Oyster - Beechwood St to Rt 131

Oyster, Maine, US


Beechwood St to Rt 131

Usual Difficulty II-III+(V+) (for normal flows)
Length 4 Miles

River Description

This run starts out with a bang as you come around the corner from the putin and back to back are the two most significant rapids that you will paddle. There is an island that splits the first rapid (Split Ends). The left or right line is good to go with nothing significant to say about them. There is a good eddy on river right to set up for the next rapid (Twisted Toupe).

For Twisted Toupe, there is a conservative line that avoids the twisting main current if you punch through the big eddy halfway down on the right or you can ride the meat straight through. There is a large wave/hole at the bottom, though it does not look like it would keep you. There is a large eddy just downstream on the right.

After this, the river mellows out to nice class II action. There are a bunch of great little surf waves and great places to practice ferrying eddy turns. The river here weaves its way through the forest, almost completely isolated from any development in the area. A real gem. There is a spot with a single wide trailer up on the hill above river left and there is a great surfing wave at the bend here.

There is one last ledge drop that can be easily run and then when you see the rock and concrete wall on river left, get out on river right and portage Great Falls. Great Falls is about 25 feet and does not seem to have a clear, safe line through it. The portage does cross private land at the very end of Patterson Mill Road. They have given permission to portage through their property in the past, and I encourage you to stop by and ask and thank them if you are planning to do this.

After Great Falls, the river returns to its nice continueous class II style. There are a number of nice little spots to play until you hit the flatwater. The flatwater goes on for about 2 miles? until you reach the takeout on Rt 131. This is also on private property and the house on river right as allowed me to cross their property and leave vehicle.

This river is a definite gem. There is very little evidence of development along the river and the variety of canopy and openness along with the great water quality makes it a joy to paddle. It is suitable for class II boaters, they can portage the first two drops fairly easy on river right and then enjoy the fun stuff and the scenery.
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Gnarly Dam

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Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

This only runs after heavy rain or a during a good spring flow. The pictures here were all taken with the Sheepscot holding around 1550 and the Ducktrap around 330 and falling. The Ducktrap had already peaked and at 372. The Oyster is likely runable when the Ducktrap spikes up to 300 or maybe a little lower and the Sheepscot is going up significantly.

As of right now, there is no visual gage, though in the summer when things get lower I will paint one under the bridge at the putin.

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OysterBeechwood St to Rt 131 [ ] n/a Paul Meinersmann
> 10 years Oyster River [ME] Gnarly Dam After 10 in of rain Paul Meinersmann



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