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Logan 01. Ricks Springs to Preston Valley Campgroumd [UT] 14h39m n/a updated image position
Weber 07. Highway-89 to Riverdale [UT] 20d05h28m n/a updated description
Virgin, N. Fork 01. Chamberlain Ranch to Temple of Sinawava (Zion Narrows) [UT] 27d23h48m n/a updated description
Price 03. Woodside (US 6 Bridge) to confluence with Green River [UT] 37d13h48m n/a updated description
Big Cottonwood Creek 01. Park and Ride to Catch Pond [UT] 38d10h36m n/a updated description
Muddy Creek 01. I-70 to Hanksville [UT] 39d14h12m n/a updated stats
Provo 02. Soapstone to Pine Valley Campground [UT] 40d16h49m n/a updated stats
Provo 03. 1000 East Bridge to Jordanelle [UT] 40d16h51m n/a updated stats
Ogden, South Fork 01. Causey Reservoir to Huntsville [UT] 41d14h45m n/a updated description
Provo 05. Middle Provo [UT] 46d15h24m n/a updated description
Price 02. Price Canyon (Picnic area above Price Canyon to Castle Gate) [UT] 48d14h52m n/a updated name
San Rafael 01. Fuller Bottom to San Rafael Campground (Little Grand Canyon) [UT] 48d22h49m n/a updated stats
San Rafael 02. Bridge at San Rafael Campground to I-70 (Black Boxes 1 & 2) [UT] 54d19h59m n/a updated description
East Canyon Creek 01. Jeremy Ranch to 66 Bridge [UT] 63d16h48m n/a updated description
Cottonwood Creek 01. Joe's Valley Reservoir to Route 29 (Straight Canyon) [UT] 68d17h31m n/a updated description
Ogden 03. Rainbow Gardens to Lorin Farr [UT] 70d13h14m n/a updated description
Dirty Devil 01. Hanksville to Hite [UT] 73d00h46m n/a updated description
Ogden 02. Smokey Bear to Rainbow Gardens (The Narrows) [UT] 105d18h31m n/a updated description
San Juan 02. Mexican Hat to Clay Hills Crossing [UT] 203d18h50m n/a permit link update
San Juan 01. Sand Island to Mexican Hat [UT] 203d18h55m n/a permit link update
Green 04. Ouray to Green River Town (Desolation & Gray) [UT] 203d19h00m n/a permit edit
Green 02. Lodore to Echo Park [UT] 203d19h14m n/a Permit edit
Green 05. Green River Town to Colorado Confluence (Labyrinth and Stillwater) [UT] 203d19h31m n/a minor reorganization
Lake Fork 01. Moon Lake to Bridge to Yellowstone River [UT] 264d20h19m n/a updated description, added a video
Provo 06. Deer Creek Reservoir to Vivian Park [UT] 345d10h31m n/a Added warning about the railroad bridge.
Ogden 01. Pineview dam to Smokey Bear [UT] 355d14h55m n/a removing Custom route
Weber 04. Hennifer to Taggarts [UT] 363d16h33m n/a minor edit
Dolores 07. Gateway to Colorado River (UT) [UT] 1y95h49m n/a
Rock Creek 1. Upper Rock Creek [UT] 1y10d14h16m n/a added photo
Rock Creek 2. Upper Stillwater Dam to Route 134 [UT] 1y10d14h55m n/a Changing sequence number to 2.
Weber 06. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89 [UT] 1y23d18h33m n/a minor edits
Potash to Confluence (Meander Canyon) Meander Canyou [UT] 1y147d09h54m n/a
Colorado 17. Colorado/Green Confluence to Hite Marina (Cataract Canyon) [UT] 1y147d10h02m n/a
Fremont 01. Torrey to Capitol Reef Campground [UT] 1y169d20h19m n/a photo added
Fremont 02. Capitol Reef Campground to Waterfall [UT] 1y169d20h25m n/a description edits and photos added
Colorado 15. Westwater to Rose Ranch (Westwater Canyon) [UT] 1y177d14h08m n/a permit edit
Huntington Creek, Left Fork 01. Left Hand Fork [UT] 1y344d14h06m n/a
Provo 07. Bridalveil [UT] 1y344d17h46m n/a minor 2017 updates
Yellowstone 01. Swift Creek to Reservoir [UT] 1y349d15h58m n/a
White 01. Rangely (CO) to Green River [UT] 1y349d15h58m n/a
Weber 09. Ogden Whitewater Park [UT] 1y349d16h01m n/a
Weber 08. Riverdale Play Park [UT] 1y349d16h03m n/a Added the new Uintah gauge, which is better
Weber 05. Taggarts to Gateway [UT] 1y349d16h04m n/a
Weber 03. Echo Reservoir to Henefer [UT] 1y349d16h05m n/a
Weber 02. Rockport Lake to Echo Reservoir [UT] 1y349d16h06m n/a
Weber 01. Aspen Acres to North New Lane [UT] 1y349d16h06m n/a Reach # fixed
Virgin 03. LaVerkin to Hurricane [UT] 1y349d16h06m n/a
Virgin 02. Timpoweap Canyon: Virgin to LaVerkin [UT] 1y349d16h07m n/a
Virgin 01. South Campground (Zion NP) or Springdale to Virgin [UT] 1y349d16h07m n/a
Virgin, N. Fork 02. Sinawava to South Campground (Zion NP) [UT] 1y349d16h08m n/a Reach # fixed
Uinta 01. Uinta Valley Campground to Power Plant [UT] 1y349d16h09m n/a Reach # fixed
Strawberry 01. Soldier Creek to Starvation Res. [UT] 1y349d16h09m n/a Reach # fixed
Spanish Fork 01. Utah P&L Dam to Spanish Oaks [UT] 1y349d16h18m n/a Reach # fixed
Sixth Water Creek 02. Lower Sixth Water [UT] 1y349d16h18m n/a Reach # fixed
Sixth Water Creek 01. Unborn Soul [UT] 1y349d16h18m n/a Reach # fixed
Salina Creek 01. Gooseberry Road to Salina [UT] 1y349d16h35m n/a Reach # fixed
Provo 08. town section [UT] 1y349d16h36m n/a Reach # fixed
Little Cottonwood Creek 02. Creek Road to I-15 [UT] 1y349d16h38m n/a Reach # fixed
Provo 04. Woodland [UT] 1y349d16h40m n/a Reach # fixed
Provo 01. Upper - Provo Falls, Slate Gorge [UT] 1y349d16h41m n/a Reach # fixed
Price 01. Scofield Reservoir to picnic area above Price Canyon [UT] 1y349d16h43m n/a Reach # fixed
Ogden 04. Lorin Farr to Crystal Wave [UT] 1y349d16h44m n/a Reach # fixed
Logan 02. Woodcamp to Third Dam [UT] 1y349d16h48m n/a Reach # fixed
Little Cottonwood Creek 01. Temple Quarry to La Caille [UT] 1y349d16h50m n/a Reach # fixed
Jordan 01. Utah Lake to Rose Park [UT] 1y349d16h52m n/a Reach # fixed
Huntington Creek 01. Left Fork to Utah P&L Experimental Farm [UT] 1y349d16h54m n/a Reach # fixed
Green 03. Echo Park (CO) to Split Mountain [UT] 1y349d16h55m n/a Reach # fixed
Green 01. Flaming Gorge to Lodore (CO) [UT] 1y349d16h57m n/a Reach # fixed
Ferron Creek, lower 01. to Millsite Reservoir [UT] 1y349d17h02m n/a Reach # fixed
Escalante 01. Highway 12 to Lake Powell [UT] 1y349d17h04m n/a Reach # fixed
Duchesne 01. Hades Campground to Rock Creek [UT] 1y349d17h09m n/a Reach # fixed
Currant Creek 01. Dry Hollow to Strawberry River [UT] 1y349d17h11m n/a Reach # fixed
Clear Creek 01. Fish Creek confluence to 2 miles downstream [UT] 1y349d17h15m n/a Reach # fixed
Chalk Creek 01. Upton to Coalville [UT] 1y349d17h16m n/a Reach # fixed
Blacksmith Fork 01. Hardware Ranch to Hyrum City Power Plant [UT] 1y349d17h16m n/a Reach # fixed
Blacks Fork, W. Fork 01. Bridge to confluence with East Fork [UT] 1y349d17h17m n/a Reach # fixed
Blacks Fork, E. Fork 01. Guard station off US 150 to Hewinta Guard Station [UT] 1y349d17h18m n/a Reach # fixed
Big Cottonwood Creek 02. Old Mill to 3900 South [UT] 1y349d17h18m n/a Reach # fixed
Bear 01. Sulphur Campground to Chalk Creek,WY [UT] 1y349d17h21m n/a Reach # fixed
American Fork 01. Lower AF [UT] 1y349d17h21m n/a Reach # fixed
Colorado 16. Cisco (Rose Ranch) to Moab [UT] 2y95d20h47m n/a
Colorado 14. Loma launch to Westwater launch (Ruby - Horsethief) [UT] 2y201d10h55m n/a permit update
Sixth Water Creek 2- Celestial Gorge [UT] 2y241d06h00m n/a
Little Cottonwood Creek 2- Below Snowbird [UT] 3y37d04h48m n/a
Provo 1. Upper upper Provo [UT] 4y257d05h50m n/a
Green 2- Lodore to Echo Park (DUPLICATE) [UT] 7y41d06h51m n/a edit
Sevier US 89 to US 89 [UT] 8y209d15h42m n/a Added coords and link to another map.
Dolores Gateway (CO) to Colorado River [UT] > 10 years n/a
Colorado 07. Loma (CO) to Westwater [UT] > 10 years n/a
Sevier Upstream of Panguitch to Salina [UT] > 10 years n/a