Difficulty II-III+
Length Miles
Flow Range 2.80 - 4.60 FT
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 2.12 [FT] ℹ️
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River Description

Quick Facts:

Location: Western Upper Peninsula, MI, about 5.5 miles NNE of Bessemer.
Shuttle Length: 6.8 miles. (See details in "Directions" Tab.)
Character: Beautiful northwoods run. Mostly open easy rapids, finishing with a big drop.
Drainage: 200 sq.mi. (at gauge site 5 miles upriver).

(Description based on one run, at 275 cfs.)

This run starts off with perhaps a mile of easy wide boulder-garden rapids with a few minor (at this water level) playable waves. At mile 1.5, Reed Creek enters from the left. Mostly flatwater continues until nearing the Copper Peak Ski Flying tower. (This can be used as an alternate put-in to cut off some of the (mostly uninteresting) length of the run. This would likely put you below the following described drop.)

Chippewa Falls (about mile 3.4), a somewhat technical, wide, boulder jumble drop (class II-III) of maybe 50 yards precedes a right-hand bend in the river. This was easily boat-scoutable. (Obviously, it is much more of a 'rapids' than a 'falls'.) A few random waves and holes follow before action subsides for a bit. At mile 4.0, Kirby Creek enters from the right, followed almost immediately by a backroad crossing.

Before long, the character of the river changes. Instead of the wide open grassy shores and red-granite boulder strewn stream (as it had been down to this point), you encounter an area of vertical walls and sloping bedrock drops with a couple random appearances of conglomerate, hinting at the character of the river in the lower reach. Again, at 275 cfs, all was boat-scoutable. A couple drops provided great surf opportunities. My guess is that with perhaps 1.5-2.0 times as much water (400-500 cfs or higher), some holes could become rather meaty, and provide (intentional or unintentional) rodeo activity. (I believe the main drop in this area is what is marked on maps as Algonquin Falls (5.7 miles). Again, it is much more of a 'rapids' (a quick sliding drop) than a real 'falls'.)

Quickly the river returns to its prior more pastoral state. At mile 7.0, a backroad nears on the left, and Sand Island Creek enters from the right. Mile 8.0 brings you to Great Conglomerate Falls, where a great dome of conglomerate rock divides the flow into three channels. At 275 cfs, it was quite easy to eddy out river right and carefully wade across the (relatively smaller) river-right channel to scout the main (center) channel. (With any appreciably increased flow it would be necessary to beach on the 'hump', which could become a bit unnerving at some flows!) A huge log blocked both the very small left channel and the somewhat larger right channel. The wide, main, center channel was clear, and provided a quite straight-forward slide into a surging, but not grabby hole at the base of the falls. Most of the group took out here, while two of us ran the twisted, rocky, short rapids immediately below before eddying out to carry back up the three-quarters of a mile trail to the parking area. (Ugh! Long hike!)

The following video (via YouTube, courtesy of "Duck Wild Producktions") shows a very-high-flow raft run of this section.

Click here for Part 1 of an article from the AW Journal, way back in 1981!

Click here for Part 2 of the article.

The article describes the following: Michigan's, Upper Presque IsleLower Presque IsleMiddle BlackLower BlackUpper Silver,  Lower SilverFalls, and Rock; and Wisconsin's Lower BrunsweilerMontreal Canyon, and West Branch Montreal.

Rapid Descriptions

Chippewa Falls

Class - II Mile - 3.7
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Labeled 'falls', but really much more of a rapids. This is (more-or-less) at the base of the Copper Peak Ski Flying Area.

Algonquin Falls

Class - III Mile - 5.9
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Again, much more of a squeeze/ledge/rapids than a 'falls'. At medium to higher flows, this could get quite sticky (class IV-ish). At some flows this might be a great playspot (if one can catch it in warm enough conditions or be of that mindset).

Great Conglomerate Falls

Class - IV Mile - 8
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Now, THIS one is really a FALLS!

Recommended to scout (though may not be easy at higher water levels).

There are multiple possible lines, as the current is split by various humps of conglomerate rock. The most usual route is immediately left of the largest hump of rock.


It is a rather long trudge back to the parking lot from here.


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John LaGow
9 years ago

Ran this section during the 2010 fall rains. The level for the lower black was 2100cfs (it was huge!). We decided to run this section and it was an amazing run. all of the class II turned into III and the two main rapids turned into big water IV. There were some crazy death holes, but they were easily avoidable. If you get the chance to run this section during flood its way worth it.....just be careful. John LaGow

Gage Descriptions

Recommended levels for this reach not yet certain. Indicated min/max are a guess. If you paddle this reach, please add a comment below if you have recommendations regarding min/max levels.

Onsite, paddlers measure down from a bridge off Hwy.513 northwest of Bessemer. Readings around 13' (156") down are considered runnable. -153" is reportedly about 350cfs.

Note: Be aware that indication of a 'runnable' level does not mean that the river is necessarily runnable. In winter, readings may be 'ice affected', and/or sections of the river may be impassable due to ice.

Offseason ('Ice') USGS stage-gauge conversions
2.75' = 451cfs
2.50' = 371cfs
2.25' = 300cfs
2.00' = 236cfs
1.75' = 180cfs

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

Date Flow Result Factor  
2016-04-16 Medium Fatality Solo Paddling Read More






Thomas O'Keefe


Matt Muir


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