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Mongaup Rio Powerhouse to Delaware River [NY] 9d19h34m n/a updated description
Moose 2. Lower: Rock Island to Fowlersville [NY] 29d10h14m n/a updated description
Otter Creek Partridgeville Road to Pine Grove Rd. [NY] 29d10h15m n/a updated description
Woodhull Creek Meekerville Bridges to Steel Bridge on Woodhull Rd [NY] 29d10h17m n/a updated description
Esopus Creek 2) Allaben Portal to Phoenicia [NY] 41d18h11m n/a updated description
Ausable, E. Branch Hulls Falls to Keene [NY] 56d18h06m n/a updated description
Rock River Lake Durant to Cedar River [NY] 60d18h58m n/a updated description
Beaver 3. Taylorville Section [NY] 70d16h28m n/a updated description
Beaver 2. Eagle Section [NY] 70d16h29m n/a updated description
Moose 3. Bottom: Fowlersville to Lyons Falls [NY] 72d12h33m n/a updated description
Raquette 4) Stone Valley: Colton to Brown's Bridge [NY] 72d12h34m n/a updated description
Beaver 1. Moshier Section [NY] 77d01h06m n/a updated description
Black 7. Watertown to Brownville [NY] 77d13h58m n/a updated name
Salmon (Lake Ontario) 2. Route 2A to Black Hole through Pulaski [NY] 77d15h03m n/a updated description
Independence River 1. Upper [NY] 77d22h03m n/a updated description
Saranac 3. High Falls Gorge [NY] 178d15h51m n/a updated image position
Moodna Creek Woodbury Creek to Old Forge Hill Road [NY] 182d19h54m n/a updated description
Stony Brook Lake Sebago to 7 Lakes Dr. bridge [NY] 232d17h31m n/a updated permit
Ramapo Tuxedo to Suffern [NY] 233d20h37m n/a updated name
Esopus Creek 3) Phoenicia to Boiceville [NY] 319d09h17m n/a updated description
Schoharie Creek Esperance to Fort Hunter [NY] 349d12h50m n/a updated image position
Hudson 1. Indian River to North River [NY] 364d20h20m n/a updated description
Cattaraugus Creek, S. Branch Otto to Gowanda [NY] 1y7d16h13m n/a updated image position
Hudson 2. North River to Riparius [NY] 1y10d00h25m n/a updated description
Canadaway Creek Freedonia to Willow Road [NY] 1y16d22h16m n/a updated stats
Delaware Hancock to Port Jervis [NY] 1y18d16h15m n/a updated image position
Hudson 3. Riparius to the Glen [NY] 1y19d10h38m n/a updated description
Branch, The (Schroon trib.) Blue Ridge Road to Palmer Pond [NY] 1y53d13h38m n/a directions to the river
Boreas River 2. Route 28N to Hudson River [NY] 1y73d22h39m n/a updated description
Neversink 1. Rock Hill to Oakland Valley [NY] 1y89d19h21m n/a updated description
Neversink, E. Branch Strauss YMCA Camp to Claryville [NY] 1y90d10h07m n/a updated stats
Ausable, W. Branch 6. Wilmington to Ausable Forks [NY] 1y247d12h29m n/a
Genesee Letchworth Gorge [NY] 1y291d12h40m n/a Put in changes from Steve de Boer
West Canada Creek Trenton Falls to Herkimer [NY] 2y28d15h25m n/a info
Hoosic 4. Powerhouse to the Hudson [NY] 2y31d16h49m n/a
Hoosic 3. Schaghticoke Dam to Powerhouse [NY] 2y31d16h50m n/a
Hoosic 2. Petersburgh, NY [NY] 2y31d16h50m n/a
Owego Creek Dr. Knapp to Owego [NY] 2y91d21h38m n/a Created
Catatonk Creek Candor to Owego [NY] 2y91d21h57m n/a Created
Black 2. Farr Road to Enos [NY] 2y92d16h47m n/a
Erie Canal Lock 32 Whitewater Course [NY] 2y92d16h52m n/a
Grass 5. Messena Wave [NY] 2y99d17h05m n/a
Anthony Kill Coons Crossing to the Hudson (Tenandeho Section) [NY] 2y113d20h45m n/a Updated 2018 derby date
Canadaway Creek Griswold to Laona [NY] 2y147d17h59m n/a updated
Butternut Creek Jamesville Reservoir to Route 481 [NY] 2y147d18h24m n/a updated
Fish Creek, E. Branch Point Rock to Taberg [NY] 2y147d18h27m n/a updated
Bowman Creek County Road 3 Bridge to Buckley Hollow Bridge [NY] 2y148d17h43m n/a updated
Boquet 1. Route 73 to Split Rock Falls [NY] 2y148d17h46m n/a
Beaver Meadow Creek Welch Rd. in Java Village [NY] 2y148d18h04m n/a updated
Batavia Kill (Delaware tributary) Roxbury Run bridge to Route 30 bridge [NY] 2y148d18h07m n/a
Bash Bish Brook Below Bash Bish Falls to Copake Falls [NY] 2y148d18h11m n/a updated
Ausable 7. Ausable Chasm to US Route 9 [NY] 2y148d18h16m n/a added warning for diagonal slide
Ausable, W. Branch 4. High Falls Gorge to the Flume [NY] 2y148d18h34m n/a updated
Moose, S. Branch Rock Dam to McKeever [NY] 2y245d17h55m n/a
Indian (S.Br. Moose trib.) Brooktrout Lake to South Branch Moose [NY] 2y245d18h17m n/a
Roaring Brook Brokeback Gorge [NY] 2y275d22h09m n/a
Boquet, S. Branch South Branch to Split Rock Falls [NY] 3y9d18h06m n/a map correction
St. Regis, Middle Branch 1. Quebec Brook to Spring Cove [NY] 4y21d17h07m n/a Updated
Twentymile Creek S. Ripley to Lake Erie [NY] 4y34d21h11m n/a Added local info
Sugar Creek Headwaters to Canaseraga Creek [NY] 4y34d21h12m n/a Added local info
Rushford Lake Outlet Rushford Lake to the Genesee River [NY] 4y34d21h12m n/a Added local info
Oatka Creek Leroy to Fort Hill [NY] 4y34d21h13m n/a Added local info
Oak Orchard Creek (Medina Falls) Medina to Lake Ontario [NY] 4y34d21h13m n/a Added local info
Niagara Niagara Gorge [NY] 4y34d21h14m n/a Added local info
Murder Creek Akron [NY] 4y34d21h15m n/a Added local info
Little Chautauqua Creek Quillian Rd to Chautauqua Creek [NY] 4y34d21h15m n/a Added local info
Keshequa Creek Tuscarora to Sonyea [NY] 4y34d21h15m n/a Added local info
Honeoye Creek Highway 20 to Big Eddy Park [NY] 4y34d21h16m n/a Added local info
Ellicott Creek Glen Falls - Williamsville [NY] 4y34d21h17m n/a Added local info
Eighteenmile Creek, S. Br. New Oregon Rd. to East Church Rd. [NY] 4y34d21h17m n/a Added local info
Eighteenmile Creek Hamburg to Lake [NY] 4y34d21h18m n/a Added local info
Clear Creek, N. Br. Jennings Rd. to Ketchum Rd. [NY] 4y34d21h19m n/a Added local info
Chautauqua Creek Putnam Road to Lake Erie [NY] 4y34d21h19m n/a gauge min to 2.0 ft
Cazenovia Creek, W. Branch Aurora to West Seneca [NY] 4y34d21h20m n/a Added local info
Cazenovia Creek, W.Branch Glenwood to Lackawanna [NY] 4y34d21h20m n/a Added local info
Cattaraugus Creek Zoar Bridge to Gowanda (Zoar Valley) [NY] 4y34d21h21m n/a Added local info
Canaseraga Creek Canaseraga to Dansville [NY] 4y35d21h36m n/a Added local info
Conesus Creek Pole Bridge Road to Papermill Falls Park [NY] 4y35d21h39m n/a Added local info
Vanbuskirk Gulf Vanbuskirk Rd. to Route 34/96 [NY] 4y36d16h32m n/a Added local info
Trumansburg Creek Trumansburg to Rt. 89 [NY] 4y36d16h32m n/a Added local info
Taughannock Creek 2. Rte. 96 to Falls-Jacksonville Rd. [NY] 4y36d16h33m n/a Added local info
Taughannock Creek 1. Podunk Rd to Rt 96 bridge [NY] 4y36d16h33m n/a Added local info
Sixmile Creek Rt 79 to Brooktondale [NY] 4y36d16h34m n/a Added local info
Salmon Creek Ludlowville Falls to Cayuga Lake [NY] 4y36d16h35m n/a Added local info
Owasco River (Outlet) Canoga Rd to Turnpike Rd [NY] 4y36d16h35m n/a Added local info
Keuka Outlet Penn Yan to Dresden [NY] 4y36d16h39m n/a Added local info
Irondequoit Creek Channing H. Philbrick Park [NY] 4y36d16h40m n/a Added local info
Great Gully Creek Wheeler Rd. to Rte. 90 [NY] 4y36d16h42m n/a Added local info
Fall Creek 3. Flat Rock (Cornell Plantations) to Beebe Lake [NY] 4y36d16h42m n/a Added local info
Fall Creek 2. Rte 13 Bridge to Flat Rock (Cornell Plantations) [NY] 4y36d16h43m n/a Added local info
Fall Creek 1. Etna to Forest Home [NY] 4y36d16h43m n/a Added local info
Cayuta Creek unknown [NY] 4y36d16h44m n/a Added local info
Cayuga Lake Hole Milliken Road [NY] 4y36d16h44m n/a Added local info
Canisteo Canisteo to Addison [NY] 4y36d16h45m n/a Added local info
Canandaigua Outlet Littleville to Manchester [NY] 4y36d16h46m n/a Added local info
Cascadilla Creek Hoy Rd. to Ithaca [NY] 4y36d16h49m n/a Added local info
Wallkill Walden to route 213 at Sturgeon Pool [NY] 4y78d21h51m n/a Added local info
Stony Brook Lower section, from hikers parking lot to the Ramapo River [NY] 4y78d21h51m n/a Added local info
Sandburg Creek Falls below Mountain Dale to Old 20 [NY] 4y78d21h52m n/a Added local info