Brule - C) Sauna Bath Rapid to Hwy.61 (6 miles)

Brule, Minnesota, US


C) Sauna Bath Rapid to Hwy.61 (6 miles)

Usual Difficulty II-IV+(V) (for normal flows)
Length 6 Miles
Avg. Gradient 122 fpm

River Description

Minnesota DNR maintains a gauge for this river. Click Here to see that gauge.

Note: You can use the pull-down menus to change the graph from 'Preliminary Stage' (feet) to 'Discharge' (cfs), and to change the number of days of data displayed. Once you make your selections, press the "Change" button for the changes to take effect and a new graph to be displayed.

Recommended flows for the upper section are above 500 cfs.

This is among the largest of the North Shore watersheds (river running directly into Lake Superior between Duluth and the reservation, short of the Canadian border), with a drainage near the mouth of 264 square miles.

Boaters are advised to run this with someone experienced with this run, as some portages are preceded by eddyless water. It is reported that the river "drops 800 feet in an 8-mile span" on its final run to the lake. Among the drops in this stretch is Devil's Kettle where a portion of the river disappears into vertical shaft. Reportedly various items (dyes, ping pong balls, GPS transponders) have been tossed in to see where the water goes (comes out), but have never shown up downriver or in the lake! A portion of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) runs pretty well along the river here, and can be used to hike up from Hwy.61 to see the last three falls of this stretch of river. (NOTE! On GoogleMaps, Devil's Kettle is severely misplaced, and appears about where Sauna Bath Rapids would be!)

Enjoy this look at Devil's Kettle and Upper Falls:

Additional pictures of Devil's Kettle (and some other falls on this river, and elsewhere) can be found by this google search.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
-5.9Sauna Bath RapidN/AHazard Waterfall
-1.1Devil's KettleN/AHazard Waterfall
-1.0Upper FallsN/AWaterfall
-0.7Lower FallsN/AWaterfall
0.0USGS siteN/A

Rapid Descriptions

Sauna Bath Rapid (Class N/A, Mile -5.9)


Devil's Kettle (Class N/A, Mile -1.1)

All I can say is "DON'T GO RIGHT!!!"

Upper Falls (Class N/A, Mile -1.0)

A total drop of nearly 25'.

Lower Falls (Class N/A, Mile -0.7)

As the river does a sharp U-bend (to the left) just before the confluence with Gauthier Creek (river-right), the river drops about 7' down Lower Falls.

USGS site (Class N/A)

A site for "Field Measurements" (at random times) lists drainage at this point as 264 square miles.

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November 13 2015 (1070 days ago)
Anthony CollinsDetails
If you hike up the trail from the road there is a gauge spray painted on the bridge. I would
recommend running this river with someone that knows it well.

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