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Arroyo Seco 1) Willowcreek Bridge to Arroyo Seco Picnic Area [CA] 58h15m n/a updated name
Bear Creek near Wilbur Hot Springs to Cache Creek Conf. [CA] 92h08m n/a updated image position
Applegate River, Middle Fork Above Applegate Reservoir [CA] 5d19h38m n/a updated image position
San Joaquin 1. Mammoth Pool Dam to Mammoth Pool Powerhouse [CA] 7d12h38m n/a updated image position
Rancheria Creek 2) Mountain View Road to Navarro River [CA] 7d16h30m n/a updated image position
Pescadero Creek Portola State Park to Memorial County Park [CA] 7d17h07m n/a updated image position
Brush Creek Rincon Camp to Kern River [CA] 7d21h06m n/a updated image position
San Lorenzo Felton (Henry Crowell State Park Bridge) to Ocean at Santa Cruz [CA] 7d21h08m n/a updated image position
Alameda Creek Sunol to Niles Junction near Fremont [CA] 16d23h06m n/a updated image position
Feather, N. Fork 2) Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 24d21h29m n/a updated image position
American, S. Fork 7. Coloma to Greenwood Creek [CA] 26d20h20m n/a updated image position
American, Middle Fork 1) Tunnel Run: Oxbow Bend (Ralston Afterbay) to Drivers Flat Road [CA] 26d21h55m n/a updated image position
Dinkey Creek 3. Ross Creek Trail to confluence of NF Kings [CA] 26d22h46m n/a updated image position
Dinkey Creek 3.8 Old mine trail to NF Kings confluence [CA] 26d22h47m n/a updated image position
Dinkey Creek 2. Dinkey Creek Campgrounds to logging spur road [CA] 26d22h48m n/a updated image position
Dinkey Creek 1. Dinkey Dome to Dinkey Campgrounds [CA] 26d22h49m n/a updated image position
Kings 2. Garnet Dike Campground to Kirch Flat Campground [CA] 32d00h56m n/a fix snowpack link
Goose Creek Saddle Road to South Fork Smith confluence [CA] 84d18h29m n/a
Yuba, N. Fork C) Goodyears Bar Bridge to Hwy 49 Bridge [CA] 103d01h28m n/a 1
Deer Creek Hwy 32 (Potato Patch Campground) to Route 99 [CA] 103d01h39m n/a 2
Klamath 07. Happy Camp to Coon Creek [CA] 103d02h47m n/a 2
Klamath 11. Weitchpec to Klamath Glen [CA] 118d00h39m n/a title edit
Klamath 10. Orleans to Weitchpec [CA] 118d00h40m n/a title edit
Klamath 09. Ishi Pishi Bridge to Orleans (Ikes) [CA] 118d00h40m n/a title edit
Klamath 08. Coon Creek to Ishi Pishi Falls [CA] 118d00h41m n/a title edit
Klamath 06. Sarah Totten Campground to Happy Camp [CA] 118d00h43m n/a title page edit
Klamath 05. Iron Gate Dam to Sarah Totten CG [CA] 118d00h43m n/a title edit
Klamath 04. Copco Reservoir to Iron Gate Dam (inundated) [CA] 118d00h44m n/a title edit
Klamath 03. JC Boyle Powerhouse to Copco Reservoir (Hell's Corner) [CA] 118d00h45m n/a title edit
Sacramento 5) Balls Ferry to Tehema [CA] 128d01h43m n/a minor edit
Scott Canyon Entrance near Meamber Creek to Klamath Confluence [CA] 128d01h55m n/a 12
San Joaquin 6. Millerton Lake Bottom (Kerchoff #2 PH to Millerton Reservoir) [CA] 183d00h22m n/a updated some links
Fordyce Creek Fordyce Lake to Lake Spaulding [CA] 191d04h18m n/a update for 2018
American, N. Fork 2. Giant Gap: Euchre Bar to Colfax-Iowa Hill Road [CA] 229d01h41m n/a put in coordinates back on River
American, N. Fork 1. Generation Gap: Tadpole Creek to Euchre Bar [CA] 229d04h46m n/a linked main photo
Feather, N. Fork 1) Caribou to East Branch Confluence [CA] 232d17h32m n/a
Yuba, Middle Fork D) Route 49 to Englebright reservoir [CA] 232d18h06m n/a
Yuba, Middle Fork C) Our House Dam to Route 49 [CA] 232d18h20m n/a
San Joaquin 4. Patterson Bend (Kerckhoff Reservoir to Kerchoff #1 PH) [CA] 245d20h32m n/a Remove offensive name as requested by the tribe
San Joaquin 5. K1 to K2 (Kerckhoff #1 PH to Kerckhoff #2 PH) [CA] 245d21h23m n/a Remove offensive name as requested by the tribe
Stanislaus, Middle Fork 4. Sand Bar Flat Dam to Camp 9 Powerhouse [CA] 248d01h42m n/a Description from Joseph Hatcher added
Smith, N. Fork Low Divide Road (near OR-CA border) to Gasquet (confluence with Middle Fork) [CA] 281d19h12m n/a updates and edits
Truckee 2. Floriston (or Farad) to Verdi, NV [CA] 282d20h06m n/a added Nevada to reflect that reach crosses state line
Butte Creek 2) Centerville Powerhouse to Covered Bridge [CA] 302d21h23m n/a Description edit
Butte Creek 1) Upper Butte Creek (Centerville Head Dam to Centerville Powerhouse) [CA] 302d21h24m n/a Reach Description edit
Feather, Middle Fork 2) Devils Canyon: Nelson Point to Milsap Bridge [CA] 335d17h38m n/a Driving directions added as of 2018
American, S. Fork 5. Slab Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 355d11h27m n/a typo
Merced 0.5) Headwaters to Little Yosemite Valley [CA] 1y15d16h06m n/a Photo ID
Mokelumne, N. Fork 3) Below Tiger Creek to Red Corral Road [CA] 1y19d15h52m n/a photo added
Tuolumne 4) Lumsden Campground (Merals Pool) to Wards Ferry Bridge [CA] 1y44d22h18m n/a minor edits
Feather, N. Fork 5) Poe Powerhouse to Oroville Reservoir [CA] 1y93d00h17m n/a broken links removed
American, S. Fork 8. The Gorge (Greenwood Creek to Folsom Reservoir) [CA] 1y93d11h16m n/a typos and broken links fixed
Feather, West Branch 1) Whiskey Flat to Dean Road [CA] 1y102d14h10m n/a
Pauley Creek Second Divide Turnout to Downieville [CA] 1y141d06h52m n/a remove broken links
Carson, E. Fork Hangman's Bridge to Hwy 395 [CA] 1y323d10h09m n/a added some rapids, minor edits
Big Sulphur Creek 2) Iron Bridge to washed-out crossing [CA] 2y21d12h36m n/a
Mark West Creek Mark West Lodge to Mark West Road [CA] 2y33d11h56m n/a
Kings 3. Kings River Powerhouse to Big Creek Cove [CA] 2y66d21h41m n/a added flow ranges, changed season comments
Pit 6) Pit 5: Pit 5 Dam to Pit 5 Powerhouse [CA] 2y105d00h51m n/a title change
Pit 5) Pit 4: Pit 4 Dam to Pit 4 Powerhouse [CA] 2y105d00h51m n/a title change
Pit 4) Pit 3: Lake Britton to Pit 3 Powerhouse [CA] 2y105d00h52m n/a title change
Pit 3) Pit River Campground to Highway 299 [CA] 2y105d00h53m n/a title change
Pit 2) Pit 1: Fall River Mills to Pit River Campground (Pit Falls) [CA] 2y105d00h53m n/a
Pit 1) Nubieber to Pittville [CA] 2y105d00h54m n/a Title Change
Cherry Creek Upper [CA] 2y172d15h20m n/a Update
Kern 5) Sandy Flat to Democrat Hot Springs (Miracle Run) [CA] 2y182d23h02m n/a
Merced, S. Fork 0.5) Gravelly Ford to Wawona [CA] 2y216d17h47m n/a
Mokelumne 4.2)Ponderosa Way to Electra Picnic area [CA] 2y262d18h36m n/a Added rapids
San Joaquin 3. Horseshoe Bend (Redinger Dam to Kerckhoff Reservoir) [CA] 2y277d22h45m n/a added gauge link-willow below BassLake
Feather, N. Fork 3) Cresta Dam to Poe Dam [CA] 2y313d22h38m n/a
Merced 1) Stables to El Capitan Meadow [CA] 2y317d18h10m n/a
Yuba, N. Fork D) Bullards Bar Dam to Colgate Powerhouse [CA] 2y321d19h17m n/a
Cosumnes Highway 49 to Highway 16 [CA] 2y323d02h54m n/a Update Putin Access
San Joaquin 2. Chawanakee Gorge (Dam 6 to Reddinger Reservoir) [CA] 2y351d01h01m n/a Updated Edison gauge links
Bear Highway 174 Bridge to Lake Combie [CA] 3y32d23h05m n/a Note about closed survey
Tuolumne 2) Hetch Hetchy to Early Intake [CA] 3y72d17h28m n/a changed a dead link
Feather, N. Fork 4) Poe Dam to Poe Powerhouse [CA] 3y112d00h40m n/a
Kern 4) Lake Isabella to Sandy Flat (Dam Run) [CA] 3y132d12h44m n/a FERC license language moved to project page
Kern 2) Forks of the Kern to Johnsondale Bridge [CA] 3y132d17h43m n/a minor edits
Kern 3) Johnsondale Bridge to Powerhouse #3 (Upper Kern) [CA] 3y132d19h08m n/a
Kings 4. Pine Flat Dam to Centerville (Route 180) [CA] 3y229d23h49m n/a Updated Pine Flat link
West Walker B) Hwy 395 Bridge to Walker [CA] 3y246d23h51m n/a Lowered Minimum flow
American, N. Fork 4. Yankee Jims Road Bridge to Lake Clementine [CA] 3y258d17h23m n/a camping changes & takeout change
American, N. Fork 3. Chamberlain Falls: Colfax-Iowa Hill Road to Yankee Jims Road [CA] 3y259d03h15m n/a
Merced 2) El Cap Meadow to Highway 120 / 140 junction. [CA] 3y298d18h32m n/a added rapid descriptions by Moose
Smith, Middle Fork Above Patrick Creek to S. Fork Road (thru Oregon Hole Gorge) [CA] 3y321d12h57m n/a minor edits and updates
Eel 4) Dos Rios to Alderpoint [CA] 3y329d14h01m n/a photo added
American, S. Fork 6. Chili Bar (Route 193 to Coloma) [CA] 3y336d20h45m n/a improved page layout of earlier changes
Smith, South Fork Steven Memorial Bridge to confluence with Middle Fork [CA] 3y337d01h56m n/a photo edit
Merced 6) Briceburg to Bagby [CA] 3y362d15h25m n/a McClure CDEC links added
Wooley Creek North Fork confluence to Salmon River [CA] 4y8d13h27m n/a cd2015
Sacramento 1) Box Canyon Dam to Dunsmuir [CA] 4y9d22h29m n/a updated links on flows tab
Bear Creek (Sacramento R. Trib) Powerhouse near Inwood to Dersh Road [CA] 4y53d14h23m n/a Major update
Yuba, S. Fork D) Edwards Crossing to Purdon Crossing [CA] 4y53d17h20m n/a photo added
Cache Creek 1) Hwy 20 to the Bear Creek Confluence [CA] 4y74d11h00m n/a updated gauges
Battle Creek, South Fork Near Ponderosa Way to Manton Road (A6) [CA] 4y122d19h40m n/a updating links and coordinates
Battle Creek Manton Rd. (A6) to Coleman Fish Hatchery [CA] 4y122d19h45m n/a New put in & take out coordinates
Canyon Creek 1) French Lake to Bowman Lake [CA] 4y165d00h12m n/a
Putah Creek Lake Berryessa (Monticello Dam) to Lake Solano [CA] 4y186d11h43m n/a added rapids