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Mountaintown Creek Hwy 52w to Hwy 282/76w [GA] 66d20h32m n/a updated image position
Chestatee 3 - Copper Mine to Lumpkin County Park [GA] 74d21h01m n/a updated image position
Etowah 4 - Castleberry Bridge to Hwy 136. The Tunnel Section [GA] 80d11h39m n/a updated image position
Etowah 3 - Highway 9 to Castleberry Bridge. Etowah Falls Section. [GA] 80d15h42m n/a updated image position
Etowah 5 - Highway 136 to Kelly Bridge Road [GA] 81d13h11m n/a updated name
Oconee, North 4 - College Station Rd to Whitehall Rd [GA] 88d18h11m n/a directions to the river
Calls Creek to Oconee River [GA] 120d02h11m n/a directions to the river
Little Towaliga Rocky Creek Rd. to Higgins Mill Rd. [GA] 122d21h55m n/a updated description
Amicalola Creek Upper [GA] 128d02h29m n/a updated image position
Dicks Creek. Russell WMA. FS 187 to Middle Fork Broad. [GA] 150d19h16m n/a updated description
Middle Fork of the Broad River Browns Bottom Bridge to Reservoir #44 [GA] 151d09h48m n/a updated stats
Chattooga Ellicott Rock - Bull Pen Bridge to Burrell's Ford [GA] 177d21h34m n/a updated image position
Cartecay 3. Stegall Mill Road to DNR [GA] 208d17h37m n/a updated stats
Cartecay 2. Lower Cartecay Road to Stegall Mill Road Road [GA] 208d17h38m n/a updated stats
Chattahoochee 7 - The Wave - Upstream of Atlanta Road [GA] 211d22h27m n/a updated image position
Conasauga Jacks River to U.S. 411 Bridge [GA] 219d18h29m n/a updated description
South Klondike Rd to Ga 138/Stockbridge Hwy [GA] 240d03h12m n/a updated description
Chattooga Rock Gorge - Burrell's Ford to Lick Log Creek [GA] 249d16h48m n/a updated stats
Alcovy 1- US 29 to Alcovy Rd. [GA] 252d15h12m n/a updated image position
Chattooga Section 2 - Highway 28 Putin to Earl's Ford [GA] 262d14h42m n/a updated description
Chattooga Section 4 - Route 76 Bridge to Tugaloo Lake Boat Ramp [GA] 317d13h49m n/a updated description
Apalachee 4 - Price Mill Road to Hwy 441 [GA] 357d01h42m n/a updated image position
Apalachee 5 & 6: 441/Pot Leaf Shoals to Lake Oconee [GA] 357d18h49m n/a updated description
Apalachee 3 - High Shoals to Price Mill [GA] 357d19h42m n/a updated description
Barber Creek Daniels Bridge to Macon Hwy [GA] 357d20h39m n/a updated image position
Oconee, Middle 4 - Ben Burton Park to Macon Hwy [GA] 358d15h37m n/a updated image position
Oconee, Middle 5 - Macon Hwy to Barnett Shoals Rd [GA] 358d15h46m n/a updated image position
Oconee, Middle 3 - Tallassee Shoals to Ben Burton Park [GA] 358d16h30m n/a updated image position
Tallulah 5 - Tallulah Gorge to Lake Tugaloo [GA] 1y9d04h00m n/a updated description
Oconee At Milledgeville [GA] 1y73d04h12m n/a updated description
Chattooga, West Fork Overflow Creek Road Bridge to Highway 28 Boater's Access [GA] 1y85d15h26m n/a updated permit
Lazer Creek Hendricks Road to Flint [GA] 1y102d20h05m n/a updated description
Oconee, North 3 - Dudley Park to College Station Rd [GA] 1y107d01h04m n/a updated stats
Chattooga Section 3 - Earls Ford to Route 76 Bridge [GA] 1y122d19h14m n/a updated image position
Sweetwater Creek Sweetwater Creek State Park to Chattahoochee River [GA] 1y138d18h44m n/a updated description
Oconee, Middle 2 - Hwy 82 to hwy 330 [GA] 1y172d22h14m n/a updated name
Tails Creek Hwy 76 To Carters Lake [Ridgeway boat ramp]. [GA] 1y179d01h26m n/a updated description
Conasauga Upper Upper Upper (Section 1) - Chestnut Lead Trail to Hickory Creek Trail [GA] 1y205d21h55m n/a updated name
Conasauga Chicken Coop Gap to East Cowpen Road - Upper [GA] 1y205d22h11m n/a updated name
Line Creek Slippery Rock Run [GA] 1y209d12h33m n/a directions to the river
Hard Labor Creek Historic Brown Hill Church to Browning Shoals [GA] 1y209d12h39m n/a updated description
Towaliga High Falls State Park to Ga 42 [GA] 1y210d16h10m n/a try
McWhorter Gulf Below Sawmill Lake to Rocky Lane [GA] 1y211d19h53m n/a
McNutt Creek Jennings Mill to Macon Hwy [GA] 1y217d10h33m n/a ajh
Flint Sprewell Bluff State Park to Po Biddy Road [GA] 1y232d18h23m n/a updated stats
Broad US Route 281 to US Route 172 [GA] 1y274d20h07m n/a ajh
Hurricane Creek GA Route 5 to Mt. Zion Road [GA] 2y219d02h14m n/a
Chattahoochee 8 - Metro Columbus/Phenix City [GA] 2y297d16h37m n/a
Little 3 (Putnam County) Glenwood Springs Rd. to Lake Sinclair [GA] 3y237d01h29m n/a Name change to allow to fall in with other sections of the same river
Little 2 (Putnam County) Martin Mill Rd to Hwy 16 [GA] 3y237d03h31m n/a Corrected spelling errors
Frogtown Creek US 19/129 to US 19/129 at Turners Corner [GA] 3y282d04h20m n/a
Little Playwave near Woodstock [GA] 3y362d01h09m n/a Refined Lake Levels needed for rapids
Amicalola Creek Lower [GA] 4y261d15h50m n/a
Murder Creek Stanfordville to Lake Sinclair [GA] 4y266d01h36m n/a
Etowah 2 - Hightower Road to first Hwy 9 crossing [GA] 4y266d18h20m n/a Corrected the mislabeled take-out.
Mountaintown Creek 2- GA Route 282 to Ridgeway Park [GA] 4y312d11h42m n/a
Ocmulgee Amerson to Spring Street [GA] 4y318d22h20m n/a Added Description
Savannah Savannah Rapids Park to North Augusta Boat Ramp [GA] 4y348d04h41m n/a
Talking Rock Creek GA Highway 136 to Carters Lake Reservoir [GA] 5y12d14h57m n/a
Chattahoochee 3 - Upper Hooch - GA Route 115 to Duncan Bridge Road [GA] 5y79d01h07m n/a updated Outfitter and added State Park info
Ocmulgee 1. Lloyd Shoals Dam to Wise Creek [GA] 5y89d00h23m n/a
Yahoola Creek 1. Walnut Valley Rd. to Duffy Grizzle Rd. [GA] 5y145d18h24m n/a class upgrade
Chattahoochee 5 - Middle Hooch - Buford Dam to Highway 20 [GA] 5y202d13h43m n/a 201502
Alcovy 3- Factory Shoals [GA] 5y203d00h39m n/a 201502
Yellow 4. Brown Bridge Road to Hwy 212 (above Lake Jackson) [GA] 5y211d13h40m n/a 2015
Overflow Creek USFS Road 86B to Overflow Creek Road Bridge [GA] 5y218d12h21m n/a Correct name of Bounce
Ocmulgee 2. Popes Ferry to Macon [GA] 5y220d18h39m n/a Fix take-out coordinates
new new one [GA] 5y292d14h23m n/a
Ocmulgee 3. Popes Ferry to Macon [GA] 5y292d18h06m n/a
Annewakee Anneewakee Road to GA Route 166 [GA] 5y297d13h00m n/a update gauge
Augusta Canal Overflow Augusta Canal Pump Station [GA] 5y309d10h14m n/a Updated photos and description
Conasauga Hickory Creek Trailhead to East Cowpen Road [GA] 6y71d17h12m n/a put-in location
Ogeechee Jewell to 123 bridge [GA] 6y136d13h16m n/a gradient from 15 to 4fpm
High Shoals Creek High Shoals Creek Trailhead to Hiwassee River to US 17 [GA] 6y256d00h05m n/a
Chattahoochee 6 - Metro Hooch - Powers Ferry to West Pallisades/Paces Mill [GA] 7y71d00h18m n/a Bridge Edit
Emery Creek to holly creek [GA] 7y260d17h06m n/a
Tallulah 2 - Tate Branch Campground to Coleman River [GA] 8y38h44m n/a
Gulf Creek Forester Gulf - Hwy 157 to Holder Loop [GA] 8y5d05h06m n/a
Gilreath Creek-Pigeon Mountain near Lookout Mountain Georgia Putin to East Fork Confluence [GA] 8y5d05h08m n/a
Snake Banning Mill Road to Johns Mill [GA] 8y5d15h03m n/a
Alcovy 2- GA Route 81 to US 278 [GA] 8y35d21h46m n/a
Alapahoochee (Grand Bay Canal) GA SR 135 in Echols Co. to Fla SR 150 on the Alapaha [GA] 8y146d05h01m n/a Add abstract; insert feature photo; locate rapids
Clear Creek 1. The headwaters. Hwy 240 (Sequayah Lake) to Blackberrry Mt Rd. [GA] 9y90d14h21m n/a
Darnell Creek Roadside along Darnell Creek Rd. [GA] 9y91d16h51m n/a
Toccoa Sandy Bottoms to Tilley Bend [GA] 9y134d21h45m n/a
Nancy Town Lake Russell to GA 105 [GA] 9y157d16h31m n/a
Clear Creek 2.- Blackberry Mountain Road to DNR Takeout (Cartecay River) [GA] 9y177d12h34m n/a
Daniel Creek to Bear Creek [GA] 9y179d18h48m n/a added link and info
Warren Creek Hwy 301 to Nickajack Lake [GA] 9y179d19h00m n/a clean up format and added link
Chattahoochee 1 - USFS Road 44 to Robertson [GA] 9y291d09h57m n/a photo added
Corbin Creek Lower [GA] 9y308d04h40m n/a Added gauge & abstract; copyedit.
Nickajack Creek East-West Connector to Bankhead Highway [GA] 9y321d16h59m n/a Added coords and abstract.
Dougherty Creek-Pigeon Mountain Georgia Dougherty Creek [GA] 9y359d02h24m n/a moved from Tenn to Ga listing
Allen Creek Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area to SR 337 [GA] 9y362d21h58m n/a entered link and better location to help viewer locate the creek
Dougherty Creek-Pigeon Mountain Georgia [GA] 9y363d00h40m n/a added zipcode
Tanyard Branch above Dorsett Shoals Rd. [GA] > 10 years n/a Added text from comment, lynx, sig photo, and abstract.
Tallulah 1 - GA/NC State Line to Tate Branch Campground [GA] > 10 years n/a Added live link to downstream reach.
Yellow 3. Hwy 124 to I-20 [GA] > 10 years n/a Put-int/Take-out Lat/Lng were nowhere near this river; fixed.
Dukes Creek to Dodd Creek [GA] > 10 years n/a Added lat/lon coords; fixed formatting in text.