a left here and flows over a river wide ledge. The right side of the ledge is shallow while the left pours throw a rather large hole. The best routes are far left or through a break in the holes just left of center. About 75 yards downstream from the first ledge the river flow pushes into a narrowed channel on river right then drops into a much larger trashier hole. Avoid this hole by starting river center then moving left through the drop skirting the leftside of the hole and catching the eddy on river left.


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Ben Selleck
5 years ago

1200 CFS 8/17/14 scouting from base of the dam to raft put-in at

No Gage

Release Schedule

Flows are from 10:00am to 3:00pm with little or no delay due to short distance between release and put in locations. For the latest flow information at other times of the year call (800) 557-3569 Dial 2 for Androscoggin then dial 3 for Aziscohos Dam

More Information

We have had releases on this reach but don't show any currently. This information is gathered by the public. If you know about releases then contact us about them. If you would volunteer to enter the releases, then reach out to us.

Gage Descriptions

The Magalloway is a dam controlled river with several scheduled whitewater releases during the Summer. Releases were negotiated by American Whitewater regional director Tom Christopher.


2011 Magalloway Releases Updated 6/5/2011

DateFlow DateFlow
Sat, June 25th900 cfs Sat., Aug. 20th1200 cfs
Sun., June 26th900 cfs Sun., Aug. 21st1200 cfs
Sat., July 2nd900 cfs Sat., Aug. 27th1200 cfs
Sun., July 3rd900 cfs Sun., Aug. 28th1200 cfs
Sat., July 9th1200 cfs Sat., Sep 3rd900 cfs
Sun., July 10th1200 cfs Sun., Sep 4th900 cfs
Phone line: (800) 557-3569 Dial A or 2 for Androscogin then dial 4 for Aziscohos Dam



Flows are from 10:00am to 3:00pm with little or no delay due to short distance between release and put in locations. For the latest flow information at other times of the year call (800) 557-3569 Dial 2 for Androscoggin then dial 3 for Aziscohos Dam

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Bellows Falls (VT) Flow Study Reveals Hidden Whitewater

Robert Nasdor

A hardy group of northeast boaters climbed into the natural river channel below a hydropower dam to participate in a flow study designed to assess whether whitewater flows should be restored to this dewatered river reach on the Connecticut River. While significant obstacles remain, this site has the potential for providing instruction, playboating, and a big water feature that that could be run throughout much of the year and provide a much needed boost to the local economy. 

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