Difficulty IV-V
Length 3.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

Incredible run, one of the best in the upper midwest!

Not far downstream from the put in, the action starts with Hidden Falls. Scout (river left) this long, steep, curving slide with a wild finish as it splashes into a keepy looking hole.

The run continues with numerous steep, technical rapids, sweet sliding falls, boof ledges, and great scenery. Many of the drops deserve scouting, as a log in the wrong place would be critical.

This reach ends with a 0.5 mile carry out to Hwy.61, to avoid the falls of the 'Cascades of the Cascade' within the state park. Scout the take-out above the falls before your run (using good trails and boardwalks in the state park), to know which eddy to definitely catch before the point of no return. (While the final half-mile can be run, and is described as a separate reach, it is most often done at levels which would not coincide with this run.)

Video (via YouTube) shows a fine (nearly 10 minute) mix of headcam and shore footage:

Rapid Descriptions

USGS sampling site

Class - N/A Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

A USGS sampling site (downstream of the take-out) lists drainage area of 111 square miles (making this 6th-largest of the North Shore rivers which have at least minimal USGS data available).


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

Measure down from cement 'hip' inside Hwy.61 bridge, upstream river left. Around 13" down is a low (near minimum) level. Experts familiar with the run boat it to 0" (and higher?).

Directions Description

The shuttle directions err a bit, taking you to a side road off upriver a bit from your actual likely goal. As mentioned in the description, you will take-out and carry down a half-mile on paths and boardwalks in the state park.

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Penobscot River Dams to be Removed!

Kevin Colburn

Atlantic Salmon and other imperiled fish species will soon have hundreds of additional miles of habitat. A recent decision between a power company, NGO's, tribes, and government agencies calls for the removal of two dams on Maine's Penobscot River and the bypassing of a third. American Whitewater applauds this huge win for rivers and is recruiting volunteers to assist with our work on the project. There is a public meeting December 2nd.



Matt Muir


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