Moxie Stream - Snowmobile bridge to Moxie Falls

Moxie Stream, Maine, US


Snowmobile bridge to Moxie Falls

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 1.75 Miles
Avg. Gradient 116 fpm

Lower Double Hammer on Moxie

Lower Double Hammer on Moxie
Photo of Beau Bannerman by Mark Lacroix taken 07/06/92 @ medium

River Description

Source: Greg and Sue Hanlon's Steep Creeks of New England, which has more info on this run.

Directions: On Rte. 201, head South from Berry's General Store in The Forks about 200 yards and cross the Kennebec River. Bang the first left and head 3.3 miles to a small dirt road on the left. Turn left and follow this road 'til you come to a clearing on the left. Park here and carry down the road 0.2 miles to a washed-out snowmobile bridge which crosses Moxie Stream.
To takeout: head back to the paved road and turn right. Drive 1.2 miles to a better dirt road on the right. Follow this road until the Moxie Falls trail crosses the road and park here. Take the trail on the right about 0.3 miles to the takeout.
Be sure to take out above 80-ft Moxie Falls! Check out the takeout before running the river, just to be sure. You don' wanna be takin' on that BadBoy, I figure.

Technical info

Put in elevation........924'
Take out elevation......720'
Total drop..............204'
Average drop/mile.......116'
Distance................1.75  miles 
River width average.....30'
River geology...........Slate ledge 
River water quality.....Good, clarity good.
Scenery.................Excellent, isolated wilderness river  
Wildlife................Deer, moose, osprey, eagles. 

Posted by Ran Currier on 7/6/05
if you noticed the release of one sluice slightly open, it is barely enough to paddle. If desperate for creeking you are better off carrying your boat to the takeout and hiking up the last 1/3 mile to hit the good drops, the beginning is too bony.
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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Map of the Forks MainePutin Takeout Photo
0.0Map Key
0.8JR. Falls5.1Waterfall
1.1Slip & SlideIV+Photo
1.7Double Hammer5.0Waterfall Photo
1.8Moxie FallsN/ATakeout Portage Hazard Waterfall Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Map of the Forks Maine

The Forks Maine

The Forks Maine
Photo of Map of area by Mark Lacroix

Map Key
1. Webb’s Dead River Campground & Shuttle Service: Shuttles to the Dead put in, campground with showers. To book a site at Webb's campground or shuttle call River Drivers to make the reservations. That phone number is: 207-663-4475. The cost is $8.00 per person, per night, plus 7% State tax.
2. Appleton’s restaurant: Pizza, subs, ice cream, breakfast (207) 663-2114 .
3. River Drivers: Rafting, etc 207-663-4475.
4. Paddling shop: Dead River Outfitters
5. Berry’s General Store: Gas, Beer, food, supplies, pizza, subs
6. The Ball field campground: Primitive campsites, porta-poties, no showers. Take out for Lower Kennebec.
7. Crab Apple Camping Rafting, hot tub, bar, food.
8. Public Picnic area: also used as Lower Kennebec take out.
9. The Marshall Hotel (Hotel Cocktails): Food, bar, horse shoes, pool table.
10. Dead River takeout.
11. Majic Falls Rafting: Raft trips, camping
12. Three Rivers Whitewater & Kelly Brook campground
13. Northern Outdoors Camping, Rafting, restaurant, hot tub, bar, entertainment
14. North Country Rivers Rafting, etc.
15. Professional River Runners: Rafting, etc.
16. New England Outdoor Center: Rafting, paddling shop, etc.
17. Indian Pond campground
Not on map:
Moxie Gore cabins: : $30 per night
Moxie Outdoor Outfitters: 866-663-2646 Large cabins $75 per night

Slip & Slide (Class IV+, Mile 1.1)

Slip & Slide

Slip & Slide
Photo of Mike Rock by Mark Lacroix taken 07/06/92 @ medium

Double Hammer (Class 5.0, Mile 1.7)

Double Hammer

Double Hammer
Photo of Mike Rock by Mark Lacroix taken 07/06/92 @ medium

Two big drops, upper and lower. The lower drop has a rather meaty hole that needs to be punched. Be carefull the takeout is just below lower Double Hammer, just beyond is the unrunable 80' Moxie Falls.

Moxie Falls (Class N/A, Mile 1.8)

Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls
Photo by Mark Lacroix taken 07/06/92 @ medium

Moxie Falls is one of the higher waterfalls in Maine with estimates ranging from 60' to 90'. It is just below the takeout and is unrunnable. The entire flow lands on a flat rock at the base of the falls.

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