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Blackfoot Scotty Brown Bridge to Johnsrud Park [MT] 105d07h33m n/a updated image position
Yellowstone 1. Gardiner to Miner (Yankee Jim Canyon) [MT] 141d09h02m n/a updated image position
Boulder 2. Speculator Creek to Chippy Park Campground [MT] 141d09h07m n/a updated image position
Boulder 4. Boulder Falls to highway (Boulder Falls Canyon) [MT] 141d09h08m n/a updated image position
Boulder 1. Fourmile to Speculator Creek (Hells Canyon) [MT] 141d09h09m n/a updated image position
Hellroaring Creek Headwaters to Yellowstone National Park [MT] 141d09h09m n/a updated image position
Madison 3) Beartrap Canyon: Madison Dam to Route 84 [MT] 141d09h11m n/a updated image position
Hyalite Creek 2. Below Hyalite Reservoir [MT] 141d09h12m n/a updated image position
Madison 2) Quake Lake to 1.5 miles downstream [MT] 141d09h14m n/a updated image position
Tenderfoot Creek S. Fork Tenderfoot to Smith R. [MT] 141d09h16m n/a updated description
Smith Camp Baker to Eden Bridge [MT] 141d09h23m n/a updated image position
Rock Creek (Carbon County) Lake Fork to Red Lodge [MT] 141d09h25m n/a updated image position
Bear Creek Trailside/Bitterroots [MT] 166d13h31m n/a updated image position
Flathead, Middle Fork 3. Moccasin Creek to West Glacier [MT] 222d13h32m n/a updated image position
Falls Creek (Dearborn Trib) (hike up) 2 miles above Dearborn to Dearborn [MT] 222d15h48m n/a updated description
Flathead, Middle Fork 1. Schafer Meadows to Bear Creek [MT] 239d05h33m n/a updated image position
Rosebud Creek, West Emerald Lake to Pine Grove Campground [MT] 245d11h56m n/a updated image position
Monture Creek Hike-In [MT] 250d14h58m n/a updated description
Flathead, North Fork 1. Canadian Border to Blankenship Bridge [MT] 282d05h54m n/a updated image position
Elk Creek (Swan Trib) Hike In [MT] 304d02h06m n/a updated image position
Prospect Creek Clear Creek to Clark Fork [MT] 329d12h07m n/a updated image position
Rattlesnake Creek Backcountry Run [MT] 329d12h07m n/a updated image position
Two Medicine, South Fork Canyon [MT] 329d12h08m n/a updated image position
Thompson River Little Thompson River to Clark Fork Confluence [MT] 329d12h08m n/a updated image position
Teton River, South Fork Roadside [MT] 329d12h09m n/a updated image position
Teton River, North Fork Rocky Mountain Front [MT] 329d12h10m n/a updated image position
Teton River (North Fork) Box Canyon [MT] 329d12h11m n/a updated image position
Swan River Crystal Lake to Lindburgh Lake [MT] 329d12h11m n/a updated image position
Spotted Bear River Big Bill Mountain to the South Fork [MT] 329d12h13m n/a updated image position
Dearborn 1) Upper (carry up 4 miles from end of Dearborn Canyon Road) [MT] 329d12h15m n/a updated image position
Blackfoot, North Fork Foot Bridge to Road Bridge (Hike In) [MT] 329d14h31m n/a updated image position
Clark Fork 2. Alberton Put In to Fish Creek [MT] 331d12h41m n/a updated image position
Upper Twin Creek Nanny Creek to SF Flathead (Hike In) [MT] 359d14h05m n/a updated image position
Rosebud Creek, East Lake to Sand Dunes Campground [MT] 1y28h23m n/a updated image position
Glacier Creek Trailside [MT] 1y104d09h31m n/a gage
Graves Creek Above Hungry Horse Reservoir [MT] 1y127d06h36m n/a video
Rock Creek (Bitterroots) Above Lake Como [MT] 1y244d15h56m n/a added photo
Belt Creek 2. Monarch to Riceville [MT] 1y285d08h20m n/a ..
Gallatin 3. Greek Creek to Spanish Creek (House Rock) [MT] 1y316d15h45m n/a desc update
Flathead Buffalo Rapids: Kerr Dam to County Road Bridge [MT] 2y11d10h00m n/a rapid class
Swan Bigfork Dam to Bigfork Powerhouse [MT] 2y11d15h18m n/a mad to wild
McDonald Creek Going to the Sun Roadside [MT] 2y12d15h07m n/a Vimeo
Rattlesnake Creek Duncan Drive to Clark Fork [MT] 2y111d13h00m n/a gage link
Stillwater 0. Upper Stillwater Lake to Lower Stillwater Lake (near Whitefish) [MT] 3y194d09h42m n/a name
Stillwater 3 Day Mission [MT] 3y194d09h45m n/a class
Flathead, Middle Fork 2. Bear Creek to Paola Access Area [MT] 3y251d09h17m n/a typo
Judith Danvers Bridge to Anderson Bridge [MT] 5y32d12h00m n/a pittendrigh comment put in main description
Sun River (South Fork) Wilderness Run [MT] 5y281d12h20m n/a difficulty
Bouder Creek Fig slide to Lower Boulder Creek Falls [MT] 5y310d10h32m n/a 2nd pub
Rock Creek (Missoula County) Middle & West Fork confluence to Clark Fork R. [MT] 7y267d09h45m n/a angler info
Fish Creek N Fork Fish Creek to Clark Fork River [MT] 7y309d07h13m n/a Added photo
Flathead, Middle Fork 4. West Glacier to Blankenship Bridge [MT] 8y103d02h47m n/a replaced broken link
Flint Creek Valley Run [MT] 8y177d02h11m n/a gage range
Callahan Creek Gorge [MT] 8y332d15h06m n/a difficulty
Boulder (Jefferson R. tributary) Bison Creek to Jefferson R. [MT] 8y342d07h36m n/a photo added
Stillwater 4. Whitebird public access to Fireman's Point public access [MT] 9y114d12h26m n/a Added takeout coords.
Trout Creek Canyon Section [MT] 9y133d04h07m n/a Added coords and abstract.
Flathead, South Fork 3. Cedar Flats to Spotted Bear [MT] 9y133d16h15m n/a Added takeout coords.
Flathead, South Fork 1. Big Prairie to Mid Creek [MT] 9y133d16h31m n/a Added takeout coords.
Gallatin, South Fork West Fork Ousel Falls to .75 miles downstream [MT] 9y149d11h27m n/a Added coords, abstract, & booklink; fixed spelling of Ousel Falls and corrected the name of the river (Ai carumba).
Stillwater, West Initial Creek Campground to Stillwater Road [MT] 9y150d19h35m n/a Added coords, abstract, & gauge.
Boulder, West above the campground [MT] 9y155d15h50m n/a Added coords and abstract; minor copyedit.
Hyalite Creek 1. Grotto Falls to Hyalite Canyon Rd. [MT] 9y156d11h57m n/a Added coords and abstract; linked to lower reach.
Jungle Creek From the road [MT] > 10 years n/a
Two Medicine north of East Glacier to the east glacier bridge [MT] > 10 years n/a
Two Medicine Forest Service Boundary to Sullivan Bridge [MT] > 10 years n/a
Kootenai Creek trailside [MT] > 10 years n/a
Little Prickly Pear Creek Spring Gulch access to Wolf Creek [MT] > 10 years n/a
Dearborn 4) Hwy 287 Bridge to Missouri R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Belt Creek 1. Sec 15 to Monarch [MT] > 10 years n/a
Stillwater 1. Woodbine Campground to below Chrome Mine [MT] > 10 years n/a
Stillwater 2. Buffalo Jump public access to Cliff Swallow public access [MT] > 10 years n/a
Missouri Great Falls [MT] > 10 years n/a
Clark Fork 1. Missoula Town Run [MT] > 10 years n/a
Lake Creek Dam to Troy [MT] > 10 years n/a
Flathead, South Fork 2. Mid Creek to Cedar Flats [MT] > 10 years n/a
Clark Fork 3. Fish Creek to Forest Grove [MT] > 10 years n/a
Yaak 2. Yaak Falls to Kootenai R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Falls Creek unknown [MT] > 10 years n/a
Boulder, South Upper South Fork [MT] > 10 years n/a
Madison 1) Hebgen Res to Quake Lake [MT] > 10 years n/a
Lake Creek (unknown location) [MT] > 10 years n/a
Dearborn 2) Falls Creek to Hwy 200 Bridge [MT] > 10 years n/a
Dearborn 3) Dearborn Canyon Road Bridge to Hwy 287 Bridge [MT] > 10 years n/a
Big Timber Creek near Half Moon Campground [MT] > 10 years n/a
Kootenai Libby to Troy [MT] > 10 years n/a
Gallatin 2. W. Fork Gallatin to Greek Creek [MT] > 10 years n/a
Yaak 1. Spread Creek to Yaak Falls [MT] > 10 years n/a
Flathead, North Fork 2. Big Creek to Glacier Rim [MT] > 10 years n/a
Stillwater 3. Cliff Swallow public access to Whitebird public access [MT] > 10 years n/a
Big Hole Divide Bridge to Beaverhead R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Mill Creek along Mill Creek Road into Frenchtown [MT] > 10 years n/a
Sunday Creek Headwaters to Stillwater R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Vermilion Headwaters to Clark Fork R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Rosebud Creek East & West Fork Rosebud to Stillwater R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Mulherin Creek Yellowstone NP to Yellowstone R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Grave Creek Foundation Creek to Tobacco R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Boulder, East Headwaters to Boulder R. [MT] > 10 years n/a
Boulder, West Gallatin Nat. Forest boundary to Boulder R. [MT] > 10 years n/a