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West River 2. (Salmon Hole) [VT] 21d09h35m n/a updated description
Mill River 2) Clarendon Gorge [VT] 171d03h45m n/a updated stats
Mill River 1) E. Wallingford to Cuttingsville [VT] 171d03h46m n/a updated description
Clarendon River Clarendon Springs to W. Rutland [VT] 171d04h05m n/a updated description
Wells River 2.) Lower [VT] 175d13h38m n/a updated description
Deerfield, W. Branch Heartwellville to Readsboro Village [VT] 177d03h37m n/a updated description
White River, First Branch Chelsea Health Center to above Sawmill Dam [VT] 180d11h51m n/a updated stats
Black Whitesville to Perkinsville [VT] 191d08h00m n/a updated stats
New Haven 2. The Ledges [VT] 290d04h50m n/a new hazard
Hoosic 1. North Adams (MA) to North Pownal (VT) [VT] 1y125d11h22m n/a
Walloomsac AT Crossing to Park St in Bennington [VT] 1y151d06h56m n/a updated with video from Irene
Mad 1.) 1st Hydro Dam to Winooski River [VT] 1y154d09h26m n/a added new takeout
Middlebury River Ripton to E. Middlebury [VT] 1y162d08h19m n/a
Waterman Brook Upper French Hill Rd to River Rd [VT] 1y165d10h10m n/a Flow and Description
Connecticut Sumner Falls [VT] 1y167d07h49m n/a Location
Barton Rt. 16 South of Glover to Lake Memphremagog [VT] 1y167d14h42m n/a Gauge and Info
Minister Brook Kimball Rd to Rt 12 [VT] 1y167d14h53m n/a
Winooski River 3.) Chase Mills [VT] 1y167d14h57m n/a
Ompompanoosuc Post Mills to Confluence [VT] 1y167d15h07m n/a Gauge and Info
Ompompanoosuc, W. Branch Strafford to Rices Mill [VT] 1y167d15h07m n/a
Waits River Waits River Village to Route 25B [VT] 1y167d15h39m n/a Gauge and Info
Lamoille, Wild Branch Craftsbury to Wolcott [VT] 1y167d16h17m n/a Gauge and Info
Lewis Creek Prindle Corner to Lake Champlain [VT] 1y167d16h32m n/a Gauge and Info
Roaring Branch Kelly Stand Road to East Kansas [VT] 1y168d05h07m n/a Gauge and Info
Battenkill Manchester to NY border (Arlington) [VT] 1y168d05h15m n/a Gauge and Info
Williams River Northchester to Brockway Mills [VT] 1y168d05h19m n/a
Saxton's River Grafton to Connecticut River [VT] 1y168d05h25m n/a
West River 1. Londonderry rapids [VT] 1y168d05h32m n/a Gauge and Info
Winhall River Grahamville School Road to Winhall Campgrounds [VT] 1y168d05h42m n/a gauge and info
Wardsboro Brook North Wardsboro to West River [VT] 1y168d05h44m n/a gauge and info
Ball Mountain Brook Metcalf Road to Jamaica State Park [VT] 1y168d05h47m n/a gauge and info
Winooski River 2.) Middlesex to Waterbury [VT] 1y168d08h13m n/a Name and Location
Winooski River 1.) Marshfield to Montpelier [VT] 1y168d08h16m n/a
Winooski River, North Branch Along Rte. 12, North of Montpelier [VT] 1y168d08h20m n/a Name Changed
White River 2.) Lower [VT] 1y168d08h29m n/a Name Changed
White River 1.) Upper [VT] 1y168d08h42m n/a Name Changed
West River 5. Rock River to the Connecticut River [VT] 1y168d08h47m n/a Name Changed
West River 4. Townsend Dam to Rock River (Newfane) [VT] 1y168d08h50m n/a Name Changed
West River 3. Salmon Hole to Route l00 [VT] 1y168d08h54m n/a Name Changed
Wells River 1.) Upper [VT] 1y168d09h11m n/a
Rock 2.) Lower [VT] 1y168d09h29m n/a Name Changed
Rock 1.) Upper [VT] 1y168d09h31m n/a n
Poultney 3. Rt. 140 Bridge [VT] 1y168d09h37m n/a Name Changed
Poultney 2. Lower [VT] 1y168d09h38m n/a Name Changed
Poultney 1. Upper Poultney [VT] 1y168d09h39m n/a Name Changed
Mad 2.) To Waitsfield [VT] 1y168d10h23m n/a Name Changed
Passumpsic E Br E. Burke dam-Rt. 114 bridge [VT] 1y180d09h08m n/a Location and Info
Otter Creek Beldens Falls to Bleeders Dam [VT] 1y180d09h10m n/a Location
Ottauquechee Just above Route 4 to 1 Mile below Route 4 [VT] 1y180d09h12m n/a Location
Nulhegan Hatchery to Connecticut River [VT] 1y180d09h35m n/a Location and Info
New Haven 3. Rocky Dale to below Bristol [VT] 1y180d09h57m n/a Info
New Haven Baldwin Creek to Otter Creek [VT] 1y180d10h04m n/a Location
Moose 2. East St. Johnsbury to Passumpsic River [VT] 1y180d10h08m n/a Location
Moose 1. Victory Bog to Concord [VT] 1y180d10h10m n/a Location and Info
Missisquoi East Richford to Lake Champlain [VT] 1y180d10h14m n/a Description
Mill Brook (Jericho) Jericho [VT] 1y180d11h16m n/a Location
Little Waterbury Reservoir to Winooski River [VT] 1y180d11h22m n/a Location
Little, W. Branch Fosters to Recreation Path parking lot [VT] 1y180d11h24m n/a Location
Lamoille 2. Fairfax Falls to East Georgia [VT] 1y180d11h33m n/a Location
Joe's Brook W. Danville to covered bridge [VT] 1y180d11h46m n/a Location
Deerfield, E. Branch Somerset Reservoir to Searsburg Reservoir [VT] 1y180d12h40m n/a Location
Clyde 5 Mile Square Rd to Clyde Road [VT] 1y180d12h42m n/a Location and Info
Castleton Downtown [VT] 1y180d13h03m n/a l
Ridley Brook Camel's Hump Rd. in N. Duxbury to Winooski R. [VT] 1y283d03h12m n/a
Sterling Brook Stowe [VT] 4y96d03h48m n/a
Gihon Whitcomb Island Rd to Johnson [VT] 4y96d06h00m n/a
Green River (Lamoille Trib) Green River Reservoir to Lamoille River [VT] 4y178d07h17m n/a
Lamoille Milton Falls [VT] 5y332d17h05m n/a
Missisquoi Sheldon Spring Rapids [VT] 5y333d01h58m n/a
Lamoille 1. Johnson to Jeffersonville [VT] 6y170d02h41m n/a
Big Branch Mt. Tabor to Appalachian Trail [VT] 8y40d08h01m n/a
Kenfield River Terrill Gorge [VT] 8y84d17h00m n/a
Green Green River to West Leyden, MA [VT] 8y266d07h06m n/a Fixed link; added abstract. Noted the current dam relicensing.
Mill Brook (Danby) Easy Street [VT] 8y338d14h29m n/a Added coords, abstract, and link.
Bingo Brook Brandon Gap [VT] 8y351d07h55m n/a Added coords and abstract.
Lamoille, North Branch Belvedere Junction to Waterville [VT] 8y351d19h26m n/a Added lynx; expanded abstract.
Furnace Brook Along Furnace Brook Rd. in Pittsford [VT] 8y351d20h17m n/a Corrected link to Clarendon Gorge.
Deerfield 2) Harriman Reservoir to Sherman Reservoir (Upper Dryway) [VT] 9y87d11h03m n/a Added link and abstract.
Deerfield 1) Searsburg Dam to Harriman Reservoir [VT] 9y111d22h15m n/a
Browns Westford to Lamoille River [VT] 9y181d19h02m n/a Added gauge and abstract.
New Haven 1. Lincoln to Ledges putin [VT] 9y201d13h02m n/a Changed name to put three reaches in order.
Huntington Hanksville to Cochran Road [VT] > 10 years n/a
Adamson, W. Branch Route 100A to Putney [VT] > 10 years n/a