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Name Updated Edited By Comment
French Broad Del Rio to Bridgeport Market [TN] 58d23h38m n/a updated description
Piney River Play Park [TN] 79d01h18m n/a updated image position
Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford [TN] 88d16h22m n/a updated description
Cane Creek Window Cliff Road to Center Hill Lake [TN] 203d00h54m n/a updated description
Hamilton Branch Baxter Road to Mine Lick Creek [TN] 203d10h51m n/a updated description
Phelps Branch Old Mill Road to Center Hill lake [TN] 203d21h18m n/a updated stats
Ensor Creek Baxter Road to Mine Lick Creek [TN] 203d21h27m n/a updated description
Duskin Creek Off Shut - In Gap Road to the Piney River at Spring City [TN] 216d20h33m n/a updated image position
Piney River Wash-Pelfrey Road to Spring City [TN] 216d20h35m n/a updated image position
BearPen Branch from upstream to Duskin Creek [TN] 219d18h44m n/a updated description
Conasauga Jacks River to U.S. 411 Bridge [TN] 219d18h49m n/a updated description
Hiwassee 1. Dries: Turtletown Creek to Apalachia Powerhouse [TN] 219d18h50m n/a updated description
Yellow Creek (Cumberland Co.) Catoosa Road to Daddy's Creek [TN] 219d18h50m n/a updated description
Yellow Creek (Monroe Co.) FR 44 to Bullet Creek [TN] 219d18h51m n/a updated description
Woodcock Creek Woodcock Gulf to Daus [TN] 219d18h51m n/a updated description
Wildcat Creek (Tellico Tributary) Source to Tellico River [TN] 219d18h51m n/a updated description
White's Creek (Rhea County) 2. Possum Trot/Alloway Road to Route 27 [TN] 219d18h51m n/a updated description
White's Creek (Rhea County) 1. Rt 68 to Possum Trot/Alloway Bridge [TN] 219d18h52m n/a updated description
Turtletown Creek Off Hwy 68 near Farner to off F.S. road 23 [TN] 219d18h52m n/a updated description
Stinging Fork Stinging Fork Falls to Piney River [TN] 219d18h53m n/a updated description
Soddy Creek Waldens Ridge to Jones Gap Road [TN] 219d18h53m n/a updated description
Soak Creek Dirt road, off Jewitt Rd to Piney River [TN] 219d18h53m n/a updated description
Sawmill Creek-Soddy Trib. Waldens Ridge Lewis Chapel area [TN] 219d18h54m n/a updated description
RockHouse Branch Shut-in-Gap Road to Piney Take-Out (Spring City) [TN] 219d18h54m n/a updated description
Rock Creek Retro-Hughes Road to Leggett Rd bridge [TN] 219d18h55m n/a updated description
Roaring Creek New Harmony Rd to Brayton Mountain Rd (Montague) [TN] 219d18h55m n/a updated description
Richland Creek Old Dayton Reservoir to Laurel-Snow Parking Lot [TN] 219d18h56m n/a updated description
Possum Creek, Little Waldens Ridge to Bakewell [TN] 219d18h56m n/a updated description
Possum Creek, Big Waldens Ridge to Bakewell [TN] 219d18h56m n/a updated description
Pocket Creek Bridge Creek Road to Bee Branch [TN] 219d18h57m n/a updated description
North Chickamauga Creek 2. Walden Ridge to Soddy-Daisy [TN] 219d18h58m n/a updated description
Mullens Creek Prentice Cooper State Park to Mullens Cove [TN] 219d18h59m n/a updated description
Morgan Creek Snow Falls to Laurel-Snow Parking Lot [TN] 219d18h59m n/a updated description
Moccasin Creek Shut-In Gap Road to Piney River [TN] 219d19h00m n/a updated description
Middle Creek-South Pole Middle Creek-South Pole Rock Creek Trib (Sale Creek Tennessee) [TN] 219d19h00m n/a updated description
McGill Creek Hendon Rd to Coulterville Rd [TN] 219d19h00m n/a updated description
Mammys Creek US 70 to US 27 [TN] 219d19h01m n/a updated description
Little Piney Creek(Grandview) Grandview Tenn. to Piney River [TN] 219d19h01m n/a updated description
Little Soddy Creek Hotwater Rd to Back Valley Rd [TN] 219d19h02m n/a updated description
Little Fiery Gizzard Creek Into Big Fiery Gizzard Creek [TN] 219d19h02m n/a updated description
Henderson Creek Liberty Hill Rd to Laurel-Snow Parking lot [TN] 219d19h03m n/a updated description
Griffin Creek to the Sequatchie [TN] 219d19h03m n/a updated description
Falling Water Creek Waldens Ridge to Soddy Daisy [TN] 219d19h03m n/a updated description
Bumbee Creek Bumbee Creek / Mapleslush Branch Confluence to Piney River [TN] 219d19h04m n/a updated description
Brush Creek Seventh Day Adventist Compound to Roaring Creek [TN] 219d19h04m n/a updated description
Basin Creek Jeep Trail to Fall Creek [TN] 219d19h05m n/a updated description
Dunlap Creek Jolley Road to Piney River [TN] 219d19h06m n/a updated description
Deep Creek Mowbray to Soddy [TN] 219d19h06m n/a updated description
Cooper Creek Barker Camp Rd to Bowater Parking Lot [TN] 219d19h07m n/a updated description
Crab Orchard Creek Flat Rock Ford to Oakdale (Emory River) [TN] 219d19h07m n/a updated description
Coal Creek-White's Creek Trib Rhea County Coal Creek-White's Creek Trib [TN] 219d19h08m n/a updated description
Conner Creek Headwaters to North Suck Creek [TN] 219d19h08m n/a updated description
Coker Creek Highway 68 to Hiwassee River [TN] 219d19h09m n/a updated description
Cain Creek Barker Camp Rd. to Bowater Parking lot [TN] 219d19h09m n/a updated description
Bullet Creek Starr Mountain to Yellow Creek [TN] 219d19h10m n/a updated description
Board Camp Creek Jones Gap Rd to Soddy Creek [TN] 219d19h10m n/a updated description
Big Brush Creek Bridge on FS road off Highway 8/111 to Highway 127 [TN] 219d19h11m n/a updated description
Running Water Creek Katy Lane to Nickajack Lake [TN] 238d15h15m n/a updated description
Cumberland, Big South Fork Leatherwood Ford to Station Camp [TN] 275d23h34m n/a updated image position
Cumberland, Big South Fork The Confluence to Leatherwood Ford [TN] 275d23h53m n/a updated image position
Little Pigeon, West Prong 2. Chimneys Picnic Area to Campbell Overlook [TN] 325d01h57m n/a updated description
Watauga 5. Guys Ford Bridge to AW Sherwood Horine Access [TN] 358d02h11m n/a updated image position
Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) [TN] 1y36d00h08m n/a updated image position
Big Lost Creek (Upper) 1) Concrete Bridge to Lost Creek Campground [TN] 1y66d06h15m n/a updated image position
Big Lost Creek 2) Lost Creek Campground to Hiwassee Public Take-Out [TN] 1y66d06h16m n/a updated image position
Little Lost Creek into Big Lost Creek [TN] 1y70d10h10m n/a updated description
Spring Creek (Hiwassee Tributary) Concrete Bridge to Spring Creek Campsite 1 [TN] 1y70d11h41m n/a updated name
Nolichucky Nolichucky Gorge Campground to Jackson Love Bridge [TN] 1y134d06h37m n/a updated image position
Obed 2. Adams Bridge to Potter's Ford [TN] 1y147d19h54m n/a updated image position
Cumberland, Big South Fork Station Camp to Blue Heron, KY (19 miles) [TN] 1y169d14h51m n/a updated image position
Clear Fork Burnt Mill Bridge to Confluence with New River [TN] 1y169d15h29m n/a updated description
Clear Creek 4. Lilly to Nemo [TN] 1y202d15h03m n/a updated description
Cosby Creek Tom's Creek to Hwy 32 [TN] 1y207d21h06m n/a updated description
Crooked Fork Creek Potter's Falls to Camp Austin (Lower) [TN] 1y218d16h56m n/a updated image position
Emory 2. Emory River Canyon - Hwy 62 to Nemo [TN] 1y220d02h42m n/a updated image position
Emory 3. Nemo to Oakdale [TN] 1y220d02h43m n/a updated image position
Tellico 2. Bridge above Bald River to bridge below Jared's Knee [TN] 1y233d07h53m n/a updated image position
Caney Fork 1. Clifty Bridge to Bee Creek [TN] 1y233d07h54m n/a updated image position
Big Sewee Hwy 58 bridge to Decatur-Watts Bar Rd [TN] 1y344d04h11m n/a Coordinates Fixed
Doe 2. Gorge: Bear Cage Road (Blevins Bridge) to Highway 19E bridge at Hampton High School [TN] 2y168d11h34m n/a reset coords (which were considerably off)
Doe 1. Crabtree Road to Bear Cage Road (Blevins Bridge) [TN] 2y168d15h33m n/a reset coords (which were considerably off)
Crooked Fork Creek US 27 to Potter's Falls (Upper) [TN] 2y170d01h49m n/a move in/out (which were way off-river)
Bald River F.S. 126 bridge to Bald River Falls [TN] 2y173d02h49m n/a reset coordinates (which were far off listed put-in)
Obed 4. Obed Junction to Nemo [TN] 2y180d12h28m n/a reposition start/end points (which were out in fields)
Obed 3. Potter's Ford to Obed Junction [TN] 2y180d15h10m n/a put-in/take-out were way off named in/out
Obed 1. U.S. 127 near Crossville to Adams Bridge [TN] 2y180d19h47m n/a minor edit to cleanup spacing
Bruce Creek Tea Cups / Cascades [TN] 2y205d04h49m n/a Added rough lat/lon coords.
Little Pigeon, Middle Prong (The Greenbrier) 3. Porter's Creek Confluence to Hwy 73 [TN] 3y8d04h12m n/a fix broken link
Little Pigeon, West Prong 1. Chimneys Trailhead to Chimneys Picnic Area [TN] 3y114d01h37m n/a ajh
Rutherford Creek Columbia Rock Road to Duck River [TN] 3y273d00h41m n/a
Hiwassee Reliance to U.S. 411 Bridge [TN] 3y299d15h05m n/a
French Broad Hot Springs (NC) to Highway 107 at Del Rio [TN] 4y61d02h24m n/a
Little 4. Townsend to Dam at Melrose [TN] 4y61d18h23m n/a
Lower Cane Creek Hwy 30 to Hickory Valley Road (or Owl Hole down when low) [TN] 4y165d15h19m n/a more info after paddling low
Citico Creek 1. Indian Boundary to Below Pigs in Space [TN] 4y335d22h09m n/a noted dam removal
Hiwassee 2. Appalachia Powerhouse to Bridge at Reliance [TN] 5y202d13h21m n/a 201502
Stones, W.Fk. Barfield Crescent Road to Nice Mill Dam [TN] 5y220d21h51m n/a Rename (to follow usual convention) and select featured photo
Ocoee Middle Ocoee - #2 Dam to #2 Powerhouse [TN] 5y229d18h26m n/a Remove parking fee
Big Creek FR221/Peavine Road to US64 [TN] 5y257d11h45m n/a added video