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Big Sioux Sioux Falls Park (1 mile) [SD] 212d09h54m n/a
Spearfish Creek Spearfish Canyon [SD] 3y167d18h00m n/a Add 'abstract', enable directions
Sand Creek Campground Section (2 miles) [SD] 3y167d18h07m n/a enable directions mapping
French Creek East boundary Custer State Park to SD 79 or Stockade Reservoir (22 miles) [SD] 4y71d16h33m n/a Add avg.gradient value and some waypoints
Redwater 1) Old Belle bridge to Helmer/Mtn View bridge (3 miles) [SD] 4y74d12h20m n/a rename (for sequence with new lower section)
Redwater 2) Helmer/Mtn View bridge to Hwy 34 [SD] 4y74d12h21m n/a Enable directions tab
Whitewood Creek Tin Lizzies to Whitewood (9 miles) [SD] 4y353d20h37m n/a
Battle Creek Harney to Hayward (4 miles) [SD] 5y259d21h45m n/a
Spearfish Creek Spearfish City Campground to Old US HWY14 (2 miles) [SD] 5y287d20h23m n/a
Rapid Creek 4. Heisga to Dark Canyon (8 miles) [SD] 9y126d08h45m n/a add approx. lat/lng for put-in/take-out
Rapid Creek 3. Thunderhead Falls: Big Bend to Hiesga (3 miles) [SD] 9y126d08h49m n/a add lat/lng for put-in/take-out
Rapid Creek 2. Johnson Siding to Big Bend (3 miles) [SD] 9y126d08h53m n/a add lat/lng for put-in/take-out
Rapid Creek 1. Pactola spillway to Johnson Siding (5 miles) [SD] > 10 years n/a