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Narraguagus Deer Lake to Deblois [ME] 75d20h03m n/a updated description
Sheepscot Reversing Falls [ME] 88d11h20m n/a updated description
Royal Yarmouth Historical Society to Town Landing [ME] 90d11h51m n/a updated name
Cathance (Sagadahoc Co.) U.S. 201 to Cathance Rd [ME] 90d11h59m n/a updated description
Cobbosseecontee Stream 2. Gardiner to Kennebec River [ME] 90d15h15m n/a updated description
Androscoggin River Lisbon (The Brothel) [ME] 92d09h51m n/a updated description
Allagash Chamberlain Lake to Allagash Village [ME] 92d10h36m n/a updated description
Allagash Stream Allagash Lake to Chamberlain Lake [ME] 92d12h30m n/a updated permit
Back river (tidal) Singing Eddy [ME] 98d09h15m n/a updated description
Webb River Webb Lake to Carthage [ME] 98d09h30m n/a updated description
Bull Branch (of the Sunday River) Bull Branch Road &/or Goose Eye Brook to Sunday River Road [ME] 1y163d20h27m n/a updated description
Cupsuptic Big Canyon to Big Falls [ME] 1y300d18h24m n/a
Penobscot, W. Branch Seboomook Dam to Roll Dam Campsite [ME] 2y90d08h15m n/a changed rapid description
Dead Spencer Falls to West Forks [ME] 3y48d10h07m n/a
Kennebec 1) Kennebec Gorge: Harris Station Dam to Carry Brook [ME] 3y190d09h43m n/a minor edits
Penobscot, S. Branch Canada Falls Lake to Pittston Farm [ME] 4y323d23h07m n/a
Sandy 2) Smalls Falls to S. Branch [ME] 4y349d22h30m n/a Lightly adjusted lat/lon coords.
Sandy 1) Smalls Falls [ME] 4y349d22h32m n/a Fixed lat/lon coords; added abstract.
Long Pond Stream Edelheid Road to S.Shore Drive [ME] 5y45d22h53m n/a cleanup errant HTML
Penobscot, W. Branch Ripogenus Gorge to Debsconeag [ME] 5y70d10h56m n/a
Wild Hastings to Gilead [ME] 5y224d09h50m n/a added to NH rivers as well
Kennebunk Route 1 Ledge [ME] 5y295d13h27m n/a gauge
Mousam Rte. 1 to Water St. [ME] 5y310d21h18m n/a
Magalloway Aziscohos Dam to Wilsons Mills [ME] 5y323d22h46m n/a
Piscataquis, W. Branch Oakes Bog to Blanchard [ME] 6y45d21h05m n/a nw
Piscataquis, E. Branch Shirley Mills to Blanchard [ME] 6y45d23h45m n/a nw
Stillwater Stillwater Playspots [ME] 6y50d01h23m n/a Added concern about College Ave. parking.
Androscoggin Dresser Rips [ME] 6y102d19h25m n/a Added lat/lon for putin, takeout, & rapid.
Nesowadnehunk Stream Little Niagara to Penobscot R. [ME] 6y145d19h27m n/a Updated description
Sheepscot Sheepscot Pond to Somerville [ME] 6y312d07h59m n/a
Orbeton Stream Barnjum Stream to Sandy R. [ME] 7y35d02h47m n/a Added photo.
Goose Eye Brook Bull Branch Rd - Hike up [ME] 7y37d17h48m n/a
Kennebago Kennebago Lake to Bridge [ME] 7y56d14h21m n/a photo added
Chandler Mill Stream [ME] 8y5d17h07m n/a
Sandy Stream Stony Brook to Michael Stream (Lexington Township) [ME] 8y67d00h48m n/a
Pierce Pond Stream Pierce Pond to Kennebec River [ME] 8y67d00h51m n/a
Kenduskeag Stream 4) Rt. 15 (Six Mile Falls) to Bangor [ME] 8y99d15h49m n/a Added info on rapids
Stillwater River Gilman Falls to Penobscot River [ME] 9y30d11h05m n/a grammer correction
Rapid Pond in the River to Lake Umbagog [ME] 9y40d09h45m n/a Change release dates
Pleasant (Presumpscot trib) U.S. 302 to River Rd. [ME] 9y60d22h13m n/a Added sig photo.
Little Androscoggin Bryant Pond to Tubbs School [ME] 9y65d20h33m n/a Class 1; added clarifying text.
Sandy 7. Norridgewock [ME] 9y244d17h25m n/a Changed title for ordering.
Sandy Stream Freedom Pond to Unity Pond [ME] 9y244d17h39m n/a Fixed coords; added abstract.
Wassataquoik Stream Deasy Pond Outlet to E. Br. Penobscot R. [ME] 9y260d17h42m n/a photo added
Ragged Stream Ragged Lake dam to bridge [ME] 9y262d22h35m n/a Added coords; set diff to III+; CHANGED NAME from WB Penob to Ragged Stream.
Kennebec Madison Wave [ME] 9y282d22h05m n/a
Barnjum Stream to Orbeton Stream [ME] 9y283d17h30m n/a
Perham Stream East Madrid [ME] 9y283d18h52m n/a photo added
Saco Steep Falls [ME] 9y283d20h13m n/a
Kennebec., East Outlet Moosehead Lake Rte. 15 Bridge to Indian Pond [ME] 9y286d12h17m n/a
Kennebec, West Outlet Moosehead Lake to Indian Pond [ME] 9y326d22h09m n/a Updated link.
Dennys Rte. 86 to 2.5 mi downstream [ME] 9y340d15h23m n/a Copyedit.
Dennys 1. Gilman Dam to Rte. 86 [ME] 9y340d15h28m n/a Adjusted lat/long coords; added a gage and lynx.
Dead, S. Branch 2. Green Farm Br. to Flagstaff [ME] 9y341d01h32m n/a Adjusted lat/long coords.
Dead, S. Branch 1. Dallas School (Rte, 16) to Langston Mill [ME] 9y341d01h42m n/a Adjusted lat/long coords.
Crooked Scribners Mill to US 302 [ME] 9y341d14h08m n/a Added lynx.
Crooked 3) East Waterford to Scribners Mill [ME] 9y341d14h10m n/a Added lynx and abstract.
Crooked 2) North Waterford to East Waterford [ME] 9y341d14h14m n/a Added lynx.
Crooked 1) Albany to North Waterford [ME] 9y341d14h17m n/a Added lynx.
Cold Stream Tomhegan Stream to Kennebec R. [ME] 9y341d14h28m n/a Added sig photo; copyedit.
Cobscook Falls Dennys Bay to Cobscook Bay [ME] 9y341d17h24m n/a Added text from comment and link.
Cobbosseecontee Stream 1. Cobbosseecontee Lake to Pleasant Pond [ME] 9y341d17h37m n/a Copyedit
Carrying Place Stream 2 miles up to Wyman Lake [ME] 9y341d23h22m n/a Copyedit
Cathance Stream (Washington Co.) Lake Cathance to Dennysville [ME] 9y341d23h23m n/a Updated link.
Carrabasset 2. Kingfield to US201A [ME] 9y342d00h05m n/a Changed name; updated link.
Carrabasset 1. Carrabasset to Kingfield [ME] 9y342d00h06m n/a Changed name; updated link.
Branch Lake Stream Branch Lake to Infant Street in Ellsworth [ME] 9y342d01h07m n/a Added text from comment and abstract.
Bowley Brook between Weld and Dryden [ME] 9y342d01h16m n/a Copyedit; added abstract.
Blue Hill Falls Rt 175 to Rt 175 (Tidal Reversing Falls) [ME] 9y344d01h23m n/a Added text from comment, directions, and abstract. Fixed broken link.
Big Wilson Stream 2) Bodfish Crossing to Willimantic [ME] 9y344d01h38m n/a Added text from comment and link.
Big Wilson Stream 1) Lower Wilson Pond to Bodfish Crossing [ME] 9y344d01h39m n/a Added link.
Big Wilson Stream 3) Willimantic to Earley Landing [ME] 9y344d01h44m n/a Added lynx; changed title.
Baskahegan Str. Lindsey Brook to Baskahegan Lake [ME] 9y345d15h17m n/a Added text from comment.
Baker Branch 2) Baker Lake to SW Branch St. John River [ME] 9y345d15h22m n/a Updated link.
Baker Branch 1) Fourth St. John Pond to Baker Lake [ME] 9y345d15h22m n/a Updated link.
Austin Stream South Branch to Bingham [ME] 9y345d15h25m n/a Added sig photo.
Little Ossipee Balch Pond to Saco R. [ME] > 10 years n/a Added photo, and a very brief note in the description.
Souadabscook Stream Manning Mill Bridge to Rt.1A in Hampden [ME] > 10 years n/a
Androscoggin Dresser Rips [ME] > 10 years n/a
Kennebec 2) Lower Kennebec: Carry Brook to the Forks [ME] > 10 years n/a
Saco Limington Rips [ME] > 10 years n/a
Sebasticook Burnham to Benton [ME] > 10 years n/a
Piscataquis River Blanchard to Upper Abbott [ME] > 10 years n/a
Kennebec The Forks to Caratunk [ME] > 10 years n/a
Oyster Beechwood St to Rt 131 [ME] > 10 years n/a
St. George Payson Park [ME] > 10 years n/a
Moxie Stream Snowmobile bridge to Moxie Falls [ME] > 10 years n/a
Little US202 to Lord Road [ME] > 10 years n/a
Pleasant (Pleasant Bay trib) Pleasant River Lake to Columbia Falls [ME] > 10 years n/a
Millinocket Stream (E.Br.Penobscot trib) Millinocket Lake to Shad Pond [ME] > 10 years n/a
Millinocket Stream (Aroostook trib) Millinocket Lake 9 mi to Libby Camp [ME] > 10 years n/a
Kenduskeag Stream 3) Kenduskeag to Rte. 15 (Six Mile Falls) [ME] > 10 years n/a
Kenduskeag Stream 2) French Stream to Kenduskeag [ME] > 10 years n/a
Kenduskeag Stream 1) Garland to French Stream [ME] > 10 years n/a
St. Croix 3) Milltown to Calais [ME] > 10 years n/a
St. Croix 2) Kelleyland to Milltown [ME] > 10 years n/a
St. Croix 1) Vanceboro to Kelleyland [ME] > 10 years n/a
Seboeis Hay Brook to Grand Lake Rd (5 mi, III-IV), to East Branch Penobscot (17.3 mi, I-IV) [ME] > 10 years n/a
Sandy 6) Farmington Falls to New Sharon [ME] > 10 years n/a