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Russell Fork, Lower Breaks Park River Access to below Elkhorn City (2.5 - 6 miles) [KY] 25d10h03m n/a updated description
Pitman Creek Route 1247 to Somerset Yacht Club (off Boat Dock Road) (3 miles) [KY] 28d10h10m n/a updated stats
Cumberland Cumberland Falls to Laurel River (10.5 miles) [KY] 28d10h16m n/a updated description
Elkhorn Creek Forks of Elkhorn US460 Bridge to Knight's Bridge on KY1900 (6 miles) [KY] 104d13h31m n/a updated image position
Ohio Falls of the Ohio - Upper (1 mile) [KY] 104d13h36m n/a updated image position
Beech Fork Rubble Dam at 31E Bridge [KY] 254d04h41m n/a updated image position
Tates Creek Million,KY to 169 Bridge (5 miles) [KY] 326d11h32m n/a updated image position
Silver Creek KY 876 Bridge to end of Bogie Mill Rd. (3.5 miles) [KY] 326d11h36m n/a updated image position
Silver Creek Curtis Rd.Bridge to KY 876 Bridge (3 miles) [KY] 326d11h40m n/a updated image position
Russell Fork Gorge Section:Garden Hole Road (Breaks Park) to KY takeout (4 miles) [KY] 326d11h45m n/a updated image position
Otter Creek East Prong Peacock Rd to KY 388 bridge (Red House Rd.) (2 miles) [KY] 326d11h46m n/a updated image position
Laurel Laurel Lake Dam to Lake Cumberland (2 miles) [KY] 326d11h52m n/a updated image position
Howard's Creek Old Stone Church Rd. to KY River (5 miles) [KY] 326d11h53m n/a updated image position
Glenn's Creek KY1659 bridge to Church Pavilion in Millville (3 miles) [KY] 326d11h54m n/a updated image position
Benson Creek KY 1005 to Kentucky R. at Frankfort (5.1 miles) [KY] 326d11h56m n/a updated image position
Calloway Creek Confluence of Smith Fork to KY River (2.5 miles) [KY] 326d11h57m n/a updated image position
Boone Creek KY 418 Bridge to Kentucky R. (6.3 miles) [KY] 326d11h58m n/a updated image position
Cumberland, Big South Fork Station Camp to Blue Heron, KY (19 miles) [KY] 363d04h27m n/a updated image position
Ohio Falls of the Ohio - Lower (PnP) [KY] 364d05h48m n/a updated image position
Muddy Creek Oakley Wells Road Bridge to near Doylesville (5 miles) [KY] 1y84d13h22m n/a Updated the take out to the new common one.
Cedar Creek (Floyds Fork trib.) Cedar Creek Rd near Johnson School Rd to Bells Mill Rd (12.2 miles) [KY] 1y351d00h21m n/a Ran Cedar at 2 feet finally!!!!!!!!!!
Jessamine Creek Frankfort Ford Rd. To 1268 (3.3 miles) [KY] 1y358d15h51m n/a
Barren River Downtown Bowling Green Riverfront [KY] 2y194d16h23m n/a fix broken YouTube video link
Hanging Fork Creek Hubble Road/590 to Rankin Road (7.84 miles) [KY] 2y223d18h24m n/a add length/gradient data
Eagle Creek Eagle Creek to Cumberland River (Carry up/boat down) [KY] 3y66d05h19m n/a remove broken link
Coxs Creek 31E to 523 (6 miles) [KY] 3y268d18h24m n/a
Salt Bridge at Stringer Lane river bottoms to Shepherdsville (11.5 miles) [KY] 5y46d12h05m n/a Promote photo to main page
Floyds Fork of the Salt River Hwy.1526 to Hwy.61/Salt River (Shepherdsville) (9.6 miles) [KY] 5y46d12h11m n/a Promote photo to main page
Gunpowder Creek, South Fork 1) South Fork Park to Camp Ernst Road (3.7 miles) [KY] 5y49d06h38m n/a minor edit to enable reach
Rock Creek (Cumberland trib) A) Great Meadow to Wooden Bridge (7.4 miles) [KY] 5y49d17h52m n/a select featured photo; add abstract.
Floyds Fork of the Salt River Beckley Creek Park to Cane Run Access [KY] 5y177d12h43m n/a add lat/lng; enable mapping
Rockcastle Beech Creek to Bee Rock Campground (5 miles) [KY] 6y5d16h33m n/a
Rock Creek (Cumberland trib) C) White Oak Junction to Big S. Fork of Cumberland R. (0.6-4 miles) [KY] 6y62d06h58m n/a Minor edit
Rock Creek (Cumberland trib) B) Wooden Bridge to White Oak Junction (7.4 miles) [KY] 6y66d09h35m n/a Adjust class rating.
Beech Fork 2) KY 150 Fredericktown Bridge to KY 605 Manton Bridge (5 miles) [KY] 6y68d12h41m n/a
Beech Fork 1) KY 55 Maud Bridge to KY 150 Fredericktown Bridge (9 miles) [KY] 6y68d12h43m n/a
Gunpowder Creek Camp Ernst Road to Dale Williamson Rd. (7.5 miles) [KY] 6y100d04h19m n/a
Cane Run Creek Taylorsville Lake Road to Thurman Road (3.25 miles) [KY] 6y171d11h30m n/a adjusting difficulty of rapids for safety
Fugitt Creek Hwy 179 (2 miles) [KY] 7y322d02h41m n/a Rapid Updates
Bear Creek Turkey Branch to Big South Fork (~2.2 miles) [KY] 8y177d10h10m n/a Minor edit to enable data display.
Cedar Creek KY 607 to Ky River confluence (3 miles) [KY] 8y203d13h29m n/a
Little Kentucky Sulphur KY/Hwy.157 to KY 421 (8 miles) [KY] 8y235d09h45m n/a
Rock Creek Top of the hill to Jellico Creek [KY] 8y284d04h16m n/a reach added
Otter Creek Bill Eades Rd. (W.Fork / Main Stem) to KY388 (Red House Rd) (4.6 miles) [KY] 8y329d10h45m n/a Fix truncated abstract. Fix HTML glitches.
Sinking Creek Big Dog Branch to Rockcastle (5.6 miles) [KY] 8y329d19h21m n/a Clean up errant HTML; enable Directions page.
Cane Creek Rooks Rd. to Bee Rock (6 miles) [KY] 8y329d20h29m n/a Clean up errant HTML; Enable Directions tab
Roaring Paunch 742 to Barthell (5.4 miles) [KY] 8y330d07h59m n/a Clean up extraneous HTML; enable Directions tab.
Harrods Creek KY 53 to KY 393 (5.7 miles) [KY] 8y332d14h06m n/a
Gasper River State HWY 626 to Morgantown Rd (2.75 miles) [KY] 8y348d13h08m n/a
Roaring P 742 to Barthell [KY] 9y9d12h42m n/a gage still not working
Hite Creek State HWY 22 to Sleepy Hollow Rd [KY] 9y26d03h55m n/a
Marble Creek KY 169 bridge to Kentucky River confluence (4 miles) [KY] 9y26d08h39m n/a Added sig photo.
White Oak Creek KY 1845 to Kentucky River (2 miles) [KY] 9y42d13h47m n/a Added abstract; relisted.
Cedar Branch KY 342 to Kentucky River (1.5 miles) [KY] 9y42d13h49m n/a Added abstract; relisted.
Shawnee Run KY 1343 (Curry Road) to Kentucky River (4 miles) [KY] 9y42d13h56m n/a Removed name reference; added abstract.
Clear Creek Clear Creek Springs to Wasioto (1 mile) [KY] 9y66d02h44m n/a
Cumberland, Martins Fork Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to route 987 (1.6 miles) [KY] 9y67d10h35m n/a
Dog Slaughter Creek Dog Slaughter Creek trail to Cumberland River (1.3 miles) [KY] 9y67d12h40m n/a Add zipcode, run length.
Cloverlick Creek Trace Branch to Poor Fork of the Cumberland (4 miles) [KY] 9y105d08h34m n/a
Big Brushy Creek Headwaters to Route 377 Cranston Road (3.3 miles) [KY] 9y106d07h01m n/a Clean-up some html glitches
Beech Fork 3) KY 605 Manton Bridge to KY 49 Bardstown Bridge (6.5 miles) [KY] 9y123d03h34m n/a
Cumberland, Clover Fork Ky. State Highway 38 to Main Street [KY] > 10 years n/a
Cumberland, Poor Fork Cumberland to Harlan (23.5 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Kentucky, Middle Fork War Branch to Buckhorn (33.2 miles+) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Buck Creek KY 461 to Cumberland R. (34 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Bark Camp Creek Ledges (0.37 mile) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Roaring Paunch Barthell to Big South Fork (3 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Benson Creek Hubmonkey Section: KY1005 to Benson Falls [KY] > 10 years n/a
Cumberland, Big South Fork Station Camp to Lake Cumberland [KY] > 10 years n/a
Cumberland Redbird KY204 Bridge to Cumberland Falls (12 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Otter Creek (Ohio trib.) U.S. 60 to Firetower Rd. (6.3 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Hickman Creek A) Brumfield Lane (Indian Falls) to 1268 Bridge (4 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Grassy Creek Gateway Motel to Russell Fork (0.94 mile) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Plum Creek 1319 to Hwy 44 (5.37 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Kentucky, South Fork Eriline to Beattyville (62 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Banklick Creek Independence Station Road to Doe Run confluence (5 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Tygarts Creek Olive Hill to KY 182 (12.2 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Little Sandy Sandy Hook to Grayson Lake (Reservoir) (27 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Rough Rough River Dam to Dundee (23.5 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Gilbert Creek Gilbert Creek road to KY River (2.75 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Jouett Creek KY 418 to Kentucky River (1.8 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Red KY 746 to KY 715 (10.3 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Hickman Creek B) KY 1541 to Elm Fork Road (4 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Four Mile Creek Four Mile Road Bridge to Confluence with KY River (2 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Galloway Creek Confluence of Smith Fork to KY River (2.5 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Cumberland, Little S. Fork Parmleysville to confluence Big South Fork (45 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a
Kentucky, North Fork Roxana to Viper (24 miles) [KY] > 10 years n/a