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Youghiogheny 6. Lower [PA] 19d14h22m n/a updated description
Spring Creek Bellefonte to Milesburg [PA] 23d14h00m n/a updated image position
Casselman 4) Markleton to Harnedsville (Confluence) [PA] 32d17h47m n/a updated description
Tohickon Creek 3. Ralph Stover State Park to Point Pleasant (PA Route 32) [PA] 45d22h47m n/a updated image position
Delaware Lambertville Wing Dam [PA] 45d23h11m n/a updated image position
Brandywine Creek Shaws Bridge Park, Lenape, PA to Thompson Bridge Road, DE [PA] 58d03h12m n/a updated description
Muddy Creek (Susquehanna trib) Paper Mill Road to Susquehanna River (Cold Creek Park) [PA] 62d03h31m n/a updated description
Paint Creek SR 56 to Stonycreek River [PA] 79d00h51m n/a updated image position
Octoraro Creek 2. Sleepy Hollow Rd/Lees Bridge Rd to New Bridge Rd Bridge [PA] 88d03h46m n/a updated stats
Octoraro Creek 1. Octoraro Lake to Sleepy Hollow Rd/Lees Bridge Rd [PA] 88d15h06m n/a updated name
Clarion River Portland Mills to Cooksburg [PA] 95d17h49m n/a updated description
Wills Creek Fairhope to Hyndman [PA] 119d10h56m n/a updated image position
Muddy Creek, Upper (Susquehanna Trib) Woodbine Rd to Paper Mill Rd [PA] 147d22h54m n/a updated description
Codorus Creek John Rudy Park to Codorus Furnace Road [PA] 148d02h48m n/a updated description
Casselman 3) Rockwood to Markleton [PA] 149d01h51m n/a updated name
Casselman 2) Salisbury to Rockwood [PA] 149d01h52m n/a updated name
Town Creek 1. Chaneysville to I-68 (Maryland) [PA] 241d14h07m n/a 12-15-2018 - cleanup
Laurel Hill Creek 2. Whipkey Dam to Humbert Covered Bridge Nr. Ursina [PA] 245d00h39m n/a 12-15-2018 - cleanup
Youghiogheny 7. Bottom [PA] 254d00h51m n/a 12-1-2018 - cleanup
Youghiogheny 5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] 255d13h59m n/a 12-1-2018 - update of description started
Delaware Delaware Water Gap - Smithfield Beach to Kittatinny Point Visitors Center [PA] 285d23h00m n/a 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Delaware Scudders Falls Recreation Area [PA] 285d23h02m n/a 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Evitts Creek 1. Lake Gordon Dam (PA) to Maryland Route 144 (MD) [PA] 341d02h52m n/a 9-10-2018 split river length into two.
Swatara Creek 3. Jonestown, PA (Market St.) to Harpers Tavern, PA [PA] 1y22d01h12m n/a 7-24-2018 - cleanup
Swatara Creek 5. Union Deposit, PA (Swatara Creek Park, S. Hanover St.) to Middletown, PA [PA] 1y22d01h19m n/a 7-24-2018 - cleanup
Swatara Creek 4. Harpers Tavern, PA to Boat House Rd., Hershey, PA [PA] 1y22d01h20m n/a 7-24-2018 - cleanup
Swatara Creek 2. Pine Grove, PA (Canal Park) to Waterville Bridge Trailhead [PA] 1y22d01h23m n/a 7-24-2018 - added reach
Swatara Creek 1. PA 125 Bridge south of Tremont to Pine Grove, PA (Canal Park) [PA] 1y22d01h40m n/a 7-24-2018 - added reach
Yellow Breeches 3. Lisburn (PA 114 bridge) to Spanglers Mill Rd. [PA] 1y23d19h28m n/a 7-24-2018 - cleanup
Yellow Breeches 2. Old Gettysburg Pike to Lisburn (PA 114 bridge) [PA] 1y24d00h12m n/a 7-24-2018 - cleanup
Yellow Breeches 1. Boiling Springs to Old Gettysburg Pike [PA] 1y24d00h56m n/a 7-24-2018 - cleanup
Black Creek Hazelton (Jaycee Drive) to Nescopeck [PA] 1y57d23h18m n/a Location and Info
Big Run Savannah Road to Shenango River [PA] 1y57d23h28m n/a Location
Big Cove Creek T379 to Licking Creek [PA] 1y57d23h32m n/a Location
Beaver Creek LR 26023 to confluence with Meadow Run [PA] 1y57d23h46m n/a Location
Bear Creek PA Route 115 to Walter Dam [PA] 1y57d23h49m n/a Location
Babb Creek Lick Run to Pine Creek [PA] 1y57d23h58m n/a
Antietam Creek, E. Branch Old Forge to confluence with W. Branch [PA] 1y58d00h02m n/a
Anderson Creek US Rte 322 to W.Br. Susquehanna [PA] 1y58d00h12m n/a Location and Info
Two Lick Creek Waterworks Park to Homer City [PA] 1y68d21h12m n/a Created Reach per Dana Driscoll
Red Moshannon Creek 1 - Peale Bridge to Route 53 Bridge [PA] 1y184d16h46m n/a Updated difficulty.
Stonycreek River 1 - Stony Gorge [PA] 1y214d17h47m n/a 1-14-2018 - cleanup
Shade Creek Confluence of Dark and Clear Shade to Stony Creek [PA] 1y214d17h48m n/a 4-2-2018 - small edit/cleanup
Quemahoning Creek Boswell to Reservoir [PA] 1y214d17h50m n/a 1-14-2018 - cleanup
Dark Shade Creek Rockingham to Clear Shade [PA] 1y214d17h51m n/a 1-14-2018 - cleanup
Clear Shade Creek Crum Road (Iron Bridge) to Shade Creek [PA] 1y214d17h52m n/a 4-2-2018 - small edit/cleanup
Stonycreek River 3 - Lower Stony [PA] 1y215d00h39m n/a 8-5-2018 - minor corrections to rapids listing - added Put-in
Stonycreek River 2 - Stony Canyon [PA] 1y215d00h50m n/a 8-5-2018 - cleanup
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 1y269d18h37m n/a
Tohickon Creek 2. South Park Road to Ralph Stover State Park (Immediately below Lake Nockamixon) [PA] 1y283d01h43m n/a 3-15-2018 - cleanup
Tohickon Creek 1. Quakertown (Thatcher Road, LR09082) to PA Route 563 (above Lake Nockamixon) [PA] 1y283d22h09m n/a 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Pine Creek Ansonia to Blackwell [PA] 1y287d08h54m n/a updated length, access location
Connoquenessing Creek RR bridge on South River Rd to Rock Point [PA] 1y303d21h30m n/a take-out on map fixed
Laurel Hill Creek 1. Laurel Hill State Park to Whipkey Dam [PA] 1y362d17h42m n/a 2-9-2018 - cleanup
Kishacoquillas Creek Reedsville (322 Overpass) to Kish Pike Bridge (APM True Value) [PA] 2y23d11h05m n/a added more descriptions to put-in and take-out
Ben's Creek Strawberry Rd (T521) to PA Route 53 [PA] 2y62d01h05m n/a
Little Conemaugh (South) St. Michael to South Fork [PA] 2y135d23h26m n/a fixed gauge correlation
Trout Run Fiddlers Green to Little Conemaugh River [PA] 2y136d00h01m n/a fixed gauge correlation
Walnut Creek Bridger Park to Millfair Rd [PA] 2y215d22h25m n/a Cover Photo
Little Conemaugh (North) Lilly to South Fork [PA] 2y289d14h54m n/a fixed gauge correlation
Black Moshannon Creek Gorton Road to Rt. 53 Bridge [PA] 2y293d15h10m n/a added rapid names and descriptions
Red Moshannon Creek 2 - Rt. 53 Bridge to Karthaus (West Branch) [PA] 2y293d15h31m n/a
Black Moshannon Creek Gorton Road to Rt. 53 Bridge [PA] 2y302d18h39m n/a updated difficulty
Susquehanna River Holtwood [PA] 2y321d15h13m n/a ww park descr added
Lehigh 1. White Haven to Rockport [PA] 2y349d22h16m n/a Added link to trip report with satellite photo maps
Lehigh 3. Glen Onoko to Bowmanstown [PA] 2y350d14h46m n/a Changes to rapid descriptions
Lehigh 2. Rockport to Glen Onoko [PA] 2y350d20h52m n/a 7-20-2018 - Corrected Little Swimmers (Bridal Veil) rapid captions
Youghiogheny 4. Middle [PA] 3y5d22h39m n/a 2-9-2018 - cleanup
Beaver Creek Alpine Road to Bull Road [PA] 3y85d02h46m n/a 2-25-2018 - cleanup
Little Elk Creek Francis Road to the mouth to Girard [PA] 3y85d13h28m n/a reset directions
Elk Creek Baron Road to Sterrettania [PA] 3y85d14h14m n/a reset directions
Twelve Mile Creek Sawmill Rd to Lake Erie [PA] 3y85d14h20m n/a fix HUC
Toby Maxwell RD to Miola Boat launch on Clarion River [PA] 3y85d20h56m n/a Provide coordinates
Squaw Valley Squaw Valley Road to 268 (below I-80) [PA] 3y85d22h43m n/a Provide coordinates
Little Scrubgrass Rt 208 Bridge to Allegheny River [PA] 3y85d23h10m n/a Reset put-in coordinates (which were WAAAAY off!)
Mill Creek Fisher Road to Clarion River [PA] 3y85d23h52m n/a Promote comment into description; add coordinates
Hells Hollow near the beaver basin [PA] 3y86d00h16m n/a Provide coordinates
Cucumber Run to the Casselman [PA] 3y86d00h47m n/a Use coordinates from comment
Conemaugh Johnstown to Torrance [PA] 3y306d20h17m n/a
South Poplar Run Blue Knob Claysburg Area [PA] 3y306d20h30m n/a Added information and pictures
Susquehanna Holtwood Whitewater Park [PA] 4y32d18h25m n/a
Susquehanna Holtwood Playpark [PA] 4y32d18h34m n/a
Deer Creek (Clarion River trib) Shippenville to Clarion River [PA] 4y48d17h31m n/a
Pequea Creek Martic Forge to Colemanville Bridge [PA] 4y187d15h19m n/a Select featured photo; shorten abstract; fix directions tab
Walnut Creek Cherry St Ext to Bridger Park [PA] 4y247d02h13m n/a new access
Blacklick Creek, S. Branch SR 271 in Nanty Glo to Vintondale [PA] 5y81d16h23m n/a
Otter Creek Gum Tree Road to York Furnace (Route 425) [PA] 5y136d20h38m n/a Updated lat/lon; changed putin road name.
Pine Creek Allison Park to Etna [PA] 5y359d03h34m n/a Added gradient, abstract, text from comment, and guesses of runnable range.
Blacklick Creek Route 259 to Saylor Park in Blacklick [PA] 6y45d00h59m n/a
Bear Creek (Allegheny River trib.) Bruin to Parker [PA] 6y211d13h49m n/a
Bobs Creek 1.7 mi. above Pavia to Weyant [PA] 6y223d19h07m n/a
Conewago Creek (East) Aberdeen Mills to Hillsdale Rd [PA] 7y11d04h28m n/a Added photo and lynx; removed nearby gauge in favor of a Conewago gauge.
Slippery Rock Creek 1. Kennedy Mill (Frew Mill Rd., SR 1012) to Eckert's Bridge [PA] 7y85d04h32m n/a Updated link
Walnut Creek Millfair Road to Lake Erie [PA] 7y178d22h16m n/a front page photo change
Little Elk Creek Old State Road to Francis Road [PA] 7y191d20h55m n/a new front photo
Mill Creek (French Creek Trib, Venango County Foster Rd. to Utica [PA] 7y199d01h46m n/a Fixed road name in Directions; added abstract.
Geddes Creek Groveland Rd to the Tohickon Creek Confluence [PA] 7y263d22h41m n/a linked in a pic for AssFuck fuck falls.
Canoe Creek I-80 bridge to Clarion River [PA] 7y296d11h58m n/a
Clearfield Creek Ashville (PA Route 36) to W.Br.Susquehanna R. [PA] 8y87d15h07m n/a added gauge