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Rio Grande 05. John Dunn Bridge to Taos Junction Bridge (Lower Taos Box) [NM] 237d23h35m n/a updated stats
Rio Grande 03. Chiflo Campground to Little Arsenic Trail [NM] 267d20h49m n/a updated image position
Embudo Creek 01. Near Rio Lucio to Hwy 75 [NM] 297d19h03m n/a updated image position
Rio Grande 06. Quartzite River Access to County Line River Access (The Racecourse) [NM] 1y59d19h43m n/a
Rio Chama 04. El Vado Lake to Abiquiu Reservoir [NM] 2y19d13h52m n/a permit link fixed
Rio Chama 05. Abiquiu Dam to confluence with Rio Grande [NM] 2y186d09h33m n/a
Trampas Creek (Rio de las Trampas) 01. into the Embudo [NM] 2y186d09h39m n/a
San Juan 01. Navajo Dam to Four Corners [NM] 2y186d09h40m n/a
San Francisco 02. Lower San Francisco Hot Springs to Clifton, AZ [NM] 2y186d09h40m n/a
San Francisco 01. San Francisco to Pleasanton [NM] 2y186d09h41m n/a
San Antonio 01. Lagunitas to Los Pinos [NM] 2y186d09h42m n/a
Rio de los Pinos 02. Atencio Canyon to Los Pinos [NM] 2y186d09h42m n/a
Rio de los Pinos 01. Toltec Gorge: Osier, CO to Campground near San Miguel, NM [NM] 2y186d09h43m n/a
Rio de los Brazos 01. Corkins Lodge to confluence with Rio Chama [NM] 2y186d09h43m n/a
Rio Santa Cruz 01. Cundiyo to Santa Cruz Reservoir [NM] 2y186d09h44m n/a
Rio Pueblo de Taos 01. to Taos Junction Bridge [NM] 2y186d09h45m n/a
Rio Pueblo de Taos 02. Rio Lucio to Rio Grande Confluence [NM] 2y186d09h45m n/a
Rio Ojo Caliente 01. La Madera to confluence with Rio Chama [NM] 2y186d09h50m n/a
Rio Guadalupe 01. Bridge to Gilman Tunnels [NM] 2y186d09h50m n/a
Rio Grande 07. Otowi Bridge to Cochiti Reservoir [NM] 2y186d09h50m n/a
Rio Grande 04. Red River confluence to John Dunn Bridge [NM] 2y186d09h51m n/a
Rio Grande 02. Lee Trail to Chiflo Campground [NM] 2y186d09h52m n/a
Rio Grande 01. Lobatos Bridge(Colorado) to Lee Trail [NM] 2y186d09h52m n/a
Rio Chama 3.5 Monastary to Big Eddy [NM] 2y186d09h54m n/a
Rio Chama 03. Los Ojos to El Vado Lake [NM] 2y186d09h54m n/a
Rio Chama 01. Lobo Lodge to Chama River Park [NM] 2y186d09h59m n/a
Rio Chama 02. Chama to Los Ojos [NM] 2y186d10h07m n/a
Rio Brazos 01. above Corkins Lodge [NM] 2y186d10h17m n/a
Red River 01. Hwy 515 to Dunn Bridge [NM] 2y186d10h17m n/a
Pecos 03. Villanueva State Park to Tecolotito [NM] 2y186d10h17m n/a
Pecos 02. Pecos to Villanueva [NM] 2y186d10h18m n/a
Pecos 01. Cowles to Pecos [NM] 2y186d10h18m n/a
Navajo 01. Chromo,CO to Colorado Border [NM] 2y186d10h19m n/a
Mora 01. Shoemaker to confluence with Canadian River [NM] 2y186d10h19m n/a
Jemez 01. Battleship Rock to Soda Dam [NM] 2y186d10h19m n/a
Gila 02. Forest Road 809 to Redrock [NM] 2y186d10h20m n/a
Gila 01. Visitor to Mogollan Creek [NM] 2y186d10h21m n/a
Cimarron 01. Eagle Nest to Cimarron [NM] 2y186d10h23m n/a
Canadian 02. Taylor Springs to Conchas Reservoir [NM] 2y186d10h24m n/a
Canadian 01. Raton to Taylor Springs [NM] 2y186d10h24m n/a
Animas 11. Cedar Hill to Farmington City Park [NM] 2y186d10h24m n/a
Animas 10. Farmington Whitewater Park [NM] 2y186d10h25m n/a