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Farmington 3. Tariffville Park (Simsbury) to Highway 187 (Tariffville Gorge) [CT] 274d03h39m n/a
Bantam Stoddard Road to Shepaug River [CT] 281d02h57m n/a
Willimantic River 2. Bridge St. to the Thread Mill [CT] 281d03h19m n/a
Willimantic River 1. Eagleville Dam to Bridge Street [CT] 281d03h19m n/a
Tenmile South Dover NY to Gaylordsville CT [CT] 281d03h21m n/a
Still Above Sandy Brook [CT] 281d03h23m n/a
Sandy Brook Phelps Flat Rd. to Route 8 Bridge [CT] 281d03h24m n/a
Naugatuck 1. Torrington [CT] 281d03h38m n/a Name Changed
Farmington, W. Branch 1. Hogback Road (Goodwin Dam) to Riverton [CT] 281d03h50m n/a Photo
Shepaug Valley Road (Shepaug Reservoir) to Route 47 [CT] 293d00h53m n/a Info
Roaring Brook Cold Brook Rd to Rt 17 in S Glastonbury [CT] 293d01h01m n/a Location
Quinebaug Below Route 6 [CT] 293d01h03m n/a Location and Info
Norwalk Bridge in Cannondale to Long Island Sound [CT] 293d01h05m n/a Location
Naugatuck 2. South Waterbury–Beacon Falls [CT] 293d01h10m n/a Location
Natchaug 3. Lower, Route 198 to Bassetts Bridge Road [CT] 293d01h12m n/a Location
Natchaug 1. Upper, Route 44 to England Road [CT] 293d01h14m n/a Location
Hammonasset Summer Hill Rd to Green Hill Rd [CT] 293d01h18m n/a
Far Mill River Shelton to Housatonic River [CT] 293d01h21m n/a Location
East Aspetuck Paper Mill Road to Housatonic River [CT] 293d01h23m n/a Location
Farmington 2. Collinsville to Unionville [CT] 1y281d22h10m n/a Added rapid photos, descriptions, and class levels.
Natchaug 2. Diana's Pool, England Road to Route 198 [CT] 1y317d00h25m n/a cleaned up text and changed pic to reflect reach
Housatonic 3. Bulls Bridge Dam to Power Plant [CT] 3y100d19h34m n/a
Housatonic 1. Great Falls to Falls Village Hydro Plant [CT] 3y139d23h51m n/a
Housatonic 2. Falls Village Hydro 13.2 mi to Swifts Bridge, 9.3 mi to Kent [CT] 3y139d23h51m n/a
Farmington 1. Satan's Kingdom Parking Area to Canton [CT] 3y208d22h19m n/a
Farmington, W. Branch 2. Riverton to Satan's Kingdom parking area [CT] 3y208d22h22m n/a
Salmon Jeremy, Old route 2 to covered bridge at Hwy 16 [CT] 5y260d17h20m n/a photo added
Salmon Blackledge, Old route 2 to covered bridge at Hwy 16 [CT] 5y351d03h14m n/a Proper river naming
Center Brook Pisgah Mtn. Rd. to Sandy Brook [CT] 8y100d03h55m n/a Added coords, abstract, sig photo, & text from comment.