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Difficulty I-III
Length 26.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

The first nine miles of this reach appear to be totally flatwater, until Flannigan Rapids is reached. From here down to the confluence with the W Br, there is an average gradient of 15'/mile, creating low grade rapids.

To reach a take-out, one must paddle at least 2.25 miles across a flowage (behind the Victoria Falls dam). This is not reflected in the gradient figures, though it is reflected by the take-out coordinates (for shuttle routing to work correctly).

Rapid Descriptions

USGS Sampling Site

Class - N/A Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

USGS lists a sampling site at Hwy.28 (our listed put-in) and cited drainage area at that point as 348 square miles.

Flannigan Rapids

Class - N/A Mile - 9.09
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Flannigan Rapids appears to be a low-grade (class I-II) boulderbed rapids which starts here and runs fairly continuous for nearly two miles. It appears possible one could hike (about 3/4-mile) in to this point off of Burma Road (730). Look for a logging trail (likely gated/impassible) about 2.25 miles South of where it bends to head South, or about 0.6 mile North of N.Cemetery Road. You would have to hike in about 0.4 mile to where the trail is nearest the woods, but where it veers away for a bit. At this point, look for a path of least resistance due West (more-or-less) into the trees. You will hit the river within a quarter-mile, and be pretty much right at the head of the rapids!

Flannigan Rapids ends

Class - N/A Mile - 10.94
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
At this point, the nearly 2-mile rapids ends. Interestingly, just beyond this point is where some map/views have the rapids marked!

Confluence, Farmer Creek / Three Islands

Class - N/A Mile - 11.4
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Three fairly large islands clutter the river. Farmer Creek enters (from the left, into the left channel of the islands).

Steep eroded bank

Class - N/A Mile - 12.48
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

At a horseshoe bend (where the river changes direction, briefly, from North to South), river-left will be a high, steeply eroded slope.

Scattered rips

Class - N/A Mile - 15.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Extremely low-grade rips appear to intersperse flat/flowing water in the next 3+ miles.

Islands / Confluence W.Br.

Class - N/A Mile - 19.1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A very narrow channel splits off to the left as the river encounters an interesting series of islands. Amidst these islands, from river-left, the West Branch Ontonagon enters (a half-mile downstream from marked point).

Low-grade rapids

Class - N/A Mile - 22.66
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

After a stretch of flat/flowing water, some welcome minor rips will be welcome.

Backwaters, Victoria Reservoir

Class - N/A Mile - 24.4
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The last of the minor rips yields to the backwaters of the reservoir from Victoria Falls Dam.


No Gage

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