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Big Pine Creek Rainsville to Twin Bridges (0.5-6.7 miles) [IN] 12d21h07m n/a updated image position
Wabash Markle to County Road 150 S (1.2 miles) [IN] 1y22d22h14m n/a reduce redundancy in prep for upcoming format changes
Wabash Huntington surfing hole (PnP) [IN] 1y22d22h50m n/a minor reformat for coming webchanges
Rock Creek County Rd 200s to 150s (1.75 miles) [IN] 1y22d23h17m n/a reformat for coming changes to website
Sugar Creek Darlington (1.2 miles) [IN] 1y23d00h38m n/a reformat for coming changes to website
Christiana Creek Willowdale Park to Beardsley Park (1.8 miles) [IN] 1y23d17h23m n/a minor reformat
Cobbs Fork (of Sand Creek) S. CR 60 E to S. CR60 SW (4.2 miles) [IN] 1y24d02h09m n/a Add abstract
Whitewater, E.Fk. b) Brookville Dam to confl. w. W.Fk.Whitewater (2 miles) [IN] 1y199d16h43m n/a minor edit
Whitewater Metamora, IN to Elizabethtown, OH [IN] 1y200d08h14m n/a minor reformat
Whitewater, E.Fk. a) Hayes Arboretum Road to Test Road (5.8 miles) [IN] 1y200d16h23m n/a minor edit
White Lick Creek E.CR200N to E.Hendricks CR (up to 15.4 miles) [IN] 1y200d23h42m n/a add waypoints (potential accesses)
St. Joseph (L.Michigan trib) East Race Whitewater Course (0.35 mile) [IN] 1y201d05h04m n/a fix broken link
St. Joseph (Maumee trib) Spencerville Takeout [IN] 1y201d05h37m n/a distinguish from other St.J
Blue White Cloud to Blue River Chapel (2.4 miles) [IN] 1y202d04h51m n/a Select featured photo
Ross Run E.Baumbauer Road (Park-and-hike: 1.1 mile or less) [IN] 3y298d17h48m n/a minor edit
Treaty Creek Bailey Road to Wabash River (3.6 miles) [IN] 4y63d21h48m n/a Initial Add.
Gulletts Creek Hwy 37 to Old Hwy 37 (2 miles) [IN] 7y352d20h35m n/a Added sig photo.
UNKNOWN Creek UNKNOWN ACCESSES *** ACCESS ISSUES *** [IN] 8y76d18h22m n/a delete info
Pigeon River Mongo to Sparrow [IN] 9y30d19h09m n/a Supply county and HUC (which had gotten deleted)
Ohio Falls of the Ohio - Lower (PnP) [IN] 9y35d22h11m n/a Add feature photo to main page.
White, East Fork Hindostan Falls (PnP) [IN] 9y136d05h47m n/a Fix broken link and minor description change
Lake Michigan Various (Indiana) locations [IN] 9y164d22h43m n/a
Fall Fork (of Clifty Creek) Anderson Falls to Iron Bridge (1.3 miles) [IN] 9y195d02h00m n/a
Flatrock Old U.S. Hwy 421 to Conns Creek (6.8 miles) [IN] 9y286d20h31m n/a
Potato Run Harrison Crawford Forest Horse Camp to Mouth of the Ohio River (2 miles) [IN] 9y322d00h30m n/a
Ohio Falls of the Ohio - Upper (1 mile) [IN] 9y322d01h05m n/a
Elkhorn Creek Niewoehner Rd to Whitewater River (8.25 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a
Rattlesnake Creek CR-275 W to Offield Monument Rd (3.5 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a
Pipe Creek 925 East Rd to 275 South Rd (1.3 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a
Mill Creek Cataract Falls (1 mile) ** Access Issues ** [IN] > 10 years n/a
Mud Pine Creek Briscoe Rd to Big Pine Creek (2.1 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a
Indian Creek Indian Ck. Rd. to Sugar Ck.@Deer Mill (4.7 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a
Fall Fork (of Clifty Creek) Middle Fork (1.5 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a
Little Indian Creek Corydon Country Club to County Fairgrounds (1.5 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a
McCormick's Creek McCormick's Creek State Park: Bridle Trail to White River (1.5 miles) ** Access Issues ** [IN] > 10 years n/a
Big Shawnee Creek Hwy.41 to 70 W Rd. (2.9 miles) [IN] > 10 years n/a